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May 23, 2016 12:00 PM ET

Archived: Westgate Tavern+Bowl will reside in the well-established Westgate Entertainment District adjacent to the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, and include the added allure of a microbrewery

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016

Westgate Tavern & Bowl, LLC Logo

Westgate Tavern & Bowl, LLC.

San Diego, CA 92101, US
Consumer Services


With four existing restaurant/bowling venues spread throughout Southern California, Tavern+Bowl is poised to open a fifth venue, Westgate Tavern+Bowl in Glendale, AZ, in 2016, and expand its brands evolution with the added allure of a microbrewery.

Conceived in 2006, the Tavern+Bowl concept was brought to fruition in 2007 with the brand’s first location, East Village Tavern+Bowl, located in San Diego, CA. Presently, Tavern+Bowl has four separately owned successfully operating restaurant/bowling establishments spread throughout Southern California and is poised to expand into the rapidly growing market of Glendale, AZ, in the fall of 2016. Tavern+Bowl’s fifth location, Westgate Tavern+Bowl, will reside in the well-established Westgate Entertainment District adjacent to the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. Continuing the brand’s evolution, the newest location will include the added allure of a microbrewery.

Market demographics coupled with the site location and overall 50% reduction in labor costs (compared to that of California) make the income potential for this venture far greater than any of the brand’s existing operations. Based on Tavern+Bowl Management Group’s collective experience, we project Westgate Tavern+Bowl’s first full year of operating revenue to reach $4.7MM. With reduced labor expenses and the addition of the microbrewery, EBITDA is projected to reach $867M. A $600M investment would generate an internal rate of return of roughly 41% over a five-year period.

Having already obtained $800M in committed capital, Westgate Tavern+Bowl is looking for an additional investment of $400M ($1.2MM total investor capital 40%) for a 13.3% equity stake in the company. The first $1.2MM worth of distributions will be paid to investors. Subsequent distributions will be made on a pro-rata basis each year thereafter.

Over the next five years, it is the intent of Tavern+Bowl to roll up our individual locations into a single holding company. On a pro-rata basis, each investor will be given shares of the parent company or the option to “cash-out” through another private placement or public offering; the brand will then be marketed on a national scale throughout the United States.



Prior Year RevenueCurrent Year RevenueNext Year Revenue



Company AgeEmployeesSub-Industry
                                      9 years, 4 months          240               Restaurants



Company TypeStock ExchangeStock Symbol
                                 Privately-Held                          –                           –



Products / Services

Sports Bar & Grill, that features fine casual dining, bowling, and a micro-brewery

The Tavern+Bowl business model, which differentiates us from similar concepts, is our focus on culinary expertise. Unlike other modern-day bowling centers, Tavern+Bowl also attracts non-bowling clientele with our familiar yet innovative menu. Tavern+Bowl strives for recognition not only as an outstanding entertainment venue but also as a renowned local eatery and micro-brewery.

We value our employees who are hard working and have found significant satisfaction in growing the brand. Each venue endeavors to create a warm, welcoming-of-all-ages atmosphere, void of pretentiousness commonly associated with more corporate-centric venues. Each location features eight to twelve state-of-the-art bowling lanes with fun flashy lights and funky lane artwork that fits the vibe of the community. By integrating local architecture into our design and assimilating with the regional landscape, Tavern+Bowl venues establish an immediate natural presence within the neighborhood that they reside.



Chief Executive Officer
Dan Hurd

Mr. Hurd is the company’s founder & Chief Executive Officer. He created the Tavern+Bowl brand and raised $6.9 million in equity capital to open 4 locations, while simultaneously managing revenue and profit streams for each of Tavern+Bowl’s operating venues. His focus is centered on operations management, bank and investor relations, debt payback plans, and equity partners ROI. Mr. Hurd’s 26 years of restaurant experience included employment with Houston’s Restaurant Group (presently Hillstone Restaurant Group), where as a corporate trainer he oversaw the opening’s of multiple restaurant locations in major cities throughout the U.S. Mr. Hurd holds a Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Dayton, and his management team consists of seasoned restaurant and micro-brewery professionals. For all information pertaining to this offering, including resumes, PPM/business plan, and offering subscriptions please call Mr. Gary Housman, at 858-344-3990.



Contact Information:

Dan Hurd

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