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May 25, 2016 12:44 PM ET

Avivid Water Technology, LLC – dedicated to preserving and enhancing the world’s water resources by offering a novel solution to cleaning contaminated water

iCrowdNewswire - May 25, 2016

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Avivid Water Technology, LLC


Longmont, CO 80501, US
Industrial & Manufacturing


Avivid Water is wholly owned by Avivid Technologies Group, LLC and is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the world’s water resources by offering a novel solution to cleaning contaminated water. Avivid Water applies its patented TurboCoag© process to the known technology of electrocoagulation (EC). EC systems work by passing contaminated liquids over electrically charged plates creating a reaction, which causes the contaminants to be precipitated out in solid sludge form. Avivid Water has solved difficulties with passivization which will now allow EC to become the system of choice to treat waters with emulsified oils, poorly settling solids and poorly soluble organics that add turbidity, odor and color to water. EC is highly effective for removing arsenic, heavy metals, and soluble organic compounds. Microorganisms are killed in the process of EC treatment. Special applications such as arsenic removal, latex paint extraction and polymer cleanup, coal/sulfur/clay/water separation, and environmental remediation projects are ideally suitable for TurboCoag© . Avivid Water’s system is best described as a combination of a pumping system, integrated with an innovative self-cleaning cell that coagulates suspended material, reacts with contaminates, kills microbes and precipitates a sludge containing these contents. In addition to its self-cleaning features, the system increases current density through the fluid and allows for a smaller reactor for any given volume of water. The design is optimized for servicing of the reactor in the field and can be scaled to treat high volumes of water on a continuous basis. The patent for this product was awarded in April 2013. Avivid Water’s TurboCoag© has achieved a revolutionary improvement over prior EC technologies but maintains common features of EC which are:
• Dramatically lowering the costs of waste processing for many contaminants
• Creating less non-toxic sludge that is suitable for landfill by using no chemicals



















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Avivid Water Technology has developed a revolutionary stand-alone water purification system that unlocks the true potential of the historically proven science of electrocoagulation (EC). TurboCoag© is the combination of a pump combined with an innovative EC system. This combination creates a self-cleaning cell that coagulates suspended and particulate material. In addition, the system increases electrical current density through the fluid which markedly improves the removal of contaminants compared to standard EC systems. The system can treat anywhere from 100-400 gallons per minute and removes up to 99% of suspended solids, heavy metals, and biological contaminants. TurboCoag© reduces the volume of sludge which is inert thus suitable for landfills, has a small equipment footprint, reduces transportation costs of moving water and sludge, few or no chemicals needed, and little or no filtration required.



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Chief Executive Officer
Lockett Wood, PhD

Lockett Wood, PhD

Dr. Wood has acted as CEO, Marketing VP, Senior Scientific Manager, and Chief Scientist. Before founding Avivid Technologies Group, Dr. Wood was a Chief Scientist for Covidien Inc. a $10B medical device manufacturer. Dr. Wood founded Colorado MEDTech to automate medical diagnostic instrumentation and took the company public (CMED, NASDAQ) in 1983 raising $5M. In FY2000, Colorado MEDTech sold $75 million in medical products and services. Prior to founding CMED, Dr. Wood was a Senior Scientist and Group Leader at the National Institutes for Science and Technology. Dr. Wood holds BS degrees in Physics and EE with General Honors from the University of New Mexico and also MS and PhD degrees in EE from The University of Colorado. Dr. Wood holds fifteen patents, numerous patents in process and has authored over thirty published scientific papers. He was awarded the Department of Commerce Silver Medal for outstanding contributions.

Executive Vice President Finance
William Stopperan

William Stopperan

Bill Stopperan is one of the founders of Avivid Technologies as well as Avivid Water Technology. Prior to his current position, he served as President/CEO of WPCI, a drug and alcohol testing company with over 3,000 clients across the United States. Prior to WPCI, Mr. Stopperan was the CFO and Controller for Cybermedic, a publicly traded respiratory testing equipment manufacturer. Mr. Stopperan was instrumental in the acquisition of Rela Corporation by Cybermedic to form Colorado MEDtech (CMED). After the acquisition, he became Sales and Marketing Manager of Cybermedic, then a products division of CMED. Mr. Stopperan served as Vice President of Finance and Administration for California Devices, Inc. (CDI). CDI was a venture capital funded start up semiconductor manufacturer of which he was part of a team to start up its microelectronics facility. Mr. Stopperan holds a Bachelors of Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting from the University of Iowa.

Vice President Engineering
William Lowstuter

William Lowstuter

Bill Lowstuter is co-inventor of the TurboCoag system. Mr. Lowstuter is founder and President of Kaizen Consulting Group (KCG) and has developed a successful career over the past 30 years by maximizing productivity through the development and implementation of Kaizen lean manufacturing principles in a variety of industries. He has served as a Corporate Officer and a Director of R&D for several major companies including Bartlett Machinery Group, Culbro Machine Systems, Pressed Steel Company, Grimes AeroSpace and Mark VII Equipment Company. Mr. Lowstuter has had complete P&L responsibilities for over $100 Million in revenue. He has successfully directed product engineering, manufacturing, finance, quality assurance, materials management, purchasing, environmental, health/safety, loss prevention, and human resources functions. Mr. Lowstuter is the inventor of a unique solar thermal collector and holds 6 patents. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Vice President Operations
William Cross

William Cross

Prior to joining Avivid, Bill Cross was founder and President of Crossconcepts Construction, a multifaceted general contractor for over 25 years. Bill directed all aspects of operations, sales, procurement and design for between 125 to 160 construction projects annually. Bill has managed relationships with hundreds of subcontractors over the years. Prior to establishing Cross Concepts, Mr. Cross was a sales executive for Colorado Doorways, Inc., the state’s largest door wholesaler where he contributed over $5 million in new customer revenue annually. Bill developed positive customer supplier relations by ensuring products were delivered on time, on budget and installed properly. No job was complete until approved by Bill and the end user. Mr. Cross attended Denison University.

Chief Science/Scientist
Kenneth Ogan, PhD

Kenneth Ogan, PhD

Dr. Kenneth Ogan has been involved in the analytical and chemical instrumentation business for over 30 years, first with Perkin-Elmer, where he ultimately became Senior Manager of the instrument applied research group, then in technology transfer and field support with Hitachi Instruments. He subsequently served as CTO and VP of R&D for Hach Company, a leading US company for water testing instrumentation, and then VP of Technology for the expanded Environmental Water Quality Group under Danaher. Since leaving Hach and Danaher, Dr. Ogan has worked with start-up companies including CombiSep (Ames, IA), Concurrent Analytical (Laramie, WY), and most recently as VP R&D for Sensicore (Ann Arbor, MI), which was acquired by GE Water & Process Technologies.
Dr. Ogan earned his B.S. degree in Chemical Physics from MIT, and his Ph.D. degree in Physical Chemistry from UCLA. He did post-doctoral work in the Harvard-MIT Program for Health Sciences and Technology.



Contact Information:

Alexander Carlson EXT. 105

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