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May 24, 2016 2:30 PM ET

Archived: Enthusiasts Use Hydrogen Systems for High Mileage: We’ve been building systems that use water to make fuel… well we use water to make hydrogen and then use THAT to make the gas in your car burn Amazingly better

iCrowdNewswire - May 24, 2016

Enthusiasts Use Hydrogen Systems for High Mileage.


Quick Pitch

We’ve been building systems that use water to make fuel… well we use water to make hydrogen and then use THAT to make the gas in your car burn Amazingly better!

That means more power, lower emissions, and better mileage for everyone! Now we’re ready to take our best design and rapidly mass produce it for market. YOU can be part of this AND benefit from the results.

Below is an example of the components we put together to make the magic happen. Our newest design is a combined unit with proven results and some of the latest electronic enhancements!



Product/Service Details

How Do Hydrogen Systems Work?

We get asked this question a lot. And yet, this is the most important point to understand if you want to make your car more fuel efficient using this technology. The underlying physics and chemistry of this subject can be very complicated. But fortunately the basic concepts are very few and extremely simple.


Many people think that we are generating Hydrogen so we can burn it, and that burning this Hydrogen adds so much power, that we get better fuel mileage. In actual fact, this is not the case. To prove this point, lets this a step further. There are 3 energy conversions at work here:

  • Mechanical to electrical (the alternator makes electrical energy)
  • Electrical to chemical (the cell makes HHO from electrical energy)
  • Chemical to mechanical (the HHO burns in the engine to make mechanical energy)

The problem is that there are 3 energy conversions occurring here, and each one loses some energy. It is a basic fundamental of physics that in any conversion of energy from one form to another, there is going to be some loss. There is no such thing as 100% efficiency. In some of these conversions there is quite a bit of loss. So if this is all there was to the picture, then the system would actually lose mileage. I’ve seen this mistaken idea expressed in magazines and on television news coverage to prove that hho doesn’t work.

What Really Is Going On?

Well, if we aren’t trying to burn the Hydrogen to get our fuel economy, then how does it work? In actual fact, Hydrogen , when added to the air/fuel mixture going into the engine, causes that petroleum fuel to burn more completely and thereby releasing more of the energy of the fuel that would otherwise be wasted. The way this is done is by speeding up the burning process in the cylinder. Scientists say that it considerably increases the flame speed of the petroleum mixture. And it is this fact that sums up the primary way that Hydrogen improves fuel mileage.



Hydrogen Emissions Reduction


When the flame speed of the fuel mixture is increased, more of the fuel is burned during the power stroke. Less fuel is being burned after the power stroke, which is the the exhaust stroke, and which actually works against the turning of the engine. Further, less unburned fuel is being expelled from the engine as waste and pollutants. A relatively small amount of Hydrogen will have a dramatic impact on the amount of power a given amount of gasoline will produce. This will then increase fuel mileage dramatically, and cut out a large fraction of the amount of harmful emissions the engine produces. Click on the image to the right to see a video of a 5 gas analyzer both before and after using a hydrogen assist system.


There is a remarkable simplicity to this technology. If you add Hydrogen to your engine, you will get an increase in combustion efficiency. That is just science, and it works as certainly as turning on a light switch. In some cases with modern cars and pickup trucks, we need to make some adjustments to the computer so it will allow these savings to take place. But with most commercial large engine systems, such as truck engines, gensets, marine engines, etc, no other handling is needed to get these remarkable fuel savings.




WHY Your Help Is Vital Today

Thoughout the history of our steady success and growth, we now have International relationships that are fully on board with the science and results of our systems. The only way to support these requests is to bring down the individual cost of each system and market the units to our partners at a high level.

Raising these funds will finance the next stage of our growth. We intend to bring all the production processes together and build the units in an integrated design. This allows for our electronic advances to be built right in to the mechanical portion of the hydrogen unit. A win-win of technology combined with immediate availability!

Costs come down, numbers produced go way up, and we can accept and deliver the systems to our friends and enthusiasts around the world. Below we have outlined only a small number of relationships that have agreed to use our latest system design. These range from private parties, to masters of education, commercial fleet owners, independent efficiency installers, government air quality boards, energy associations, and more…








Traction & Accomplishments

In more than 20 years of combined experience, we have refined our designs to now offer very complete fuel saving solutions. In tests, we are able to demonstrate the savings available to every engine type, and use our lead in electronics to design systems that work with modern vehicle computer systems.

We are also members of several associations and enthusiast groups who have been able to confirm the following results from our products:

Diesel Engine Success

Hydrogen causes the diesel (or any other type of fuel) to burn faster. That’s really all it does. But this has the effect of causing the fuel to burn more completely during the power stroke of the engine. Therefore, less fuel is still burning during the exhaust stroke where it will actually tend to work against the engine’s revolutions. The result is that less fuel is required for the same amount of torque and engine revolutions or be wasted. The immediate primary results are reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Hydrogen isn’t an alternative fuel, but something which increases the efficiency of the fuel you are already using.

Increased Power

Hydrogen powered engines experience significant gains in horsepower. This is caused by the fact that more fuel is burning during the power stroke, giving more power for the same amount of fuel. This results in being able to pull loads in lower gears than before, which saves on fuel consumption.

Improved Emissions

Hydrogen assisted engines always report dramatic decreases in emissions. Some owners have used Hydrogen systems on trucks which then passed emissions testing even after previously failing the same test. This can extend the useful life of older trucks. We have seen reports of hydrocarbon emissions dropping by 85% after just a few minutes of running on a hydrogen system. Emissions results improve for all pollutant gasses currently tested for.

Increased Engine Life

Engine life is also improved. First, because the fuel is burning more thoroughly, there are less unburned contaminants to foul up the engine and contaminate the oil. Secondly, because most of the fuel is actually burning during the power stroke of the engine, you’re not wasting as much fuel heating up the engine without a return in horsepower. Engines tend to run 10-20 degrees cooler when on Hydrogen systems.

Larger Engine Needs

Our standard system has been successfully used on engines up to 22 liters displacement. Need something bigger? We have can design a 2 cell system, or supply you with larger cells. Let us know what you need and we will tailor make a system for you.

All Reward levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold are vital to pushing this forward quickly. Every Reward dollar is redeemable toward Hydrogen systems of your choice at a Greatly Reduced price that will not be available after production begins. In this way you can benefit from the steep, one-time discount, or we can assist you in applying your reward to another partners sale to recoup your pledge that is making this happen.

All Reward levels keep you informed of our work and advances. The higher levels provide more insight, and more exclusive news as the timeline unfolds.

For those participating in our Gold Rewards, we will invite you to follow our showcase partner using our system in the 2015 production run of hybrid electric technology available in the US.



How We’re Different

Simple To Install – No Mechanic Needed

Our kits come with everything you need for a successful installation. You will only need some basic tools. We ship systems with all the cables, parts, screws, connectors, etc, so that you will have a successful installation. Fleets can install them inhouse with current repair and maintenance personnel. This also applies for the boating industry!

Worldwide Network of Supporters

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with the major continents around the world. Our immediate goal is to supply all our friends and partners with the best system we have ever produced, at an aggressive price for everyone to benefit. Our prototype and facility plans are well prepared and looking to add more enthusiasts who see the value of our work.

Please contact our representatives today so we can help you be a proud part of this expansion.

Contact Information:

Enthusiasts Use Hydrogen Systems for High Mileage

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