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May 23, 2016 9:34 AM ET

Archived: Clean Wave’s ecoFloc™ system has demonstrated impressive separation of even the most challenging liquid wastes, like dairy waste water

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016

Clean Wave Technologies, LLC Logo

Clean Wave Technologies, LLC

Indianapolis, IN 46280, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy.

Clean Wave Technologies, LLC (Clean Wave) is an environmental technology development and commercialization company, founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs with strong backgrounds in the sciences, engineering and marketing fields. Clean Wave has developed two proprietary technologies that provide dramatic cost savings for customers in a broad spectrum of industries. Clean Wave has developed and is in the process of refining an advanced, self-cleaning electro-coagulation system that provides unparalleled performance in separating solids from difficult liquid wastes, while generating clean gray water and recovering valuable nutrients in a usable form for agriculture. Clean Wave has also developed a revolutionary low energy drying technology that simply offers the most energy, time and cost-efficient drying option in the marketplace for a broad spectrum of products, creating outstanding market opportunities. More than $ 3 million has gone into developing the technologies to this point and they are very close to ready for commercialization. The technologies have application in the following markets.

Moderate to large dairies and other concentrated animal feeding operations;
Renewable energy facilities focusing on waste to energy applications;
Corn ethanol plants, distilleries and breweries;
Food processing plants;
Municipal wastewater treatment plants;
Oil & Gas Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing Sites;
We seek equity investment to fabricate the newest designs and to demonstrate them in the field in preparation for commercialization. We anticipate gross margins well beyond 45% and as high as 61% for some projects..


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Products / Services

Wastewater Processing

Clean Wave’s ecoFloc™ system has demonstrated impressive separation of even the most challenging liquid wastes, like dairy waste water. Traditional treatment for dairy waste water discharge treated waste containing on average 3.5% to 7% solids. This represents a source of odor and greenhouse gas emissions. Clean Wave can reduce total solids discharge to less than 1%, dramatically reducing dairy waste management costs as well as reducing odor and GHG footprint. Clean Wave can profitably process dairy waste water for under $0.007 per gallon, which is expected to the average processing fee Clean Wave expects to charge dairies.

Drying of various materials used to bed cows at large dairies

The ecoFlash™ Drying System is a highly innovative and efficient, low-energy drying technology that removes free moisture at up to 90% less energy than the best thermal drying technologies. it is applicable to a wide variety of wastes and products, including several products in common use at dairies. Dairy cows are bedded on a variety of materials ranging from dewatered dairy manure fiber, to sand, sawdust and other agricultural materials. Bedding materials represent a significant cost to the dairy and moisture levels in recycled bedding is of great concern. High moisture leads to bacterial growth and higher bacterial counts in milk. This lowers milk revenue, lowers milk production and increase cost for vets and medication. There is strong market interest in efficient drying of bedding materials. Clean Wave can profitably dry materials at a fee of $ 3 to $4 per cubic yard. Market research has shown strong interest at this pricing level.

Recylced Fiber used as Peat replacement.

Clean Wave has a method for extracting fiber from raw dairy waste that eliminate most of the solubel salts, resulting in a more valuable peat replacement. Branded as ZeoFiber, Clean Wave will be selling several formulations ranging from a basic peat replacement to advanced potting mixes based on dairy fiber and a key natural mineral that provides moisture control while also providing a slow release nitrogen source. Clean wave has partnered with two companies to develop and market these dairy fiber based mixes and there is strong demand in the horticulture industry.

Demand for peat moss replacement is based on environmental and sustainability concerns associated with the mining of peat bogs. Most sphagnum peat moss in the US is imported from Canada. The harvest season is short and prices are variable based on production. Demand for a replacement is strong and growing. It is difficult to estimate the market size since there is no broadly accepted replacement on the market.


Chief Engineering
Timothy Heffernan

Mr. Timothy Heffernan, MS, Director of Technology Development & Operations
Mr. Heffernan holds BS and MS degrees in Biological Sciences and Environmental Science, respectively. Prior to his current position as the CTO for CWT, Heffernan served as an Environmental Scientist and entrepreneur for more than 20 years in the environmental consulting and services industry. He founded and operated an independent consulting practice for 8 years, and subsequently directed the environmental services division of an environmental engineering firm. Most recently as the Chief Technology Officer of Clean Wave Technologies, LLC, Heffernan has actively worked on new technology development. He brings creativity, critical analytical thinking, technical, business and entrepreneurial experience, and strong communication skills. He is a co-inventor on three issued US patents and currently has five patent applications currently under review by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Chief Business Development
Troy Flowers

Troy D. Flowers, Director of Marketing & Business Development
Mr. Flowers holds a BS degree in Biology/Chemistry and completed graduate study in Clinical Microbiology. His career reflects 25 years of sales, marketing and business development in pharmaceuticals, medicine and environmental waste management. Mr. Flowers functioned as the the Operations officer for Midwest Bio-Management, LLC. Flowers is also a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer of EnviroSolve BioEnergy, LLC, the predecessor to Clean Wave Technologies, LLC. He previously served as VP/GM for Excel Corporation managing a RCRA part B waste facility; and was the VP of Sales and Marketing for Ecological Systems, Inc. Flowers previously founded and ran EnviroSolve Environmental Management for 7 years, during which he was awarded “Indiana’s Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year.” For CWT, Flowers will lead business development and sales.

Chief Financial Officer
Micheal Galloway

Michael Galloway, JD, MBA – Part Time Director of Finance and Legal Affairs
Mr. Galloway has vast financial management and legal experience in various entrepreneurial developments. He holds a law degree and MBA and led entrepreneurial efforts in environmental waste management, government contracting project management, and renewable energy facility development, financing and operation. He has provided legal, tax and financial consulting focused on closely held companies. Earlier experience focused on wealth management.
With respect to Clean Wave Technologies, Galloway will provide financial, legal and overall executive management support on a part-time basis. This will ensure high-level executive oversight for Clean Wave while controlling costs through shared executive services.

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