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May 23, 2016 7:48 AM ET

BAD NORWEGIAN – Established skin care company gearing up for international expansion.

iCrowdNewswire - May 23, 2016

BAD NORWEGIAN – Opening soon







stablished skin care company gearing up for international expansion. Experienced professionals with private and institutional investors. 5 MNOK invested so far in product development and market introduction.


Marius our rugged, bearded protagonist, had just spent a few days on safari on one of lifes’ great adventures. However, exposure, sunlight and stress take their toll on skin, and on this occasion, salvation came in the shape of a little pink jar. And so, like thousands of men before him, Marius was introduced to skincare through his girlfriends’ products. While the cream helped heal the surface damage to his skin, he was underwhelmed by the cream’s strong perfume and dainty pink packaging.

He could not recall seeing a premium skin cream developed specifically for male skin, and immediately decided to create one.

Our Solution

Marius partnered up with Castilnano Simoons, a like-minded established designer and visionary of classic style with a rough undertone and clean functionality. Together they conceived of BAD NORWEGIAN, the male skincare and lifestyle brand that endeavors to combine the values often associated with Norway – integrity, honesty, and quality – with a rogue, confident undertone.

Our Current Situation

BAD NORWEGIAN currently sells into stores across Norway, USA and other selected locations around the world as well as through our on-line store. We want to bring it further. Signed contracts with Kicks for Norway & Sweden (large Scandinavian beauty retailer) & Douglas for Norway (largest European beauty retailer). Ongoing talks with the Heineman Group (Largest travel retail group in Europe).

The Funding Round

BAD NORWEGIAN is looking to raising funding to expand our product range further, at the same time increase our marketing spend – particularly for the international markets.

The round is in preparation and will be opening soon! Like this pitch and you’ll get notified once the round is open for investment.



Contact Information:

Bad Norwegian

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