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May 24, 2016 2:51 PM ET

Andre – Fluent Decisions, LLC: A consulting firm which focuses on bringing clarity to projects for consumers and small businesses.

iCrowdNewswire - May 24, 2016


Fluent Decisions, LLC





Personal Story

As a child growing up on the island of Jamaica and continuing into my adulthood which in the South-Eastern part of the United States, I’ve always been keenly interesting in learning how things work. This led me to naturally become a researcher and this interest also played a major part in me starting a computer repair business while in high school.

During my twenties, I serviced the technologies of many businesses and realized that most of the clients lacked something beyond smooth working computers. The biggest issue has been that they were often paralyzed by not having a clear understanding of how to move ahead with any given project. After assisting clients by researching the exact path to their desired goals, I realized that I needed to operate a consulting business to help clients dissolve their doubts.

Since 2013, I began working on creating Fluent Decisions, LLC. Fluent Decisions is a project research, planning, and consulting firm with the mission to provide our clients with the needed information to allow the best decisions to be made. While I am thankful that we live in a world with many choices, not understanding the decisions we make diminishes our potentials. Fluent Decisions is committed to honesty, adding value to our clients, and we operate based on an appreciation for innovation.

I am looking to expand Fluent Decisions by extending marketing and also adding support staff which will aide me in “delivering clarity” especially when it comes to the projects that consumers and small businesses embarks upon.

Business Description

The power of fluency adds multiple levels of opportunities when it comes to our productivity, our connectivity, our creativity, and our security. Fluent Decisions, LLC is a consulting firm which focuses on bringing clarity to projects for consumers and small businesses.

We provide easy to understand information which will allow decisions makers to move ahead with certainty. This is done mainly by way of one of our three category of services: Quick Informed Answers, Live Online Classes, or Core Services which are Project Research, Project Planning, Consulting / Training, or assisting clients with Online Engagements.
With our Quick Informed Answers, we provide needed information within 24 hours to empower consumers with decisions which they must make. An example of how a service like this beneficial is when it is used to help a person or business determine which specific product will enhance their current operations.

Our Live Online Classes are instructor lead classes aimed to educated in a friendly way. Instead of lingering in doubt of their Internet Safety, or Protection of their Data, within 60 – 90 minutes the key cornerstone to the subject matter can be clearly explained via our Live Online Classes and then lighten up the attendee views.

When matters are deeper, client elects to have in-depth research, planning and consulting provided. Our clients like these services because it both empowers them to fully understand how to execute their projects and at the same time it save the clients money by affording them proper planning of their ventures.

What is the purpose of this loan?

By obtaining a loan from Kiva Zip, I will be able to expand my marketing. The results will be reflected in additional clients. The loan will also, the allow me to have some capital which is needed to smoothly support staff. The ultimate goal is to reach more clientele and develop a support team to allow me to effectively deliver my services to larger markets.


A loan of $10,000 helps me to grow my business to better serve consumers and small businesses in my community!

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