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May 19, 2016 8:00 AM ET

Archived: MessageUs – Connect & Transact With Your Customers Through Messaging: We provide a single, centralized communication hub where any business can connect to any customer and any customer can connect to any business — anytime and anywhere.

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Connect & Transact With Your Customers Through Messaging




What if you could connect to any business, product, service and brand in the world instantly through your smartphone?

What if you could schedule any service, pay any bill, buy any product — just by sending a text?

For consumers, MessageUs is the quick, convenient way to connect with the businesses you love.

For businesses, MessageUs is the ultimate communication dashboard, empowering your organization to connect and communicate with your customers and your team —  whenever and wherever they are.

Over the past couple of years, Slack has revolutionized office communication by taking the conversations that teams were having across endless email threads, various chat platforms, and text messages — and centralizing them all in a single, easy-to-use location.

What Slack did for team communication, MessageUs is doing for customer communication. We provide a single, centralized communication hub where any business can connect to any customer and any customer can connect to any business — anytime and anywhere.

And it all starts with a text message


In order to connect with your customers, you have to meet them where they are.And today, consumers live and breathe on their smartphones.

As our phones have gotten smarter, they’ve evolved from one-to-one communication tools into our primary window into the world. We search on our phones, we discover on our phones, we buy on our phones. And, of course, we stillcommunicate on our phones — but not by making calls.

In the Digital Age, the the text message is the universal communication method.

We overwhelmingly prefer to messaging to making a phone call. Messaging is instant, convenient, and for interacting with businesses, messaging makes our lives much easier.

Think about it. When we can fire off a text message and wait for a response, that means we never have to wait on hold again.

If your customers are searching on their phones, discovering on their phones, connecting on their phones, and making purchases on their phones, it makes sense that, as a business, you need to be on their phones as well.

Up until now, there hasn’t been a tool that makes it easy for businesses to get there. But with MessageUs, that’s all about to change.


The MessageUs mission is to rethink business-customer interactions in a way that makes sense for the way people live, work, shop and buy in the year 2016 — online, on their phones, in real time.

How To MessageUs
There are 4 ways customers can interact with your business through MessageUs so that wherever they are and whatever they’re doing — they have a quick, convenient way to connect with you:

Wherever customers are coming to you from, the communication routes back to a centralized MessageUs dashboard, keeping all of your communication organized and easy to see. Not only that, the MessageUs dashboard can house your team communication as well, meaning you and your team have a single, centralized hub where you can handle all of your communication, both internal and external, easily and efficiently.

MessageUs is designed to make integration with your existing systems easy. You can keep using your existing systems for payment processing, scheduling and booking — MessageUs just  ties all the systems together and makes it easy to share them with your customers when they’re ready to book the appointment or make a purchase.

What to MessageUs
Once your employees and your customers are on MessageUs, the next question is: what can they do there?

Well, anything.

If a conversation is happening between your organization and your customers, you can handle it through MessageUs.


Every customer interaction, every activity happens in one location, in real time, in a simple text format. Everything at the click of a button, or the tap of a screen.

That’s the MessageUs vision, and it’s going to transform the way businesses and customers interact once and for all.


Traditionally, product and marketing are two completely different things: you have your product over here, and then the way you market that product and sell it to consumers is something completely different. A lot of times, founders are so focused on the product that their building, that they’ve barely even thought about how they’re going to get that product in front of an audience.

The relationship between product and marketing is why, years after Uber’s launch, marketers still talk about their viral marketing strategy, and how they hacked brand evangelism to spread Uber farther and faster in weeks than traditional advertising could have achieved in months.

With MessageUs, user acquisition is baked into the very DNA of the MessageUs platform. The product is the user acquisition strategy, and the user acquisition strategy is the product.

In fact, the MessageUs team is so confident in the viral energy of our platform, we can confidently say: MessageUs will not spend a single dollar on acquiring a consumer customer.

Curious about how that works? Shoot us a message – we’d be happy to talk about it.


MessageUs founder and CEO Tony Bjornson knows a thing or two about what it takes to take a concept like this to market. When he was 18, he started building sales teams in the electronic payments industry. Prior to founding MessageUs, Tony was the founder and CEO of MerchAdvisor Financial Corp, an electronic payments company that enabled businesses to save up to 40% on their credit card processing fees.

When asked about his motivation for building MessageUs, Tony sees it as a continuation of the direction technology has been going in for decades:


The MessageUs web dashboard, SMS, live chat and iOS app for business are all fully developed, as is the iOS app for consumers. Business and consumer apps for Android begin development early April. MessageUs integrates with 100+ payment gateways globally.

MessageUs has secured distribution partnerships with several major service providers, including:

These partnerships give us direct access to thousands of businesses, all of which are potential customers for MessageUs.

We have assembled a strong team of engineers and sales people to bring MessageUs to life.

2 x iOS Developers
2 x Platform Engineers
2 x Front End Engineers
1 x UX/UI Designer
10 x Outside Sales Reps

Investors are already taking note of MessageUs and the revolutionary potential of the platform. Our angel round was closed in September 2015, with participation by Jason Calacanis, the Launch Fund, Tom Williams, Saudi Royal Family, Ron Mahabir, Todd Dunlop, Raj Nijjer, Grant Gilliam.

On top of our investors, MessageUs has assembled an experienced team of advisors, including:

Ryan Granard
Ryan Granard has been leading talented teams to engineer and deliver robust, scalable platforms and services for over 20 years. Ryan most recently served as Vice President of Cloud Operations at Adobe, where he was leading delivery of the Creative Cloud experience globally. Prior to Adobe, Ryan was Vice President of Global Cloud Services at eBay / PayPal, where his teams transformed the technology stack, delivering a cloud‐based platform that powers eBay’s production with resilient, elastic infrastructure and provides developers with innovative capabilities to produce products that change the way millions of people shop and pay. Previously, Ryan was Sr. Director of Global Digital Operations at DreamWorks Animation, where he managed the high‐performance technology infrastructure from datacenter to desktop that allowed DreamWorks’ artists to create amazing animated films. Before joining DreamWorks, Ryan was Vice President of Datacenter Operations for Electronic Clearing House (ECHO) and Digital Insight (both separately acquired by Intuit). Ryan was also Director of Network Engineering & Operations for Webvan, where his teams led the implementation for a nationwide grocery delivery infrastructure.

Tom Williams
Currently, Founder & CEO of VC-backed BetterCompany, an anonymous social network for your work life. Serial entrepreneur. Early pioneer of crowdfunding. Active angel investor. Former investor for a $500,000,000 ed tech fund that was the controlling shareholder of LeapFrog at its IPO. I started my career at Apple when I was 15. I am passionate about supporting other entrepreneurs anyway I can.

Raj Nijjer
Raj Nijjer is a digital marketing executive, and expert on all things small business (SMB). He is currently VP of community relations at Yext, the leader in digital presence and location management. Previously spent 9 years at GoDaddy in numerous product leadership roles, including GM of a $100m product line. Raj is also an angel investor who regularly partners with small-to-medium-size technology startups and advises them on how to grow their businesses.

Adrian Ong
Adrian is an experienced technology executive with over 15 years at Match Group (An IAC Company). Adrian is currently Vice President of Payments & Risk Match.com, he is also a Principal at Primetime Capital.

Up next for MessageUs: we’re heads down on product & engineering, making sure everything is in place for our launch in June.

Meanwhile, we’re ramping up sales and building our pipeline of businesses, so that when we go live, we’ll have a thriving network of businesses ready to connect with their customers in the MessageUs ecosystem.


MessageUs is a company with a simple premise, but a big vision about what the future of communication and commerce will look like.

A useful analogy is to think about Facebook. Over the past decade, Facebook has evolved from its origins as, essentially, a digital yearbook, into the central artery of our social lives:

If you want to wish your friend a happy birthday, you can do it on Facebook.
If you want to share photos from your college roommate’s wedding, you can do it on Facebook. If you want to invite your coworkers to a cookout at your house, you can do it on Facebook.

Any social interaction you might want to have, you can have it via Facebook.

If you want to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, you go to MessageUs.
If you want to find out how late happy hour goes at a nearby bar, you go to MessageUs.
If you want to book a flight for your vacation, you go to MessageUs.

Any interaction with any business at any time: it’s a simple sentence, but it’s a bigvision, and it’s moving fast. To learn more about where MessageUs is going and how you can be a part of it, request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile, and let’s talk!




Contact Information:

Ryan Granard

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