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May 23, 2016 4:51 EST

CBW Food Services: Wholesale Distribution combined with streamlined food services to reduce cost and improve quality and service.

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016

CBW Food Services

CBW Food Services.

Wholesale Distribution combined with streamlined food services to reduce cost and improve quality and service.



For the past 13 years, I have had the privilege to work, support and engage with great restaurants as a hands-on leader, consultant and vendor. But in 2015, I saw a problem and maybe you or a family member has gone through this experience. If you lived in a nursing home, spent some time in a hospital or gone to any location that has a “cafeteria”, the immediate reaction is, “The food is awful”. We even use the words as adjectives, Hospital food, Prison Food, Cafeteria Food… Why is that?

In most cases that I come across, when companies/facilities cut cost to meet their goals, food for their staff, customers, and residents are NOT their priority. Feeding people does not make a company money and that line item is cut. Then it is cut so much and the service and food was so bad, that brings us to how we know today as Hospital food, Prison Food, Cafeteria food…

Solutions in the marketplace today:

Managed Service Companies – They take over the food programs, but at a very high cost.

Current Self Operations – The cost of the program is lower, but don’t have the tools to evaluate cost and execute service.

Our Solution:

To create a self operation program that reduces the cost of programs by providing the tools for service execution and quality food at the lowest cost.

The Result:

We are growing faster than expected and we need funds to fulfill purchase orders. Customers are finding we saving them 15-25% on their food service programs while improving the quality of food and service.


Christopher Woods

Christopher Woods

CBW Food Services

Organizations that struggle to manage food costs, food quality, and food service, we have your solution. We help you solve these problems and improve your operation and profits. Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Multi-unit Restaurants, and Golf courses, if you are struggling to provide your customers or residents a quality product at a reasonable price, we can help! I have 13 years demonstrated results-driven leadership experience in Healthcare, Food, Beverage and Equipment distribution services and can help you provide better service for your consumer. If you are struggling to hit your costs, we have shown to save customers 20-25% of cost, while improving food quality and service. Contact me today to see how much you can save!
Contact Information:

Christopher Woods

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