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May 26, 2016 7:23 AM ET

Dexter Fiber Communications, high speed internet service provider based out of Brevard county Florida: 1gb/s internet connection, at $40 a month. No gimmicks, no hidden fees post install fee payment

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2016

Dexter Fiber Communications

Melbourne, FL 32935, US

Dexter Fiber Communications, is a high speed internet service provider based out of Brevard county Florida. We plan to provide the subscriber with the fastest internet, for a very affordable cost. Just $40 for home service, or $80+ for business services. We want to bring the fastest internet connection of 1/gbps to the subscriber. That means that the connection speed in some cases will be up to 200 times faster than what subscribers are receiving now, all for a lower price. With no added fees, and a decreasing bill as the subscriber stays with the service.

That means the subscriber can stream more, at better quality without breaking the bank. That means business subscribers can reach out to more customers with their online services at a higher rate. That means the subscriber can play games with a better connection, without a disconnection because of throttling, or latency issues with standard connections.

This service will connect the subscriber faster and cheaper than any of the competitors. We plan on by the start of the service to be providing service to customers of at least 40% of the residences and businesses of the total population of Brevard County or 112,381 unique subscriptions. We will provide our services to all our initial customer base, and very soon start installing service to surrounding counties, and other states.

Dexter Fiber Communications is planning on working with local infrastructure to achieve a rapid growth, and a quicker start of service. We are also working on a partner program with streaming TV services to add to our service for no additional charge to the residential subscriber.

We are allowing for the community to pre-subscribe to our services, and we are actively working with the local Government to provide services to public schools within the county with our services.

Products / Services

Dexter Fiber

1gb/s internet connection, at $40 a month. No gimmicks, no hidden fees post install fee payment.

Payments post launch of the system, and install fee, will be an additional $5 for the first year of service. After the first year of service your bill will be an even $40. Area of initial coverage for services will be Brevard County. Followed quickly by Orange, Volusia, Seminole and Pinellas counties. If demand is high enough for the services that we will provide then we will make sure to expand into your area as soon as possible, or at the start of the service. Planned service start will be six to eight months after funding and permitting, with additional demand areas launching the same day or very soon thereafter. This is to give time for necessary updates to the existing system, and to ensure that you do not incur an additional charge.



Chief Executive Officer
August Sorvillo

August SorvilloWith managerial experience in many differing fields, from the Military to Independent Video Game studios, August has excelled at operating and implementing large scale projects. Highly experienced with providing services or products to customers, and Government Agencies. Also has the ability to lead, inspire, and educate people towards the best possible solution to situations.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - August Sorvillo

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