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May 23, 2016 4:30 PM ET

Archived: VIGNOBLES is a race game set in the heart of French vineyards

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016


A race game set in the heart of French vineyards


VIGNOBLES is a race game set in the heart of French vineyards… Flip the board to chose between France and the more specific region of the South West. This is a quick and smart family game for 2 to 4 players. It has been created by two young authors from Toulouse, Fabrice Arcas and Guillaume Peccoz. The illustrations are by Vincent Dutrait, one of the finest illustrators in the international board game world.


The game is the last part of a game trilogy on the South West region of France, following ARRIALA (game on the Garonne Canal) and COLUMBA (game on dovecotes) by Ludocom Ltd, a local company. Each game in the trilogy has won an award in a game creation contest.

So thanks to this crowdfunding campaign, you have access to a two-side board, with a game mode including a special variant taking place in all major wine-making regions in France.

Since 2012, the prototype version has been played in many board game conventions and has been very well received thanks to its high level of interactions and its flavored theme.

You play a wine merchant trying to make your way in the best vineyards. Bring back to fashion your ancestors’ cépages (grape variety), blend them with art to make amazing wines, turn each of them into a unique masterpiece! In this game, you need to keep an eye on the others’ strategy to outpace them…

“Vignobles” does not require any knowledge in or love for wine (actually, wine should always be consumed with moderation), still after a few games you will be able to show off at dinner parties, for instance by quoting  the cépages one must blend to create a red Cahors or a white Bergerac.

You can already download the unillustrated version of the rules on our site:


This campaign will enable us to improve the material, so this list will evolve:

A board representing vineyards in the South West of France, divided in 8 wine-making regions
1 30-side dice or 30 “Wine” cards representing south-western appellations, used to award wines with gold medals
60 “Cépages” cards
12 “Action” cards, with the following categories: “Harvest” (x4), “Fermentation” (x4) and “Merchant” (x4)
40 special cards
9 mini-bottles
1 “Cloud” pawn
1 First player Cork
For each player (4 different colors) : 1 “Merchant” pawn, 8 “Estate” pawns, 2 scoring pawns, 1 “personal cellar” mini-board
1 Player aid (lists “Action” cards and “spécial” cards)

And more levels to come, depending on your wishes and contribution…

What are the funds for?

It is no secret that game publishing is expensive! Especially when you chose to produce in Europe. Therefore, beside Ulule’s share and the illustrator’s fees, the money you wish to pledge will pay for production, quality material improvement and all the extra fun we wish to bring into the game, in the box and out, for all backers.

About the project owner

“I created Ludocom, a small publishing house making games for the general public and businesses, in 2009 in the South West of France, Tarn-et-Garonne. With a solid background in non-profit activities and local development, I am convinced that games are a wonderful medium. This is why I give all my passion to great projects I am ready to fight for… “Vignobles” is a fabulous game created by passionate authors, Fabrice Arcas and Guillaume Peccoz, both school teachers. Vincent Dutrait went back to his pencils after three years to finish this great illustration work. I support this project for them, all the players who have already tested and loved the game, all Ludocom board game fans and those willing to discover our games. And it will only come to life with your support.”

Contact Information:

Serge Comba

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