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May 20, 2016 8:19 AM ET

Archived: Liveroof China, Inc – formed to exploit and capitalize on the fast emerging US 50 Billion Dollar Green Roof Market in China: LiveRoof® is the World’s Only Hybrid Green Roof System with millions of square feet installed

iCrowdNewswire - May 20, 2016

Liveroof China, Inc Logo

Liveroof China, Inc

Beverly, MA USA and Beijing China, MA 01915, US
Consumer Products


LiveRoof® China was formed to exploit and capitalize on the fast emerging US 50 Billion Dollar Green Roof Market in China.

LiveRoof® is the World’s Only Hybrid Green Roof System with millions of square feet installed
Across the USA and Canada since 2007. It is the Proven System.

We have the correct China government and private sector partners on board
and will launch this product in Beijing Winter 2014.

LiveRoof® China will exclusively manufacture, grow and install the
LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System Under license and by agreement with LiveRoof, LLC
the patent and trademark owner of the LiveRoof® brand hybrid Green Roof System.

LiveRoof® China has a signed collaboration agreement with our state owned partner, Beijing Forestry University Forest Science Co, Inc. (BFUS) to establish LiveRoof® brand and be the market maker.

Additional marketing efforts include strategic ad placements, primarily thru search market ranking as well as “green” trade shows and expositions. The Company believes that it can secure Non Government projects in each local and regional market by filling in gaps in market coverage with its sales team and partner network. It is in current negotiations with several Chinese partner businesses that will substantially increase coverage of the Chinese marketplace by strategic partnerships with suppliers and growers of green products and service providers across China.

The basic services offered include:
a. LiveRoof® Consulting – Concept to Completion.
b. Extensive green roofs – LiveRoof® Pre vegetated modular Hybrid green roof system
c. Full Service LiveRoof® Maintenance.



Products / Services

Patented Hybrid Green Roof System

The World’s ONLY Hybrid Green Roof Solution now available to the massive Mainland China Green Roof Market. China is on the verge of a Green Roof Revolution! LiveRoof® China, Inc. was formed to be the product leader and go to provider in this revolution.

LiveRoof® brand is the proven green roof solution with millions of square feet installed in the USA and Canada since 2007.

LiveRoof® brand is the leader in green roof technologies and boasts a network of 23 independent LiveRoof® growers across the USA and Canada. We are bringing this American Technology to China
launching Spring 2015




Chief Executive Officer
Dana McIntyre

Dana McIntyre – CEO / President: Mr. McIntyre has 20 plus years prior experience marketing, purchasing, operating and selling “Green” companies prior to establishing LiveRoof® China, Inc in 2013. Mr. McIntyre is currently Principal of Plantedroof.com, Exclusive International Sales portal of the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System. Mr. McIntyre leads the team from the Beijing Forestry University Forest Science Co, LTD. (BFUS) our China grower / partner. BFUS is a for profit entity separate from but owned in part by Beijing Forest University. The 9 team members are comprised of department heads at BFUS with expertise in areas such as Research & Development, Nursery and Propagation, Soil and Seed Science, Sales and Marketing & Design and Installation. Mr. McIntyre splits his time between Boston, MA USA and Beijing China.



Acting/Interim Business Development
Dr. Xu Yun

Dr. Xu (pronounced Shoo) is CEO of Beijing Zhongguancun International Environmental Protection Industry Promotion Center Co., Ltd (ZIEPC). Often called the “Silicone Valley of China” with over 2,000 Green Tech Companies, ZIEPC is an institution of corporate capacity specialized in promoting environmental protection under the leadership of Zhongguancun Science Park Administration Committee. This China Government controlled entity has been instrumental in helping establish
Live Roof brand as the industry leader in Hybrid Green Roof Technology in China.



Managing Director Business Development
Mingqi Yang

Mingqi brings extensive project management and leadership skills to the team. In addition to overseeing and managing 1.7 million square meters of landscape projects for The University, as Manager at BFUS Seed & Seedling Branch Company, one of the branch companies of Beijing Forestry University Forest Science Co.,Ltd. Mingqi oversees the importing & exporting of over US$25MM of all kinds of propagating plants (seeds, bulbs, seedlings and other plants) from the Forestry Bureau of P.R.C.



Group Leader/Lead Research & Development
Dongshen Li

Dongshen (Alex) is one of three Bilingual team members and a Project manager at BFUS. Alex brings over ten years of experience in production and research and development operations of flowers, landscape engineering and design, seed import and export as well as advanced plant gene splicing and cross breeding technology for the Beijing Forestry University. Alex has a strong science and technology background and was selected to be part of the LiveRoof China team because of his vast horticultural expertise.



Group Leader/Lead Development
Yanming Fan

Yanming holds two masters degrees one in Marketing and the other in Modern Horticulture. Yanming works directly with the Market Research Analyst and plans and implements sales, marketing and product development programs, both short and long range, targeted toward existing and new markets. In addition to being a liaison between LiveRoof China and Beijing Government entities, Yanming develops and implements strategic marketing plans and sales plans and forecasts to achieve corporate objectives for all of our products and services across China.



Administrative Quality Assurance
Shuo Li

Shuo Li is our newest Bilingual team member having just returned from finishing his Masters Degree in England. Shuo oversees and is principally responsible for interpreting data, formulating reports and making recommendations based upon the research findings. To accomplish this task, Shuo works with the client (either internal or external) to understand, define and document the overarching business object. Shuo works directly with the marketing and sales dept. and applies qualitative and quantitative techniques to interpret the data and produce substantiated recommendations.



Administrative Manager
Nigyuan XU

Nigyuan (Gabrielle) rounds out team and serves as the principal contact & disseminator of information between the Beijing based team and LiveRoof China CEO Dana McIntyre. Educated at the prestigious SKEMA Business School, Gabrielle is fluent in Mandarin, French and English.




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