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May 23, 2016 7:55 AM ET

Archived: WM of Switzerland – Tonneau Quartz Chronograph Watch: A precise stainless steel case chronograph capable of measuring time in hours, minutes, seconds and 1/10th of a second with unparalled accuracy

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016

WM of Switzerland – Tonneau Quartz Chronograph Watch.

An elegant Swiss Made stainless steel chronograph.


About this project

The WM of Switzerland Tonneau Quartz Chronograph is a precise stainless steel case chronograph capable of measuring time in hours, minutes, seconds and 1/10th of a second with unparalled accuracy. 

The design process has been meticulously kept by our master craftsman accumulating generations of experience in watch making. The exquisite dial is engraved in “Guilloche” style, a technique producing an intricate three dimensional pattern creating a silver effect.

Sapphire Glass Crystal

Completing the watch is a scratch resistant absolutely transparent and anti-glare Sapphire Crystal Glass.

The Stainless-steel rear case is engraved with the manufacturer’s brand “WM of Switzerland”.

Swiss made watches are renowned world wide as the pinnacle of watch making design and quality and as such is protected. In order for a Watch to be allowed to be branded Swiss Made, the movement and final control process must take place in Switzerland and this must be verified.

This magnificent watch shares its characteristic with a very few watches of renowned brands. But there is one significant difference: the Tonneau Chronographs currently offered on the market are rare and generally cost in excess of $3000 and beyond.

 A watch to be worn on any occasion and to be admired by everyone.

WM of Switzerland was established in 1980 in a small Swiss village in the Canton of Bern, close to Solothurn. 

Originally, WM of Switzerland was just another Swiss watch-making company producing hand-made watches. In 1992, Mr. Hans Meissner, who today has over 36-years’ experience in the watch-making industry, directed the aims of the company towards more ambitious horizons: recreating legendary time pieces. Hans Meissner is a firm believer in two things:

• That there is much in the history of watch making that is worth resurrecting and making available to everyone wishing to own a piece of watch making history, but priced to wear every day.

• That a watch is worn on the wrist and money is kept in the pocket! A watch, even of high quality, does not need to cost 3,000.00€ or more.  

With these principles, WM of Switzerland proceeded to design and develop high quality wrist watches at a fraction of the costs of its competitors through the continuous search of components and manufacturing processes in close cooperation with world-wide suppliers. 

WM of Switzerland offers its timepieces directly to you, without the intervention of any local distributors, and thus is able to save expenses on advertising and overheads, which we pass straight on to you. WM of Switzerland today trades internationally with a specific emphasis on the use of the web, at very low costs. We invest our money in research and in the design of new creations.

According to the Smithsonian “In 1927, Canadian-born Warren Marrison, a telecommunications engineer, was searching for reliable frequency standards at Bell Telephone Laboratories. 

Building on earlier work in piezoelectricity, he developed a very large, highly accurate clock based on the regular vibrations of a quartz crystal in an electrical circuit” – the first quartz clock. Later, in 1967, the Centre Electronique Horloger (CEH) in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) designed the first quartz movement wrist-watch, famously known as Beta 21, and 2 years later, in 1969, Seiko launched its Seiko Astron, the very first commercially sold quartz movement wrist-watch. 

Marrison’s discovery proved to be of a revolution in the measure of time. Since early 1940’s, laboratories in all the world, responsible for the measurement of time and public centres reporting the exact time, started to switch from mechanical measurement instruments to quartz measurement instruments. 

The quartz watch revolutionized the watch industry and from the early 1980’s all Swiss manufacturers designed and launched their different quartz movement wrist-watches. Originally all of them were classical round dial watches, until the advent of the Tonneau case. The Tonneau case is so called because it’s design and form reminiscent of a wine barrel or cask (tonneau in French). 

This Tonneau case is used by the world’s most prestigious watch manufacturers including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Oris, and other. However, due to the technical difficulties it entails – it is not common to find a Chronograph watch with a a Tonneau Case The WM of Switzerland Tonneau Quartz Chronograph is simply an example of this exploit in technology and design. 

Water-resistant 5 ATM (50 metres)
1 ATM is the standard pressure of the atmostphere at sea level, equivelant to a depth of 10 meters. The Tonneau Quartz Chronograph is water resistant to an incredible depth of 5 ATM’s or 50 meters (165 Feet). 

2-year international guarantee. 
The WM of Switzerland Tonneau Quartz Chronograph is guaranteed internationally by WM of Switzerland for a period of 2 years from date of purchase. 

The WM of Switzerland Tonneau Chronograph is available in three different versions:  
a) Stainless-steel case
b) Yellow Gold-plated
c) Exclusive Rosé Gold-plated 

All three versions presented with a genuine brown leather strap.

The watch will be delivered in a beautiful leather style case and accompanied with its corresponding 2 year international warranty certificate.

The full retail price for the WM of Switzerland Tonneau Chronograph with Stainless Steel case will be 499EUR/565USD and in the Gold-plated version (yellow Gold or exclusive Rosé Gold) 599EUR/675USD.

These watches cannot be found at any retail store worldwide.

Earn 10% cash back for sharing the WMS Tonneau Chronograph with your friends.
Earn 10% cash back for sharing the WMS Tonneau Chronograph with your friends.


Stretch Goals

If we are successful in raising our funding goal we will announce the first of our stretch goals at the top of our campaign page.

The WM of Switzerland Tonneau Quartz Chronograph watch will be shipped anywhere in the world. However, international customers are responsible for any duties that may be charged in their respective countries. 

Estimated Delivery
We expect to be fulfilling orders in October 2016. While we do not expect this deadline to move, it is possible that the estimated shipment month may shift. If at anytime you would like an update, please check the “Updates” section of our Kickstarter campaign.

All WM of Switzerland watches include a 2 years international warranty.

Risks and challenges

Forecasting Risk

Taking the WM of Switzerland Tonneau from prototype to production will almost certainly have unforeseen issues, but we’ve done our best to forecast demand and create a solid production plan. Should we miss projections, we’ll let you know when and why, and make it right as soon as possible.

Supply Chain Risk

We are very confident in our supply chain which consists of very professional and talented suppliers and manufacturers. We do not expect any delays to our timeline, but if the unexpected happens, rest assured we will keep you well informed until you receive your timepiece.

Contact Information:

WM of Switzerland

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