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May 23, 2016 8:04 AM ET

Archived: DiabeticWatchers – Changing The World of Diabetes: Our platform relies on industry-leading data and monitoring that outputs real-time results to help Diabetic individuals better understand and treat their condition

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016


Changing The World of Diabetes.



It’s time to take control of Diabetes.

Platform testing is complete, and over 500 users are on board; mass market acceptance is now upon us!


If you’re reading this profile, chances are you’ve been impacted by Diabetes – either directly or indirectly.  

Unfortunately, Diabetes also causes treatment confusion in many instances.  A lack of patient education is making the problem worse – and contributing to what is the 7th leading cause of death in the US.  While it is a very treatable condition, there’s a widespread lack of understanding in how to do it properly – underscored by these main issues:

These dietary issues are the primary culprits for high or low blood sugar in Diabetic individuals.  They are a huge burden to the patients, their families, and also our nation – as US healthcare costs are soaring.  A sizeable industry has been created to help educate, provide care, and remedy these problems; however, it’s yet to take advantage of technological innovation and is lagging behind in effectiveness.  The time is now for the Diabetic sector to step up and provide a truly effective education and treatment solution.


Our platform relies on industry-leading data and monitoring that outputs real-time results to help Diabetic individuals better understand and treat their condition. Making dangerous guesses on diet or medication are now things of the past.  Our users immediately know whether or not they should consume something, how much of it they should consume, and how much insulin they require.

DiabeticWatchers brings significant added value as an everyday health app foranyone.  Its rich feature set already emphasizes healthy eating, exercise, sleep, and mood control – things we can all benefit from.  This makes it especially attractive to medium and large-sized organizations, who pay twice as much in health insurance for Diabetic employees.  By making DiabeticWatchers available to all of their employees, organizations can greatly reduce these costs, decrease sick days, and have an overall more productive workforce.


So, how exactly does DiabeticWatchers address the common dietary issues posed earlier?  For us, it’s all about the data.  The platform tracks all of a user’s most relevant metrics through every food and drink item they consume – and even keeps track of every physical activity.  The resulting data brings our users three huge benefits:


Make informed dietary decisions – The DiabeticWatchers app curbs carb and sugar intake to only 30 grams/meal and 100 grams/day – helping everyone with portion control and the avoidance of health risks.

Proprietary glucose load formula – With other solutions relying on trial and error, we’re the only app that can calculate glucose load in any food.  DiabeticWatchers utilizes USDA-powered API and an algorithm to pull an item’s nutrition data and then provides a “thumbs up or down” on if you should eat it.  Armed with this info, users can easily balance out their proper insulin intake.

Easily-identifiable burn rate – Via your personal medical information, we help users calculate this key metric – allowing them to keep blood sugar at proper levels and keep peace of mind regarding their health.

Taking this value even further, DiabeticWatchers provides users with another pair of eyes to monitor their given situation.  The app gives physicians and other healthcare providers a constant connection to their patients – providing better care while saving big on costs.  Other key platform features include:



The past few years have seen DiabeticWatchers grow from a concept strongly rooted in passion into a legitimate business venture.  Check out some significant milestones we’ve piled up along the way:

Successful testing.  2014 and 2015 were great years, as a successful beta phase allowed us to improve and optimize the DiabeticWatchers MVP.

Fully developed.  Thanks to this testing, both the web platform and mobile app have been fully developed and are ready to hit the market.

Intellectual property.  The proprietary algorithm we use to calculate glucose load is patent pending.

User acceptance.  The 500+ users we acquired through our beta phase are all projected to stay loyal as paid subscribers.

So much more lies ahead!  For more information on DiabeticWatchers’ future development, please request access to our profile’s private side.


Mila Corrao’s passion for Diabetes originated in 2002 – the year our Founder lost her father to an unfortunate bout with the disease.  With no effective manner of figuring out the cause of his symptoms, she quickly realized that the core of the problem resided in a lack of understanding.  Armed with a desire to change this, Mila purchased a client’s medical and equipment supplies business – where she witnessed first-hand the despair Diabetes creates in people’s lives.  Soon after, DiabeticWatchers was born.

Ms. Corrao is an accountant by trade, working her way up to the top of the profession as CEO and Founder of Exelsior Business Services.  With her focus now on DiabeticWatchers, she’ll head up sales, marketing, financial management, and future development as our CEO.  She’s supported by these five executives:

Vice President Robert Corrao, leading fencing company owner (for 26 years) and marketing expert who serves as our CEO’s right-hand man;


Creative Director Thomas Vetter, our design maven and content creation expert who also heads up the BlueMeals program;


Developers Bladimir Arroyo and Franceso Quesada, a pair of seasoned software engineers with multi-language proficiency who will lead app development;

Marketing Manager Roma Singh, who specializes in digital and social media marketing while also assisting with BlueMeals.



Contact Information:

Ms. Corrao

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