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May 25, 2016 7:14 AM ET

Postcards: Don’t EU Leave Me Now, A Campaign to encourage UK voters to remain in the EU. Delivering postcards, articles, videos and content. Made by students, for students.

iCrowdNewswire - May 25, 2016

Postcards: Don’t EU Leave Me Now


A Campaign to encourage UK voters to remain in the EU. Delivering postcards, articles, videos and content. Made by students, for students.



Welcome to Don’t EU Leave Me Now’s Crowdfunding Page


On the 23rd of June 2016, the UK is holding a referendum on its membership of the European Union. The referendum will ask voters if they wish to vote to ‘remain’ in the EU or ‘leave’. We’re here to make sure as many students and young voters as possible vote ‘remain’ on the 23rd of June, and we have a cunning plan to make it happen…

Our team is unpaid; we’re politically active students in our mid-late twenties (more late than mid unfortunately). We’ve been campaigning in local, national and student union elections as individuals and we’re combining our knowledge and expertise to win votes.

With the help of volunteers and activists, we’ve had success; with your support, we can achieve even more. We have the team, the manpower, the message, the plan; now we’re asking individuals to help us keep the UK in the EU.

There are 2.3 million students in the UK, we want to reach all of them and we know how to do it. Their vote will have a dramatic impact on the referendum because they are the ones who will be most affected by its outcome. Young people are also the group most likely to vote to ‘remain’ in the EU around 8/10, 18-24 years olds want to stay in the EU, but historically they are the least likely to vote at all in elections. However, if we can engage younger voters and get them voting, the chance of the UK voting remain is high.

We’re mature students with a proven track record of mobilizing volunteers and activists to win votes. With your help, we can change the outcome of this referendum for the better.

Thank you for visiting our crowdfunding page, below you’ll find a breakdown of what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and why it needs to be done.

Warm Regards, 

Ben | |


 Our Goal is to Encourage Students and Voters in the UK to Choose to Remain in the European Union


The opinion polls currently alternate, indicating a minor percentage point to any side at any time:



Many newspapers, commentators and journalists have highlighted the fact that young people hold the key to this referendum, including the National Union of Students, Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The BBC and The Independent. Polls also indicate students and young people are the most likely to vote to remain. Over 80% of 18-24 year olds will vote to stay:



However, many young people don’t plan on voting:



This extract from Left Foot Forward, sums it up well:



Students have to register to vote before the 7th of June – our campaign is focused on getting students registered and voting because they are the likeliest to vote remain. IF THEY VOTE.


Our Campaign is made by Students and is Targeted at Students

We are students, and we know what messages will work. The current campaigns focus on the economics of the issue, leading to a ‘least worst’ option discussion.

This does not engage students and young people, as the polls above indicate. Students want to know what the EU will do for them, what kind of world the EU will help build and how the EU would address the big challenges of climate change and globalization. We’ve set out exactly how and why the EU addresses these concerns and, thus far, we’ve had great success in getting students registered to vote.

In our first day of campaigning hundreds of people responded to our campaign and wanted to know more.

…Some of our volunteers during our first compaign day…




With Your Support we can Reach More Students and Encourage More People to Vote Remain…

We’ve designed a series of postcards to deliver accross London.

The postcards are unique because they are light hearted, eye-catching and will bring a new dimension to the debate. 

We’ve already designed the postcards and built a base of volunteers and activists to deliver them accross London, we’ll be targeting campuses in major universities and underground stations.

Each postcard comes from one of six European nations: emphasising the shared values, historical connections, opportunities and cooperation each one has with citizens of the UK.

Our website promotes all postcard designs, as well as outlining our case for the UK’s continued membership of the EU. 

We are a Very Committed Team of Politically Active Students.


Joe Cox 

Joe is a political activist and third year student. Recently he’s been elected as Vice President of Art, Design, Media & Performing  Arts at the Student Union of his university. He’s an experienced campaigner, having worked on the London Mayoral elections, general elections and local elections. As Communications Director, Joe is responsible for developing our core message, along with leading the volunteer scheme to create our branding. He also handles our social media accounts and press relations, bringing his considerable experience as Secretary of a debating society to elicit public responses.


Katie Dragomirova

Katie is an experienced leader of students and activists, simultaneously managing, recruiting and training all of our volunteers. She works closely with the National Union of Students and Students Unions, and recently won an election to become VP of Business and Law at the Student Union. Katie brings her considerable experience to the team, particularly during event and campaign days where her organization, motivation and dedication help make our volunteers a force to be reckoned with.


Lisa James

Lisa is a linguistics student in Sweden, and a master of writing, editing and copywriting. She’s an experienced deckhand on our team, having previously worked in the sales team for a number of Danish tech-startups. Communicating with students requires our content to be accurate, concise and accessible; Lisa makes that happen by combining her editing skills with her experience in communicating new ideas.


Ben Laycock-Bordman

Ben is a mature student and political activist. He keeps our campaign moving forward by directing the team, running our website and establishing support amongst various organizations. His experience in software sales has helped us to produce compelling messages which call for action. Ben is also responsible for managing our team, sourcing and recruiting new members, keeping the team on track and ensuring that we deliver our message in the most effective way possible.


What Your Support Pays For

  • Postcard Printing: 1,000 postcards cost £21.99

We will be handing out postcards on campuses and underground stations accross London. There are 6 different designs, and they’ll be delivered by our team of volunteers between 15th of May and the 23rd of June.

Why Postcards, not flyers?

Our focus groups have indicated that people are less likely to throw postcards away, and they differentiate our message from the crowd. We’ve also negotiated a price which brings the postcards to the same price as flyers.

Your money will go further with us.

We will print 12,000 postcards and deliver them accross campuses, students unions and underground stations accross London and the South East of the UK. We will video and photograph this process, as you can see from our campaign images above.


Total Cost: £263.88 / €332.18 


  • Videos: approx £35.00 per video

We’re already producing whiteboard animations to underline why a vote to ‘remain’ is the best choice for the UK. Each animation costs approximately £35.00 and is shared on our social media profiles, website and YouTube. They resonate with students by providing an effective way of explaining the reasons to remain via the most common mediums of information sharing for people under 30.

We will produce a series of three 4-6 minute videos underlining the case for students to register to vote and vote remain on the 23rd of June. The videos are about Culture, Opportunity and Power; the three cases for the UK to remain.


Total Cost:  £105.00 / €132.18


  • Targetted Advertising Campaigns on Social Media: £20.00 per month.

We have a specific target audience and relevant content to share online. We need to push that content to them by paying for adverts to display in our audiences’ feed, which will be activated once they engage with something about the European Union. Our advertising will only target people living in the UK who are aged below 30. We’re also aiming to target the students unions and the National Union of Students to ensure that our message is shared with those most likely to act on it.

We will pay for targeted Facebook advertisement in the weeks leading up to the referendum. If the adverts are very successful, they will cost more than £20.00 per month. We will cover this from either our stretch target or from our own pockets to ensure there are no interruptions in the delivery of our message.


Total Cost:  £40.00 / €50.35


Young People are the Key to Keeping Britain in the European Union. We Believe our Campaign is the Best Way to Target a Younger Audience. 

Thank You For Visiting Our Crowdfunding Page.

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Information:

Don't EU Leave Me.

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