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May 25, 2016 3:30 PM ET Marketplace for businesses to discover marketing opportunities

iCrowdNewswire - May 25, 2016


Marketplace for businesses to discover marketing opportunities.



We would turn a painstaking process into an easy one. You could buy and sell marketing and advertising on your phone!

Introducing MarketingZoom, the biggest thing in marketing…since marketing. It’s the first ever online marketplace for the global marketing and advertising industry. Now anyone can easily buy and sell marketing and advertising in 30 seconds or less.

At MarketingZoom, our mission is to make every marketing and advertising opportunity in the world searchable through our online social marketplace that benefits buyers and sellers alike.

Think of us like or Airbnb, but for marketing and advertising.

MarketingZoom is the first of its kind, and in an “on-demand” world, provides any business of any size, a quick and easy way to find marketing opportunities based on their needs and criteria in their local area. No matter what size your business, MarketingZoom is the only online marketplace for businesses to quickly and easily discover marketing and advertising opportunities in their local areas. Our marketplace connects businesses to various marketing and advertising opportunities, at any price point, in any city across the world. Consider this fact, there are more people searching online for marketing opportunities than for vacation rentals, yet there are marketplaces for vacation rentals. Now there is a marketplace for the marketing and advertising industry.

Read on to find out just how powerful it can be!


Online marketplaces have skyrocketed over the past decade and are now the norm. Shoppers go online for easy, quick, and affordable options for everything. From Airbnb and Homeaway to Uber and Lyft to Amazon, Ebay,, Zillow, and Bizbuysell, the list goes on and on — these on-demand marketplaces exist seemingly everywhere EXCEPT for marketing and advertising… until now.

We analyzed one simple question:

The fact of the matter is that people are constantly aimlessly searching the internet for creative and affordable ways to market their business. Being marketers ourselves, we knew there wasn’t any quick go-to source for a business owner to search for all the different marketing or advertising opportunities in their area.

The MarketingZoom founder, already running a successful sports marketing agency, Drive Motorsports International, began to explore the concept of a central hub for buying and selling marketing that everyone could use — any business owner, any marketing team, or anyone looking to potentially buy or sell any type of marketing or advertising opportunity.

We weren’t interested in making something that was only used by corporate marketers, but rather a consumer-facing platform similar to eBay,,, Zillow, Airbnb or Amazon. We took what we knew from running a successful marketing agency and what we know about buying and selling marketing, and combined it with modern marketplace concepts that today’s consumer knows, loves, and expects. MarketingZoom was born.


We make it easy to find the perfect marketing partner in 30 seconds or less. MarketingZoom allows users who are looking to buy and users who are looking to sell to freely communicate together, share photos, comments, proposals, and much more. Whether you’re looking for opportunities to market your local business, have a marketing opportunity to sell, or are a marketing agency, MarketingZoom has you covered! There a number of other reasons to use MarketingZoom:

MarketingZoom has a broad range of local, regional, national and international marketing and advertising opportunities, including but not limited to: TV ads, radio, billboards, online ads, social media, magazine ads, banner ads, B2B communication, sports marketing, mobile marketing, charities, sponsorships, product placement, concerts, events, local marketing, trade shows, newspapers, and more.

Save time and effort by quickly seeing a list of all the different and unique marketing opportunities in your area along with their details. Buyers and sellers of marketing can easily search for each other on the site, we make it so easy, in fact, that businesses of any size can find their next marketing partner in 30 seconds or less.

MarketingZoom offers a number of free productivity tools. Members can communicate in real time, comment on each others profiles and send private messages with attachments. Users have the ability to customize their URL to have their profile listed on all of the major search engines. Members can use their profile as an online proposal and can use their profiles to funnel in various unsolicited marketing requests and more.

With MarketingZoom, you never have to worry about cold calling again — simply approach and contact companies directly though our first-of-its-kind platform!


MarketingZoom has three different profile types:

Each member receives a free searchable profile for other users to browse. Users can search and filter profiles by multiple options such as by location, pricing, demographics, focus areas, amounts of exposure, and more. MarketingZoom allows members to display information about their specific opportunity or about their business or agency, share photos, display and share their uploaded marketing materials and proposals, communicate in real time and send private messages, all to help you find and connect with that perfect marketing partner.

Our mission is to make every marketing and advertising opportunity in the world easily searchable through our online social marketplace, and turn a painstaking process, into an easy one.


MarketingZoom just launched in January 2016, and we’ve already been featured inGeekwire, Marketing Dive, Marketingland, Marketwired, Startup Tip, and Killerstartups. We also have a large number of professional athletes who will sign on as endorsers.

The industry connections we have from Drive Motorsports International will help us grow quickly, as many big companies we already work with have expressed great interest in joining MarketingZoom.

We have well over 100 clients already signed up in a short period of time since launching and are still in beta mode.

Up next: We will be launching an Indiegogo campaign in the near future, and have plans to add discussion forum and job board features to our platform. We are also looking to expand into other industries besides marketing with new and innovative marketplaces.


Tony Scott, Founder/CEO
Tony has been the Founder, President, and CEO of Drive Motorsports International, a sports marketing agency, since 2007. Tony has spent his entire life finding success within the motorsports industry. He grew up racing motocross, ever chasing a career dream to race professional supercross. This eventually led to an opportunity at a management level within team Honda. He then took an offer to bring his skill set to NASCAR, and was then recruited into the agency world.

Knowing he could do better, he branched off to start his own agency, with two core clients who were looking for something fresh and different; DMI was born. Today, the agency has brokered more than $100M in sponsorship transactions, delivered billions of impressions, and generated over $200M in B2B direct revenue for sponsors annually.

Always an entrepreneur, Tony will be embarking on a number of large business projects with the first being

Tony understood from his years in the industry that the current way of both buying and selling marketing on both a local and national level was rather caveman-ish and was an issue for all businesses and sellers of marketing. He created MarketingZoom in part to make his own life easier, but also provide a much needed solution to all businesses large and small.

Two years of development and a large individual investment later, MarketingZoom is positioned to be the go-to platform for every business in North America to quickly and easily connect with marketing opportunities to grow their business.

Contact Information:

Tony Scott

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