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May 20, 2016 8:06 AM ET

Archived: OSZKO | UNDERWEAR FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE. MADE FROM COFFEE! Comfortably Worn From The Backcountry To The Everyday

iCrowdNewswire - May 20, 2016



Oszko | Underwear For Outdoor Adventure. Made From Coffee!

Comfortably Worn From The Backcountry To The Everyday




Men’s underwear… The leg fittings always ride up, they’re uncomfortablesmell within a day, meaning you need a fresh pair for each day. Sounding familiar?

It’s time we expected the same from our underwear as we do a quality jacket or pair of jeans.

With Oszko, we have not compromised on the functionalitycomfort and simplicity of the underwear. These are truly the best underwear you don’t own yet!





Six Key Features Of Oszko Underwear 
Six Key Features Of Oszko Underwear





“Form follows function”

World class underwear is such an experience… you forget you’re even wearing underwear in the first place.


It all starts with the fit of the underwear. It should be no surprise the relationship between the waistband, leg fittings, front, back side and under panels actually matters.

It’s a game of balance: too tight and the underwear can only be comfortably worn for a few hours, too loose and the underwear bunches. Through rigorous testing, we found the ideal measurements for ensuring a snug fit.






Oszko can be worn for multiple days without the usual smell you’d expect. We were adamant we did not want to use any nasty spray on the product. Instead, we looked to the use of recycled coffee grounds…

Recycled coffee grounds are used in the yarn production to help control and absorb odors. The odors particles are attracted to the coffee particles, which then absorb them before spreading them across the surface of the underwear. These trapped odors are then released during the next wash.

Speaking of washing… Oszko can be washed in any environment (stream, tap, shower) and be ready for use again in just a couple of hours. Thanks to the blend of S.Cafe Polyester (coffee polyester), 4-way stretch recycled polyester and spandex, the underwear has a 200% faster drying time than cotton.

We truly put this to the test. As this project goes live on Kickstarter, Toby (Oszko co-founder) has not let his Oszko near a washing machine in just under 290 days.


Your clothes shouldn’t make you a walking billboard for brands, and the same should apply to your underwear. The Oszko logo is displayed just once on the waistband.


Our aim was to remove all things superfluous and added only those aspects essential to the core product.

Oszko's Printed Care Label 
Oszko’s Printed Care Label

No tags. We have no skin irritating tag on the back of the underwear. There is nothing worse than having to cut the label out of the back of your underwear, or worse yet not being able to remove it properly. For Oszko, the care label is simply printed on.









How You Can Wash Your Oszko Outdoors 
How You Can Wash Your Oszko Outdoors

One of the best aspects of the underwear is how easy they are to care for. You can wear the same pair for multiple days, wash them in a creek/sink/shower (any clean water) and they’ll be dry in a couple of hours.


The second inescapable law of ecology teaches us that everything must go somewhere. What this means is: in nature there is no such thing as waste. What is excreted by one organism as waste is taken up as food by another.

It is with principle this in mind that we were thrilled to be able to work with Singtex. We have worked alongside this Taiwan based textile and clothing manufacturer over the last 14 months, developing prototypes and deliberating over choices.

It started with Singtex’s proprietary S.Café® material. Partnering with local coffee shops and collecting their used coffee grounds it has created a sustainable route to supply the required raw material. The S.Cafe material transforms what was once regarded as “trash”, used coffee grounds and plastic bottles from landfills, giving it another life.

What originally drew us to our manufacturer was the fact they had bluesign® compliance. Basically, this means in addition to eco-friendly materials further consideration is also given to resource productivity, consumer safety, water emission, air emission and the health & safety of workers.










Oszko was cooked up by three outdoorsmen from Brisbane, Australia -Jason, Mack & Toby. After 20 months of designing, prototyping, and testing, we are now ready to launch Oszko into the wild. We need your help to fund the initial order. In return for your pledge, we are offering Oszko underwear at a significantly discounted price for a limited time.

A Snapshot: The Evolution Of Oszko Prototypes 
A Snapshot: The Evolution Of Oszko Prototypes











 Special Thanks

A special thanks to friends and family who have helped us reach this point of the Oszko journey. Also, a big thank you to Seeding Time Pictures and the film crew.





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