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May 19, 2016 3:58 PM ET

Tango Gira Bike – Buscando Milongas en Bicicleta.

iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2016

Tango Gira Bike


Buscando Milongas en Bicicleta



It is not the search for a model, is the pursuit of growth, knowledge, because I believe that there are no models but only evolution and moments by which man pass…

My name is Sebastian Prolongo. Throughout my life pass by many situations that i were filling of experience without reaching the absolute truth, that being the engine of my search for the real thing, so true, so real and effective. My question at the beginning of this project was How can I merge passions, my passions? On the one hand the bicycle, on the other hand the tango.

And if that is the point, the contact. Think only in body and its movement I moved directly to their anatomy, a naked body trying to know from where it moves and where it goes, imagining the journey of energy to reach an end that will be the start of another shift in where two are the protagonists.

Different life experiences have led me to learn, many times by what I see, what I touch or by what I feel. Experiences that go to make up a tango in us, relations that are blowing in our movements, like a bag of sand that molds according to the base where it settles.

The tango in this case deserves a separate paragraph but not far from the project since this is based on the same.

My idea is fused between two personal passions and shared by many.

The mission of this project is trying to include persons concerned to the dance. The main idea is to visit milongas making them known beyond its own advertising in its area of influence. Attempt to show them, through photos and videos. All the milongas that cross my path and those milongas they want me to host.

Tango Tour Bike tries to join, in a second stage, countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay. Before that, as a first stage, I will travel the interior of Argentina, visiting great part of the north and center, ending in the call capital of tango, BUENOS AIRES.

This road was effected by bicycle Leaving from Mendoza. Yes, since my Mendoza.

Between milonga and milonga there are many places to visit and which inform us as, peñas, places intended to dance, dance championships, events or rituals related to the movement of the body through the music, practices or milongas themselves, etc.

My mission is to continue to grow as a professional in the tango without shut down to other types of dance. Beyond wanting to great specificity in the tango, I would also like to discover and learn about other dances and be able to make the same. I need to continue learning to be able to continue teaching.

I am currently Professor graduate of the Institute of Physical Education Jorge E. Coll de Mendoza (IEF). My step by the tango already takes 5 years. With effort and perseverance and with training, many times of self-taught character for economic reasons, has led me, together with outstanding dancers to enjoy the participation of five championships and positions that have fueled my passion for tango as:

  • 1er position Championship PIPISTRELA TANGO.
  • 1er position Championship The great challenge.
  • 3er position Championship Cuyo 2012.
  • 1er position Championship Cuyo 2014, Preliminary Mendoza.
  • 1er position Championship final in 2014, Cuyo Mendoza.

I invite you to follow me in this great experience that can help you to discover paths that may not know shooting in bicycle, dancing, embracing, discovering living roads, looking for a milonga.

If we don’t reach the 100% of the funding goal, we will use it to do the following:

  • With the 10%

    Compraré la Bicicleta

  • With the 25%

    Compraré la Bicicleta y la carpa

  • With the 50%

    Compraré la Bicicleta, carpa y cámara fotográfica

  • With the 75%

    Compraré la Bicicleta, carpa, cámara fotográfica e indumentaria especial


Contact Information:

Sebasti√°n Prolongo

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