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May 23, 2016 10:48 EST

Remoteam – Better staff. Less Cost. No Worries.: We custom-recruit them depending on your needs and handle all employment hassles.

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016



Better staff * Less Cost * No Worries.





705bf474a6940931b57b4b1d2f13bdcf.jpg ABOUT US

Presently, Australian businesses are pounded by growing labour costs. For the past 30 years, labour costs have risen to an all time high in 2015.

Remoteam provides highly qualified personnel for a fraction of these costs.We custom-recruit them depending on your needs and handle all employment hassles.

For more than a year now, Remoteam is registered both in the Philippines and Australia. We are fully operational, with steadily rising numbers of clients and employees, generating an annual profit of AU$ 10,000 per client.

Burkard Lipgens, the CEO and founder has been in the IT industry for over 30 years, providing database and business consulting to a wide array of industries. Remoteam bridges the affordability gap between growing businesses and highly qualified staff. Imagine what Australian businesses can achieve with Remoteam’s services.

bb08e0a5e403929a4f4cbc03c7b36d9d.jpg Keys to Success

Remoteam’s Keys to success are: To penetrate the market of insourcing/outsourcing in Australia, where currently there are no companies dominating this market. Take advantage of the unemployment rate in the Philippines, skills mismatch and qualified workers. Continue to build TRUST within relationships. Provide reliable and excellent service to our clients through secured and accountable workstations. Ensuring our clients of low cost but productive and qualifiedworkers.




“I have been working for Bizconnect Inc. for a couple of months now and I am very happy and satisfied with how the Management takes care of its employees. They see to it that your needs are well taken care of and they are always there to answer your questions from the recruitment process, on boarding, and while employed and working for one of its clients. The work atmosphere is very light and that more than a work place, Bizconnect Inc. treats you like a family member.” – Ron Baltazar, Sales Associate

“I got across the online job application to Bizconnect Inc. and luckily i was hired and officially part of the team. I find the whole team very supportive when I experienced technical problems with my PC especially the Managing Director, Mr. Burkard Lipgens, also Mr. Mark Suansing with all requirements and documents needed, as well as in admin. The team was very open and accommodating.” – Elizabeth DeJos, Accountant

“I do wish that working in Bizconnect Inc. would be a long term relationship and will give me a great future not only for my career but also for my family. Thanks to Bizconnect, finally I was able to get my dream job” – Blessilla Oguis, Back Office Support

“I am thankful for being part of BizConnect. Aside from providing a good salary they really care for their employees and they will really treat you fairly.” – Jesse RieTupaz, Web Developer


Remoteam Pty Ltd. and Bizconnect Inc. finalisation of operational and reportorial requirements.

JULY, 2014

Closing of first client, and employing 1 happy Filipino who was grappling to feed his family, despite good education, skills and motivation.

JULY, 2015

Ending the year with a total of 7 clients and 9 employees.


Business Development Manager joined the team.


Currently generating around 8,000 AUD profit a month with 9 clients and 11 employees.

APRIL, 2016


“I was impressed by how quickly Remoteam were able to find a high quality candidate that was the perfect match for my business.”
Ben ManningDirector of Agent in a Box Pty Ltd.
Ben Manning
“This is very interesting indeed. I think the concept is extremely useful and is finding its place more and more in this age of technology. Glad to see someone on the forefront of virtual assistance.”
Cal DoggettOwner/Director of Properties & Pathways Pty L
Cal Doggett
“The employee that I got from Remoteam is great! She is awesome and we are fully remote organisation so find it very easy.”
James GoodridgeCEO and Co-founder of Waysact Pty Ltd.
James Goodridge
“You have a very interesting business across a lot of critical business requirements.”
Harry RosenburgDirector of Quintessential Equity
Harry Rosenburg


Burkard Lipgens

Burkard Lipgens

CEO at Remoteam

Burkard’s IT career began in the early eighties when he obtained a Diploma in Information Technology. Since then, Burkard has gained extensive analytical expertise in converting business requirements into IT Solutions through working with several high end database systems such as Siemens, Clipper and SAP. Burkard initially worked as a Siemens database developer for 5 years before branching out on his own to start up his own business programming custom software solutions. After 4 successful years, Burkard had grown the business to 12 employees.   Burkard moved to Germany where he worked as an IT freelancer developing and programming custom software solutions and database design.  He then move into a Business Analyst role with SAP. After a decade in Germany, Burkard moved back to Australia. He became an ACT! Certified Consultant and joined the Act Today team for 11 years. Tragically, by late 2012, unexpected health problems forced him to end his IT career and, after a period of personal set-backs and financial hardship, Burkard set up a new business model, allowing him to utilise his 35 year experience as business analyst.


Team Member Name

Jhandrea Angkiangco

Business Development Manager

Team Member Name

Wil-Mark Suansing

Operations Manager




Contact Information:

Burkard Lipgens

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