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May 19, 2016 12:42 PM ET

Archived: Shauny – WanderNosh was born to bring the experience of having healthy exotic snacks and drinks right here in New York

iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2016




A loan of $10,000 helps me to rent a space where my products will be sold





Personal Story

I was born and raised in New York by two loving and supportive Indian immigrant parents. As a young child, after enjoying a delicious home cooked meal, I recall saying to them “I was definitely meant to be Indian.” My love for food grew and was inspired by different cultures when I started to explore all the diversity that New York has to offer. As an adult I learned more about the food industry working in the Nutrition and Public Health Industry for 5 years. I began to understand the importance of having our food nourish our bodies and support the local economy. It is so important to me that we encourage food producers to source healthy ingredients from local farmers so that we can create a stronger and healthier community.

It has always been in me to start my own business. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and when I had the idea of producing my own line of food products, it just made sense! I had to do it!

Business Description

WanderNosh was born in NYC, a city formed by the blend of different cultures. As a nutrition consultant, I was inspired to learn about natural and healthy foods from different parts of the world. WanderNosh all started with my Indian roots and the idea to make traditional lassis, yogurt-based probiotic drinks, and fuse them with distinct flavor combinations. After hours upon hours of testing different flavors on friends and family, I realized there are so many people, especially in New York, who appreciate traveling and trying good healthy food. And so, with very supportive friends and family, WanderNosh was born to bring the experience of having healthy exotic snacks and drinks right here in New York.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I would love the opportunity to rent a space that is in front of a yoga studio in Brooklyn, NY. I will be able to sell my products directly to my target community and increase my revenue so that I can continue to grow. In addition to selling WanderNosh products at the cafe, we will be partnering with other local and health focused food companies to sell their products.

Cost Breakdown:
$4,000 Build-out and equipment
$3,000 3-month deposit on annual rental space within yoga studio
$1,000 Events
$2,000 Inventory purchases




Contact Information:


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