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May 26, 2016 11:11 AM ET

Full Partner LLC offers the Full Partner Web System, a cloud-based suite of integrated online business management tools for small business

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2016

Full Partner LLC

Boulder, CO 80301, US
Information Technology Services

Full Partner LLC offers the Full Partner Web System, a cloud-based suite of integrated online business management tools for small business, including websites, ecommerce, CRM, marketing automation, learning management, and email broadcasting.

Full Partner LLC is an established company founded in 2001 to build custom website, ecommerce and online business management solutions for small businesses in every industry. The founders’ experience in enterprise IT systems had shown them that Internet-based services around the world were being created in completely random, disconnected ways, without any consideration for solid data management, standards and the discipline common to the IT world. Full Partner’s mission was then and is today to solve this problem for small business by building its solutions around a Unified Database that brings all the clients information together in a seamless, easy to access cloud-based system. Through hundreds of client engagements, Full Partner has created the most comprehensive, integrated suite of online tools available in the small business market: website and content management, contact management, events registration, marketing automation, learning management system for online courses, affiliate management, member program management, email broadcasting and blogs. Offered through a subscription based Software As A Service (SAAS) model, small businesses can now afford a system that gives them the data management capabilities they normally must give up to take advantage of the latest generations of Internet based business services. Funded in part by this raise, the launch of Full Partner’s HTML5, easy drag and drop website builder and email creation system will open it to the market of millions of small businesses and organizations that are currently only addressed by limited versions of these tools from other vendors. Full Partner also provides comprehensive training, website design and best practices consulting to allow its clients to take full advantage of the broad range of features it provides.

Products / Services

Full Partner Web System

The Full Partner Web System is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based online business management tools for small business, including website and content management, ecommerce, CRM, email broadcasting, marketing automation, blogs, affiliate management, events registration and learning management for online courses. Each tool is integrated with every other tool through a unified business database, and accessed by the business staff through a common user interface. Offered as a “Software as a Service (SAAS)” subscription, the Full Partner Web System is an affordable all-in-one solution that brings enterprise levels of functionality to any small business for almost all their daily business needs.

Full Partner offers consulting, website creation, web systems design, training and custom development services to help its clients take full advantage of the power of the Full Partner Web System.



Chief Executive Officer
Scott Hickey

Scott HickeyCEO and co-founder Scott Hickey brings 18 years of experience in internet systems and services to Full Partner. Scott has also been a lead developer of the technology itself, bringing new features and offers to the market in direct response to clients’ needs. Scott has a unique perspective on the evolution of internet services to small businesses and has positioned Full Partner’s services to meet the coming wave of demand for fully integrated systems.

Chief Operating Officer
Renee Shannon

Chief Operating Officer Renee Shannon has 13 years of customer support and business systems management for Full Partner, and has extensive experience developing marketing strategies for Full Partner’s clients. Renee has worked with many of Full Partner’s clients to analyze and assist them in the implementation of marketing programs that leverage the Full Partner Web System. Much of the development of marketing automation technology in Full Partner has been inspired by Renee’s research and development for client marketing program needs. Renee owns 20% of the units of Full Partner and serves on the LLC Board of Managers.

Chief Financial Officer
E. Ted Nevels

Ted Nevels is a co-founder of Full Partner as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to Full Partner, Ted founded and sold an insurance industry support services company.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - Scott Hickey

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