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May 23, 2016 9:53 AM ET

Archived: Big Couch – Find crews. Optimize budgets. Make films. The ‘crewfunding’ platform that empowers filmmakers to connect with crews that invest in projects they believe in

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016


Find crews. Optimize budgets. Make films.

Big Couch is the ‘crewfunding’ platform that empowers filmmakers to connect with crews that invest in projects they believe in. Crews accept lower upfront fees in return for profit shares and deferred payment. Film producers optimise their budgets up to 20%.




    We are a two-sided marketplace, catering for film crews as well as content creators (producers). Big Couch is the “CREWFUNDING” platform. Crews invest in films they work on by accepting lower upfront fees in return for legally binding packages of deferred payment and profit shares. Big Couch enables producers to cut production costs up to 20%, bring forward the project’s breakeven point and recruit highly qualified crew. Because Big Couch has a fair and transparent deferral and profit shares system, crews are happy to negotiate their rates. Big Couch also supports a ‘real-time’ recruitment algorithm promoting freelancers to a wide variety of media recruiters at full rates.


    Big Couch sits at the intersection of the entertainment and recruitment industries. The global entertainment industry faces challenges such as:
    – Diminishing resources and increasing production costs. For most independent filmmakers, raising finances to cover the principal photography stage is the most critical hurdle. The crisis can be attributed to cuts in the public funding and increasing film crew rates and productions costs.
    – Unemployment. Serving the 47% freelance workforce is a recruitment process – traditional and digital – far from ideal. 80% of the recruitment in the film industry is based on ‘word-of-mouth’.


    Big Couch has created a two-sided marketplace. We offer the crews a free service and work protection, to create customer loyalty. We help producers save budget and take away the legal hassle.
    We charge a competitive commission of 12% on feature films optimising budgets through “crewfunding” and a 10% commission for recruitment providing full fees. Sharing the ethos of our business, Big Couch also takes 1% profit share in the films’ net profit. After piloting the product on feature films, we have plans to implement “crewfunding” on several verticals.
    We have a pipeline of 7 films until July 2016 and for 2 of them we have already profiled key positions.


    Big Couch incorporates recruitment and fintech angles as well as the glamour of the film industry, offering us a myriad of exit avenues over the next 5 to 7 years. A study shows that by 2020 more than 40% of the American workforce, or 60 million people, will be freelancers. Standardising the process through which freelancers become invested in the projects they work on is the future. Our vision is to take on this challenge. Big Couch plans include expanding to different markets (US, France, Germany) and across several verticals.
    Media giants as well as established film studios are on a constant lookout for exciting start-ups. Disney purchased the YouTube network Maker Studio for $500m.

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