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May 24, 2016 9:16 AM ET

Archived: Camera Bag – Bringing Photographers And Clients Together: The Easiest Way To Book A Photographer. Guaranteed. All the tools a photographer needs, and map search for clients to find them.

iCrowdNewswire - May 24, 2016

Camera Bag – Bringing Photographers And Clients Together.

by Jake Hare


The Easiest Way To Book A Photographer. Guaranteed. All the tools a photographer needs, and map search for clients to find them.


About this project

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to hire/be hired for photographers? Well now theres a place where clients and photographers are seamlessly brought together: Camera Bag.

Say goodbye to searching on google or yelp for websites and social media accounts, and just download the one app you’ll need!

  • Map search for clients to find photographers in their area
  • Booking directly in the app; no hassle with money or complicated contracts
  • Curated feed based on the category of photographer needed
  • Comments, ratings, reviews, feedback for every single photographer
  • Incredible, high resolution photos to really show off photos
  • Extreme ease of use, for YOU!

My name is Jake Hare, and I created Camera Bag to solve all the major problems for photographers, and the clients who never seem to find them. Let’s be real, not everyone is a developer, or a marketer, or a client acquisition expert. But the reality is this: Photography is one of the biggest, and increasing, trends today. (Look at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google+. They all revolve around images.)

The old way for a client to find a photographer: Either know someone local, a friend, or spend hours searching on Google.

The old way for a photographer to find a client: Pay for a website, marketing, tools, spend countless hours researching portfolio techniques, and how to get more clients.

Camera Bag solves both of those problems, and creates a “Google Maps” search experience for both parties.

For clients, they can search via the map, or just look on their home feed (it shows curated content in different categories within a certain mile radius).

For Photographers, it’s the only tool they’ll need other than their equipment. It comes with a full-fledged booking system with calendar and tasklist, stats on how much you’ve made/how many clients you’ve had in days,months, years. It even has a profile to showcase all of your content.

This app will revolutionize the photography industry, and change the way we find photographers.

And photographers will love it because it means NO MORE WEBSITES OR MARKETING! WOOHOO!

Development has already begun, and should be completed by Fall of 2016 ,  copyright and all rights reserved.

All images and designs are promotional views only and are subject to change. Credit for design inspiration goes to Invision.

Risks and challenges

The only risk is that if I don’t reach my goal, then no one will be able to utilize this incredible tool.

I’m a developer, and have already begun the development for this project. But I will need money to actually grow the business, hence the funding. I believe my background will serve as a positive note to all investors, that this is in good hands. I already have the business plan completed, and I’m ready to implement that plan when the funds are complete.

The timeline will go as follows:
– Successful backing on Kickstarter (+ any other funding from angels)
– Hiring complete development and marketing team
– Completing beta, sending personal download links to all backers who were selected.
– Complete data retention and research, implement any new ideas from you!
– Get ready for full launch on the iOS and Google Play stores!

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” -Steve Jobs

Contact Information:

Jake Hare

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