May 23, 2016 2:05 PM ET

Archived: Health Hero, Inc releases an Artificial Intelligence Bot on Facebook Messenger; Allows people to get healthy together in a smart way

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TAMPA, FL, May 22,2016- Health Hero, Inc., leaders in “smart” health and wellness for employers and healthcare providers across the U.S., today announced that it has incorporated a AI chatbot integration with Facebook Messenger. This integration encourages your friends and families to work together towards healthier lifestyles without ever having to leave Facebook.


Health Hero is making this announcement just weeks after announcing a similar integration with another leading messaging tool, Slack. This sequence continues to highlight Health Hero’s stance on driving conversations involving companies like ADP along the way. “Whether these conversations occur between a Fitbit and an Android phone, Apple Watch and a MacBook, or a person texting with Health Hero on Facebook Messenger- Health Hero levels the technology playing field so that everyone can engage in their health regardless of their access to technology or resources.” said Anthony Diaz, CEO & Founder of Health Hero.


Diaz stated, “Our Facebook Messenger integration supports our mission of becoming the global ‘QuickBooks for Health Engagement’, where any person, employee, or patient around the world can receive a smart, powerful improvement path to help with disease management & proactive prevention via any channel: text, voice, apps, devices, or smart chat bots. Facebook users receive an engaging and impactful free wellness program. Hiring a personal health coach like this would run you between $15-$100 per hour, but now everyone can join the conversation to ask questions or receive encouragement, publicly or privately.”


Diaz added, “We are talking about saving real lives here, and doing so in the simplest, most powerful, & scalable way possible. Health Hero is breaking down health engagement barriers by providing sophisticated & smart solutions that improve health behavior & outcomes for people of all ages. Our focus is to support health & wellness programs for patients and employees as legislation drives trillions of dollars in the United States healthcare market to finally shift from ‘fee for service’ to ‘fee for value’ by 2018.


To learn more about Health Hero, click here for an interview with Anthony Diaz on a recent TV news segment.


About Health Hero

The US continues to spend a greater percentage of its wealth on health care than any other industrialized nation. A total of $2.8 trillion is spent annually. Health care costs are eroding company profits. Preventative health pays for itself. Insurance companies and providers need to engage their patients & employees more than ever before. Legislation has mandated change. Organizations now need a solution that is human, scalable, and integrated. For patients & employees, Health Hero provides smart personalized (AI) health engagement solutions that are scalable, sophisticated, and feel human.

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