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May 20, 2016 9:51 AM ET

Halal Speed Dating – World’s biggest Islamic matchmaking platform for marriage on a mobile application.

iCrowdNewswire - May 20, 2016

Halal Speed Dating


levator pitch

We are building the world’s biggest Islamic matchmaking platform for marriage on a mobile application. Globally, 164 million single Muslims are looking for marriage. This category is under-served but here in Malaysia through Halal Speed Dating, these hopeful hearts have a chance to meet others based on Halal principles.

Investor proposal

Become a part of the first batch of investors backing the world’s very first Halal Matchmaking service and help enable millions of hopeful hearts in their pursuit for dignified marriage.
Retail Investor :
Only allowed to invest in 142 shares at MYR 4,970.00 (1 Block)
Sophisticated Investor :
Minimum 142 units at MYR 4,970.00 or any multiple of which to a maximum of 5,822 units equivalent to 41 blocks at MYR 203,770.00.
For more information, please view our Investment Overview Sheet in the Documents Section.


The problem this product solves

I have been to several matchmaking events and luckily met my wife but the success rate for most matchmaking events are low. We understand why and can address this issue. Here are some of the problems at every matchmaking event:
  • Stressful – Looking for a spouse is not easy. Finding out likability, compatibility, marriage material is stressful
  • Unprepared– Candidates just do not know what to do and how to proceed in the journey to find a spouse.
  • Random candidate-So many candidates that don’t match what you are looking for in your future spouse

How the product solves it

1.    Preparation – We provide lectures on love and relationship to prepare our candidates on what to expect.
2.    Guidance – Halal Speed Dating team provide ongoing support and step by step guide in their journey to find true love.
3.    Chaperone – Women candidates are required to have a chaperone to help avoid hanky-panky and help advise them. Men are encouraged to bring along a wingman as an advisor.   




Product features

Halal Speed Dating mobile app will be an online version of our successful matchmaking event to serve our existing customers and help singles globally.
Mobile app features
In App chat will be chaperoned by a third party (your mom, sister, dad) to ensure interaction is dignified
Meet more compatible candidates according to your preferences
3 ice-breaker questions set by the ladies to determine their prince charming
30 days exclusive to get to know each other and decide whether a future together is possible otherwise the search carries on

Product use cases

Imagine, you’re looking to get married. This is where Halal Speed Dating app steps in as your buddy that:
  1. Understands you’re busy and helps you out all the way.
  2. Is very discreet in seeking for a compatible spouse for you.
  3. Understands the spouse you want and searches the entire globe for you.
  4. Cares about your happiness and ensures you are compatible with each other.
  5. Is concerned for your safety and does background check on the candidates before recommending to you.
  6. Provides constructive advice and guide you at every step of your journey to get married.


Target Market

Our customer base are single, urban middle-income Muslim professionals between 25 to 40 years of age.
Total Addressable Market for Halal Speed Dating is 164 Million single Muslims globally. The market we target are 4.3 million Malaysian Muslims and 41 million Indonesian Muslims that are single. Data shows that a total of 48.6 Billion MYR per year is spent in the search for a spouse in Malaysia and Indonesia.
This is where Halal Speed Dating comes in to address the issue.

Competitive landscape

Tinder is a mobile app that focuses on dating and hook-ups. This app does not cater for people looking for Marriage or observe Syariah method.
There are several other dating apps like OkCupid, Hinge and Coffee meets Bagel that also do the same thing as Tinder with a few variations.
While MuzMatch is matching app that is similar to Tinder but address mainly Muslim target segment. However, MuzMatch does not observe the Syariah methods as strictly as Muslims wishes it to be.

Unique differentiator from competitors

Halal Speed Dating mobile app main difference are
  • Syariah based matchmaking – A chaperone is involved in the app chat to ensure civility
  • Verification Service – Make sure that there are no spammers or people taking advantage of the app
  • Fun Filter – The 3 ice-breaking questions from the lady matching your preference
  • Curated profile – a verified profile matched with others through their preference

Business Model

Company revenue streams

In-App Purchase;
  • Identity Verification Service – User pay to confirm their identity that will differentiate from Freemium users.
  • Profile Ranking Visibility – Monetize the ability to show user status & feedback
  • Profile Viewing – User will have access to higher rating profiles compared to Freemium users


Previous milestones/traction

  • Matched 300 people to discuss marriage
  • 1 couple married within 2 months of meeting at Halal Speed Dating platform.
  • 4 confirmed engaged to be married
  • MYR 100,000 investment by CEO, Zuhri Yuhyi
  • Featured by BBC, Reuters, International New York Times and 30 other international media
  • Matchmaking event.
  • Worlds First Halal matchmaking event.
  • Worlds Biggest Halal Matchmaking event.
  • Soon to be Worlds First Halal Tech successfully fundraised on Equity Crowd Funding.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative testing
  • Business accelerator programme
  • Experience from offline events to online development

Next key objectives

The key objective of Halal Speed Dating is to allow people to find their spouse through a dignified and Syariah-based way.
The Halal Speed Dating app allows this to happen quickly and efficiently. To ensure that a quality app is made and is Syariah-based, these parts are focused:
·         Personality test integration
·         Matchmaking Algorithm
·         Mobile App Version Alpha
·         Distribution on Google Play & Apple Store

Industry Recognition

Industry Certification/Awards

Use of Funds

Investors can expect to reap their return on investment via Capital Gain of their shares.
Exit strategy : 
Malaysia has an innovative Secondary trading Market approved by Securities Commision. Alternatively, investors can expect to receive returns when Give & Gain Sdn. Bhd. goes for Merger And Aquisition.
Fund utilization will be distributed for use in in total duration of 18 months, expected to scale globally at the same time.
Funds idealization 2016 (June to December 2016)
  1. Mobile app development RM 35,000
  2. Direct labour RM 27,520
Fund utilization 2017  (January to December 2017)
  1. Mobile app development RM 60,000
  2. Direct labour 126,240



Zuhri Yuhyi
CEO & Co-founder
A qualified Psychologist with an interest in Behavioral Finance, Zuhri started his career in dealing with financial products for several years. Later Zuhri joined a family business in advertising dealing with government agencies. An NGO called Mercy Mission recruited Zuhri for his years of active involvement in community service such as Pertiwi Soup Kitchen, Carefugees, Abandoned Baby Awareness,Tsunami Baju and championing Charity Right. Now, he would like to share the beauty of dignified, chaperoned matchmaking as a first step to creating a happy family. He was inspired to do Halal Speed Dating because he found his wife through a matchmaking event.
Munirah Tunai Shamsidi avatar small
Munirah Tunai Shamsidi
COO & Co-founder
Munirah Tunai has more than 5 years in the creative industry. Her works have contributed to approximately 1 million viewer ratings (each program) for local movies such as signature tv program like MasterChef Malaysia. Wife of Zuhri Yuhyi, they’re a living success story of husband-and-wife who met through matchmaking and went on their first movie-date AFTER they got married. She is now the COO of Halal Speed Dating working side-by-side with her husband and CEO Zuhri Yuhyi to help people get married the Halal way.
Lilyana Latiff avatar small
Lilyana Latiff
Lily founded Aleph-One to train CTOs for other corporations. Renowned as the CTO for CTOs, Lilyana runs Aleph One in the pursuit of training other CTOs to enable them to perform to their truest potential in their respective journeys. Joota.com – a business that she co-founded – raised 7,000,000 MYR in its initail seeding round. When a technical solution is essential to a business venture, she is as good as Midas – turning whatever she touches into gold.
Linda Aidiel
Chief Programmer
With about 15 years of experience under her belt, she’s worked on different platforms like Joota.com (social content curating platform) and Jooblii (an e-commerce site). She said that working on Joota helped her grow the most, as she had to address many technical challenges pertaining to infrastructure and development. She’s fascinated by the endless changes that the industry often goes through, and she enjoys the process and challenge of learning new things.
Syed Azmi AlHabshi
Consultant & Co-founder
Syed Azmi is an infamous social activist with a big heart to bring happiness to underprivileged people like the sick, poor, blind, refugees and others. With an enormous passion to make a social difference, he has championed many community service events which garnered respectable media attention and growing public support. Amongst his community works are Need to Feed The Needy NFN, Free Market, Street Solat, Blind Awareness Program, Suspended Meal, Zebra Crossing Campaign, Project Make It Right, Donation Drive for Kuantan Flood Victim, Donation Drive for Syria, Donation Drive for Indigenous Children and the infamous I Want To Touch A Dog.
Hayati Ismail avatar small
Hayati Ismail
Consultant & Co-founder
Hayati Ismail is equally infamous to Syed Azmi. If Syed Azmi is Batman, then Hayati is Robin. She believes in empowering the needy with survival skills, jobs and social support through her social work called My Street Interview. Being a full-time homemaker does not stop her from being active organizing many community service which has earned her many loyal volunteers and public support. Amongst her social works are Food Aid Organization, My Street Interview, Food Run For Homeless and Rakyat4Rakyat
Muzhaffar Hazman Sukiman
Chief Development Officer
The youngest member of the team, Muzhaffar began his collaboration with Halal Speed Dating as a volunteering intern. Years before that, Zuhri Yuhyi recognised him as a high-potential talent and gave him the first employment of his life; organising the distribution of 200,000 sponsored meal a month to refugees, orphans and homeless. The CEO’s pre-emptive efforts in establishing a relationship with Muzhaffar has led him to great efforts in his own pursuit of social causes. Besides working on many different social impact projects, Muzhaffar found himself as the first Malaysian to be employed by the European Organisation of Nuclear Research, (CERN ), directly contributing to the collective knowledge of mankind.  This partnership proved productive to the company when he came on board as a pro bono consultant; first giving insights in marketing then expanding to all agendas of the company. He now occupies the seat of Chief Development Officer, providing crucial contributions to the planning of Halal Speed Dating in both operations and development.
Aizuddin Othman avatar small
Aizuddin Othman
V.P. Of Events
Fondly known as brother Din , is a man of knowledge and experience. As the VP of Events, he is in charge of all matters for offline events. He began his collaboration with the company as an invaluable speaker during events, establishing the ambiance whilst sharing Islamic knowledge during our events. Din is a man of experience in the pursuit of sprediang the beauty of Islam. Working from ground up, he spent many years of his professional life as a major individual in Mercy Mission Malaysia; where he climbed the organisational ladder to becoming the National Manager for Malaysia. Having proven his caliber, he was sent to Indonesia to replicate Mercy Mission there. His ability in the execution and implementation of large ideas is beyond any form of doubt.
Contact Information:

Zuhri Yuhyi

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