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May 24, 2016 8:13 EST

PONZI. The Game. Social media game based on the legendary pyramid scheme with one important difference – everyone knows it’s a Ponzi.

iCrowdNewswire - May 24, 2016

PONZI. The Game.

PONZI. The Game.

Social media game based on the legendary pyramid scheme with one important difference – everyone knows it’s a Ponzi.



PONZI THE GAME™ is a fun new social app based on the legendary pyramid scheme created by the infamous Charles Ponzi during the 1920s.

But our version of PONZI is quite different.

First, it’s fun and exciting! Second, everyone knows that it’s a game and not a get-rich-quick scheme. Third, it’s legal. Fourth, it’s for points and prizes. Fifth, all users know that some will win points and others will lose points during each PONZI played.

The game is fun and easy to play. Any user can start their own PONZI from their computer or mobile device. Using our social media tools, they can quickly spread the word and invite their network to play. Those new users invite their network, who invite their network, and so on, creating fast viral explosion for each PONZI (and the game in general).

Each PONZI lasts for an unknown and random period of time. Users who bring in players after they join a PONZI will get a share of those players’ points. The more players brought in, the more points can be earned. Those players who join a PONZI at its end, that is, during the (unknown) last round, will lose points.

When users collect enough points (after starting/playing several PONZIs) they can convert them into rewards, such as consumer goods, discount cards, gift cards and preloaded credit cards.

The company will earn revenue with PONZI CLUB™ membership fees and a small percentage of each PONZI played.


PONZI branding will be humorous, tongue-in-cheek, with a touch of nostalgia based on the styles of 20s and 30s.


A small subscription fee provides PONZI CLUB members with conveniences and features that free-to-play users won’t receive.


Each customer will have their own account page…


This simple chart shows how if one player brings in just two other players, who bring in two other players, a PONZI can quickly grow to hundreds of participants (and new members) with just the click of a button. Now that’sviral.


Now imagine 1000s of players starting 1000s of PONZIs each and every day, and you can begin to understand the potential that PONZI represents.


Dave Cutler

Dave Cutler

Inventor/ Designer/ Entrepreneur • DCS CONCEPTS LLC

I create and help market successful award-winning products, many of which have been featured by the national media including GMA, TODAY SHOW, CBS THIS MORNING, NPR and others. Learn more about me at dcsconcepts.com. Over the years, I’ve founded and co-founded a number of startups based on my product concepts. I’ve earned two patents with others pending. My experiences, both good and bad, have taught me how to carefully yet quickly move a concept from POC prototype to market. My expertise, beyond ideation, includes creative direction, branding and marketing. At this time, I prefer to focus on creating great ideas and assembling talented and passionate management teams to fully commercialize my concepts. In exchange for my creative efforts, my goal would be to receive a small equity play and/or a licensing arrangement in the new venture.


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Dave Cutler

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