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May 23, 2016 11:25 AM ET

Archived: The Pocket Sock – Strideline Socks x Nate Robinson (NBA): The Most Comfortable Sock on Earth – Now with a Pocket

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016

The Pocket Sock – Strideline Socks x Nate Robinson (NBA)

The Most Comfortable Sock on Earth – Now with a Pocket. NBA Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson x STRIDELINE.



About this project





“Every stitch, every fiber has been painstakingly tested, retested, redesigned, and retested to create an experience unlike any other. ” 

Designed with Strideline’s Strapped Fit 2.0 technology, the Pocket Sock is the next generation of performance athletic sock with front extensor cushioning, impact reduction heel padding, linear running support, a compression calf and stride-tec sweat wicking mesh material.



About Us


Here at Strideline we know performance socks. It’s all we’ve done for the past seven years.

Jake and I were born just six hours apart in the same hospital and have been best friends pretty much ever since.

We grew up a few doors down from each other, attended the same schools from kindergarten to college, and from as early as we can remember knew we were going to start a business together.

So in 2009 as seniors at Issaquah High School we launched Strideline and set out to create the most comfortable sock on earth.

Over the past seven years that tireless obsession has been validated by Nordstrom, Champs, Costco, LIDS, Fanzz, the NCAA and MLS, and hundreds of other retailers around the country.

The socks have been seen on the feet of Marshawn Lynch, Antonio Brown, DJ Khaled, Bryce Harper, Justin Beiber and hundreds of other influencers and athletes worldwide.

But as exciting as thats been – we’ve never created something truly innovative. Until now.



Working with Nate


“My brother went to school with one of the guys, and they went to UW, and they’ve just been a fan of basketball, fans of Seattle basketball, fans of sports in general. They’re cool guys, and they work hard, and they put together a great idea with this whole pocket sock. They had this idea, and they brought it to me and asked me what I thought about it, and I said, “It’s genius.” How many people did you know growing up as kids — probably you yourself — who had money your mom gave you and you put it in your sock? Guys back in the day, we didn’t have wallets. I never kept my money in my pocket, my money always went in my sock. My key my mom gave me, I put it in my sock — whatever it was. So it was a great idea, and when they wanted to run it by me, I said, “It’s cool,” and we ran with it. We haven’t looked back ever since. It’s been pretty awesome.” 

– Nate Robinson

All funds raised by this Kickstarter campaign will support the purchase of inventory for the first production run. With your help, we will bring this product to market!

Nate Robinson & The Strideline Team

Risks and challenges

The most significant obstacle is the complex production process required to assemble the Pocket Sock. With components coming from Italy, Taiwan, China and the Philippines, there are many moving parts.

Additionally, the calf of a sock is the area that stretches the most on your leg so the pocket has to be applied carefully to maintain the comfortable fit of a Strideline sock.

As such, the entire product needs to stretch and move together. This requires a precise assembly process with skilled labor and high quality raw materials, all of which are expensive.

The sock itself is not easy to assemble; however with funds raised from this Kickstarter we will finalize production for the first order and bring the Strideline x Nate Robinson Pocket Sock to market.

Contact Information:

Riley Goodman & Jake Director

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