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May 25, 2016 9:52 AM ET

Archived: Thin Ice: The First Weight Loss Clothing Line – It has been described as being ‘Like something from a science fiction movie from the 22nd Century’

iCrowdNewswire - May 25, 2016



Thin Ice: The First Weight Loss Clothing Line



Imagine… owning wearable ‘space-age’ technology so advanced that it lets you start burning an estimated 500 – 1000 calories a day simply by wearing it.

Think it sounds like science fiction?

It isn’t! The future is here now.



THIN ICE: The Most Exciting and Truly Satisfying Thing You’ll Buy All Year Has Just Arrived…

Once or twice in a generation a truly amazing event takes place.

A technological breakthrough takes place that is so different, profound, innovative and truly user-friendly, it is destined to impact literally BILLIONS of lives worldwide.

We’re biased. But with very good reason.

Because we know beyond any shadow of doubt, that the moment you try it, you’ll feel 100% convinced that Thin Ice – the world’s first ‘wearable’ weight loss clothing line, is such a breakthrough.

It has been described as being ‘Like something from a science fiction movie from the 22nd Century’

But in this case, while the technology definitely deserves the title ‘space-age’ it is 100% real.   And it is available for you to start enjoying today!How it Works:

It works 100% exactly like in the video you just watched.

You simply wear your new Thin Ice Vest and it immediately starts to work – helping you to burn fat and lose weight. Burning an estimated 500 to 1,000 calories a day based on controlled-scientific studies that feature similar features and durations to the recommended use of Thin Ice.

Thin Ice is controlled by the super-easy-to-use app . The technology strategically cools parts of the body with high concentrations of thermoreceptors which stimulate the brown adipose tissue (BAT) pathway.

This miraculous pathway burns white fat (bad fat) to produce heat, burning calories in the process! Check out this animation of the mechanism in progress:

Brown Fat? Wait a Minute… Surely Fat Something I’m Trying to ‘Get Rid of’ Not Stimulate?

Actually the answer is “Yes!” and “No!”

Because you see, not all fat cells are created equal.

In fact, there 2 major categorizations of fat cells with very different applications.

White Fat the ‘Couch Potatoes’ of the Body

White fat is what most of us know the most about and what we are trying to actively get rid of. White fat cells are designed to passively store fatty acids for use as energy in future activities. These cells expend very little energy to subsist, and thus have only few mitochondria which are the engines of the cell world. White fat cells are like the ‘ Couch Potatoes of the body. They sort of just ‘lounge around’ and wait for the body to request their fuel.

The problem with that is that with our sedentary lives, our bodies don’t often need a surplus of fuel and the white fat cells can sit around for years – making YOU fatter and fatter and fatter in the process.

Brown Fat

Brown fat, also known as brown adipose tissue, is a tissue you probably don’t know as much about as white fat, but you should!

Brown fat cells are a much more active than their white cousins and have a very different function. Instead of passively storing fat, brown adipose tissue’s role in the body is to BURN fatty acids as a fuel source.

In this case, the fat is burnt to create heat which helps to keep the body warm, protecting it from cooling down.

Here is a helpful chart that compares the different kinds of fat cells in our body:

Thin Ice technology might sound too good to be true but we are proud to say its creation has been based on science. The peer-reviewed literature on the ‘Brown adipose tissue pathway and its calorie burning properties’ has guided our every move throughout the entire project.

If you want to look into some of the articles that inspired us and learn more about the fascinating science of the BAT pathway, please check out these articles and publications:

Brown Adipose Tissue in Humans:


Supercharging Brown Fat to Battle Obesity:


Cold-Activated Brown Adipose Tissue in Health Men:


“Clothing to Help Freeze Off the Fat” – DailyRX

If you want more guidance through this exciting literature please emailsupport@thiniceweightloss.com and we can suggest some further readings!

Amazing Real-World Examples of the miracle of BAT…

Besides the scientific articles on the subject matter there are also a tonne of anecdotal examples of the same temperature-related weight-loss effects at play.

One of the most salient examples is that of Michael Phelps’ diet as he trained for the Beijing Olympics. During that time, he ate the 12,000 calories on a daily basis. See his diet pictured below:

FACT: Phelps was able to eat all of that (6 times more than the average person) while staying ripped. Only about half this calorie intake is explainable by his exercise regime and basal metabolic rate. The thousands of missing calories are accounted for by considering Phelps trained in a pool as opposed to land for 4 hours a day.

FACT: Water is 42 times more thermally conductive than air is. This means heat was leaving Phelps’ body much faster than it would have if he was on land leading to massive calorie burning to create heat to keep him warm.

This is the exact same process that is at play with Thin Ice products, albeit without the sogginess!

BAT also helps to explain why: People scaling Mt. Everest need to pound back sticks of butter not to die of starvation and why people living in climates with more pronounced seasons (including cold ones) tend to have a slightly easier time keeping off weight.

This weight-loss method has been hiding in plain sight throughout our struggles and failed weight-loss attempts.

Don’t let it sneak away again! Contribute NOW and get your very own 2.0 Thin Ice Vest!

What Do I Get In My Thin Ice System?

Finally, a weight-loss solution that was invented with science in mind. But, you ask, what EXACTLY do I get when contribute for a Thin Ice system? Well, in short, you get an absolute bucket load of seriously amazing stuff!

But don’t take our word for it. Take an in depth look into each amazing part of the 2.0 Thin Ice System:

The 2.0 Thin Ice Vest

The 2.0 vest is a marvel of modern technology that functions using battery-powered Peltier-based cooling technology that effectively pumps heat out of the body, emulating the effects of ice.

Your new Thin Ice Vest will have these amazing features:

  • “Hot-Swap” Lithium Ion Batteries: These batteries are estimated to last 2-4 hours (depending on the temperature setting used) and can be “hot-swapped”.
    This means they can be removed from the vest to be independently charged on a charging pad and replaced by another battery.
    This effectively hands you even longer battery life as you can have extra batteries with you.
  • Adjustable Cooling: Features cooling between 50-68 degrees Fahrenheit, AKA 10-20 degrees Celsius. This allows you to customize the temperature for comfort or to increase the intensity of the cooling over time to maximize results.
  • Temperature Maintenance Auto-Feedback: The vest will feature special detectors that automatically sense subtle changes to your body temperature and adjust the vest’s temperature to combat them. This can be used to maximize comfort or keep you in a calorie-burning zone.
    Imagine This… you go outside on a hot, sticky, day: And as your body temperature increases, the mechanism ‘kicks in’ and cools you back down. Seriously… how awesome is that!
  • Machine-Washable: The technology in the vest can be removed, allowing you to machine wash the rest. This increases the longevity and helps you wear the vest every day!
  • Flexible Sizing: The vest is easily adjustable, up or down in sizes. This will allow you to stick with the same vest for longer as you lose weight and be sure the vest you get will fit!
  • Maximum Comfort: The vest’s materials will be comfortable and sweat wicking so you’ll forget you’re even wearing the vest while going about your day or sleeping.

The Thin Ice app is the command center of your Thin Ice experience.
This app will allow you to adjust the temperature of the device manually or set the temperature maintenance mechanism.

The app is also able to give you an ongoing estimate of how many calories you’ve burnt while wearing it, based on the temperature you’ve been using it at.

The app also features:

  1. Unlockable achievements to keep you motivated and having FUN achieving your goals
  2. Other tracking tools to help optimize additional areas of your fitness regime
  3. Intuitive design and smooth functionality

The “Joule” Caffeine Bracelet 

Joule is little marvel of modern science of its own! It features transdermal patches that administer caffeine into the skin gradually over a 4-hour period.

This unique method of caffeine consumption allows for:

  • Ongoing appetite suppression [wearable will power on your wrist!]
  • A steady stream of energy
  • No jitters
  • No crash

Joule is a nifty little wearable that will have you dancing all day long while keeping your hunger at bay.

One Full Month’s Supply of Bod-E Sculpting Cream! 

This innovative cream contains all natural ingredients that have an amazing effect: They help break down the fat under the skin into its component fatty acids and release them into the bloodstream. This makes these fatty acids more accessible to the metabolism. This effect is called the lipolytic effect and it is a perfect complement to the 2.0 Thin Ice vests calorie-burning effects.

Here are some of the natural ingredients that lead to this amazing effect:

  • Caffeine
  • Ivy Extract
  • Sage Extract
  • Green Tea Extract

The Thin Ice Lifestyle E-Book:

We here at Thin Ice are not one-trick-ponies. We have done done and we are doing tonnes or research to bring together an e-book that will help you hack your body in a slew of interesting ways you never thought possible.

Did you know, you burn 600 calories when donating blood?

Did you know chewing gum burns 11 calories an hour?

We get at the science of many many body hacks and harness them to help you get lean faster than you ever imagined. The Thin Ice vest is just the beginning of the Thin Ice lifestyle!

It really is tomorrow’s technology today…

We’ve left no stone unturned to make absolutely certain your new Thin Ice System addresses every possible avenue to help you burn calories effortlessly that you could possibly wish for.
Bottom Line:

“It offers you big, substantial, definite value for money – something you will be ‘thrilled to bits’ to own every single time you even think about it. Don’t miss your limited chance to join the party early and get a substantial discount in the process…”

Choose your size:




That Guy



UPDATE: by Thin Ice Campaign Manager

A Special Offer for Upgrading to the 2.0 Vest…


You upgraded to the very sexy 2.0 vest seen above. But, all good things take time to materialize. That’s why we want to offer you a ridiculously amazing discount on the 1.0 vest so you can enjoy Thin Ice in early July!



UPDATE: “Medium Size” is adjustable covers the Large size as well!

We Listened to your Feedback…

We were thrilled with the positive feedback we got about the improvements of the 2.0 version of the technology with over 90% of those taking the survey opting to upgrade to it for free.

However, many of you wished there was an option to get both the 1.0 and 2.0. You loved the upgrades but wanted to get Thin Ice as soon as possible so you could start moving towards you’re goals. Well, now we present a way for you to get the best of both worlds!

The Best Balance of Quality and Urgency

You’ve upgraded to the 2.0 vest and will experience the best Thin Ice has to offer when it is shipped out in Q4 of this year. But, now we offer you the 1.0 version of the vest at a rediculously low price to help quell your sense of urgency in getting this revolutionary technology.

By selecting the perk to the right, you’ll get the 1.0 version of the technology just around the corner in early July!

So what are you waiting for?! Take advantage of this limited time offer to enjoy Thin Ice ASAP!


Contact Information:

Thin Ice

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