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May 26, 2016 7:40 AM ET

Archived: Chance of Rain – Style & Functionality for the Urban Cyclist

iCrowdNewswire - May 26, 2016

Chance of Rain – Style & Functionality for the Urban Cyclist


Chance of Rain is a Berlin-based clothing label that combines style and functionality for the fashion-conscious urban cyclist.





About this project

If you are wondering how to ride your bike when it rains and still look great, my new label Chance of Rain has you covered. I’ve created a fashion-forward collection of cycling apparel using water-repellent, breathable and reflective materials, making the ride effortless. As a cyclist who was never able to find stylish clothes for my urban commute, I wanted to create a line of clothing that blends style and functionality for the fashion-conscious urban cyclist. I’ve spend the last 12 years working as a Fashion Designer in San Francisco, Paris and Berlin so when I was not able to find the garment that I needed, it was only a natural reaction to create one. 

I’ve spent the last few years working on prototypes, researching and testing high-quality Italian fabrics that are elegant, soft and protective, perfecting silhouettes and looking for the best garment manufacturers. I’m super excited to share the results of my journey and motivate you to cycle more, even when it’s pouring rain. 

I’ve been honoured that my label has received the prestigious “German Design Award” for Product Design (in the Lifestyle & Fashion category) from the German Design Council, and the “Kultur & Kreativpiloten Deutschland” award from the German Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

So naturally my next wish is to be able to bring the line to all of you and this is how you can become a part of making it happen! With your help I will be able to raise the funds necessary to launch the production. As an independent designer I’m faced with the challenge of high minimum orders for fabric production and garment manufacturing. Through Kickstarter I will be able to start the production while you will be the first one to have pieces from my collection at a reduced price.

Let it rain! 

ALEX TRENCHCOAT is the first piece of the collection. It is made from Italian fabric that is water-repellent, breathable and soft to the touch. It consists of a long vest and a separating cropped jacket, giving a variety of styling options. It comes in black and stone grey.  

Its features make it the most bike-friendly trenchcoat ever:  

LAURA CAPE is the second model, which is made from super soft and drapey Italian water-repellent and breathable microsatin fabric. It is longer in the front and back in order to protect the legs while biking in the rain. Arm slits open and close with a zipper. It has a removable belt with a black reflective panel on the back and 2 side reflective details. Thumb hooks hold the cape forward when biking and weights at the hem prevent it from blowing in the wind.

SIZES – After the end of the campaign a survey will be sent out where you can choose your size and color (for T-shirts)

POSTCARDS will be printed with the “Girl on Bike” illustration below, which is also used for the T-shirts.

BIKE SEAT COVERS will be printed with the drawing “It’s raining cats and dogs” (photos below).

Risks and challenges

I’ve spent a lot of time researching fabrics, working on prototypes, testing and correcting, looking for the perfect buttons, zippers, etc. I’ve had many challenges in the past and I learned a lot from them. Besides Chance of Rain, for the last 5 years I’ve run my other fashion label where I’ve been in charge of design, fabric and trend research, developing prototypes, managing production and stocking shops. Another insightful experience was living in Paris where I worked in production for a Haute Couture house. I’m familiar with many of the risks and challenges that can arise in the fashion industry and I’ve found that one of the best things to do is to plan ahead.

After a (hopefully) successful campaign the first thing I’ll do is place an order for the fabric and notions needed for production. In addition, I will finalise all technical drawings, spec sheets, grading and markers and pass them to my garment factory of choice.

I’m super excited to share that this factory specialises in outerwear and produces for some of the leading French and Italian fashion houses.

At the end of the Kickstarter campaign I’ll place the order during their low season, so I’m not anticipating any production delays. If for some unforeseen circumstances this happens there shouldn’t be more than a week or two delay.

Another great thing is that my atelier, fabric factory and production factory are all placed within the EU making communication and deliveries very fast.

The only challenge which could rearrange the production planning would be if the Kickstarter campaign surpasses our goal by a lot. In this case I have to place another order with a bigger factory that has a higher production capacity. I have been in touch with a couple of them and, if necessary, will adjust and prepare during the duration of the campaign.

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