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May 25, 2016 11:22 EST

MyLIVRY Inc. We are the PIXAR of Mentorship and Personal Development.

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We are the PIXAR of Mentorship and Personal Development.






“In a world of multiple changes and innovation, the only constant is adaptation.”
Kaleo the chameleon

In the 21st Century, technology and communication have radically changed the way we do business and commerce. This new century demands us to adapt quickly or move aside. Unfortunately, our education remains the same, teaching useless subjects that have little or nothing to do with our children’s financial and personal success. To believe our future is resolved just by having an education is not a guarantee anymore.

Our children are growing up in, a world full of uncertainty, increasing unemployment rates, unexpected layoffs, massive student debts and overqualified graduates in underpaid jobs. We believe education is a good start but to put all of our time and efforts learning what to do, rather than developing who we are. is not smart.

Imagine if you could invest just 30 minutes a day every other day teaching your children principles of success and personal growth. What would be the difference between your teenager, who has practiced determination, self-control and people skills for the last years versus the average teen?

Imagine a 14-year-old getting her first summer job just to practice her lessons on interests, taxes and investments. What are the chances of her getting ahead financially compared to the average kid who watches movies or plays video games?

As parents, we saw the potential of instilling success principles in our children at an early age. Our mission of the last two yeas has been to figure out the best way to translate abstract concepts into an attractive and fun experience for children and parents alike.

We knew, It had to be a compelling, interactive and personal “success program”. It needed to be beautifully designed, engaging and with lots of fun. It had to appeal to multiple ages and backgrounds, and the most important thing, it needed to be rich in content and produce the desired results.

Combining Pixar’s principles of design & storytelling with the teachings of world-class Leaders and Entrepreneurs; we have created LIVRY, the most attractive and compelling “success mentor” that educates, equips and inspires parents and children alike.



























This is a screen shot of our first UI. It was made in portrait mode, it had 9 icons, overall It looked beautiful but it was a bit overwhelming for our youngest market. Therefore, we redesigned the entire app and also improved its functionality.


The new design was made in a full landscape mode for easier access, it also makes reading more enjoyable as there is more space to display image and text without the annoyance of having to scroll. We also reduced the number of icons from 9 to 5 and made them bigger so the younger kids can access them without the need to know how to read.



The result is just perfect.




Omar Villanueva

Omar Villanueva

Founder & CEO @MyLIVRY Inc.


I am a marketing and sales professional by career, a social media consultant by pursuit, a photographer by leisure, a graphic designer by hobby and a business analyst by experience. In today’s digital age, to be part of someone’s decision-making process is an art as well as it is a privilege. The market roles have changed, the power now resides in the consumer’s hands and they dictate how businesses and their products are branded.That is why creative professionals are an indispensable part of any campaign. With a broad experience in Classic and Digital Marketing paired with a strong B2B sales background, I have learnt first class strategies for creating new marketing campaigns and aggressive account acquisitions. I believe, without a doubt, as I approach 30 it is time to specialise in a managerial role and continue equipping people in what I am most passionate about.
Alexandria Villanueva

Alexandria Villanueva

VP of Public Relations

Active member of the parenting community, entrepreneur wife and model mother.



Erika Newton

Erika Newton

Director of Art and Story

Director at University of Arts UAEH (Mexico)


Rebeca Concha

Rebeca Concha

Children’s counselor / Adviser

Mother, friend & entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience as a counselor and caregiver.





Team Member Name

Guillermo Gil Schröder

Chief Illustrator




Contact Information:

Omar Villanuevan

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