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May 25, 2016 2:27 EST

TruGroup Fitness, LLC – TruFusion is a one-stop shop for all things health and fitness.

iCrowdNewswire - May 25, 2016

TruGroup Fitness, LLC


TruGroup Fitness, LLC


TruFusion is a one-stop shop for all things health and fitness.



TruGroup Fitness is the area developer and franchise operator for the TRUFUSION group fitness brand. TruGroup Fitness is seeking capital to open 13 studio locations in the next five years. Each location will contain 4-5 studio rooms.

TruFusion, a highly specialized group fitness concept that offers over 200 classes every week is attacking the $24B+ health club industry. TruFusion not only has the largest offering of group fitness but also the best variety of any gym or studio concept. Due to the multi-room studio facility we are not only able to offer a massive assortment of classes, but also able to adapt and innovate new trends. Our studios large membership base assures a healthy stream of monthly revenue, and with daily visits as high as 900 members per day gives us a captured audience and multiple cross/up selling opportunities. All of these factors contribute to a robust EBITDA of 20%-25%. TruFusion provides over 200 innovative weekly classes ranging from heated barre, spin cycle, heated pilates, heated yoga, traditional yoga, kettlebell, aerial, bootcamp, and many more. TruFusion is continuously innovating new and original modalities that not only build upon the latest group fitness trends, but also fuse together multiple disciplines to create amazing programming. Best of all, this is all offered to members for ONE affordable monthly membership price. TruFusion has created an advanced training program that insures all instructors are of the highest quality. Simply put, there is no other fitness company that delivers as much variety, class innovation, and quality. TruFusion is investing in a mobile app as it has been proven that mobile apps can build loyalty and have become the main vehicle for the millennial audience to receive valuable information. At TruFusion 80% of our online traffic accesses TruFusion information via a mobile device. We have developed the TruFusion App for the following reasons. The App will allow us to get to know our customers with real-time, actionable insights. It will allow us to make our campaigns powerful, easy, and personal. The corporate value of the app is the mass amounts of member data that we will receive and be able to activate.





1. Understanding customer behavior.

Constantly observing, talking to and researching its members and non-members to identify unique positions that can be ownable by TruFusion.

2. Proper positioning.

Good brand positioning includes truly understanding the competition and then looking at our competitive advantage. Who are the providers of similar products and services that you sell? TruFusion is constantly studying brands in category such as; Equinox, Soul Cycle, Core Power, Orange Theory and brands out of category such as Apple, Virgin America, Under Armor and Target. Currently the Trufusion Brand position reads:

Positioning Statement

TruFusion provides women and men 18-34, who are passionate about their physical and mental wellness a transformative group fitness experience. We do this by providing our members group class experiences at a reduced membership rate.

Our Point of Differentiation
Group fitness experiences at a reduced membership rate





Joe Costa

Joe Costa





Marni Wolf

Marni Wolf


Marni is an investor, area developer and franchise owner for the TruFusion Los Angeles County territory.
Mark Dedeaux

Mark Dedeaux





Scott Lifschultz
Scott is an investor, area developer and franchise owner for the TruFusion Los Angeles County territory.



Contact Information:

Joe Costa

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