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May 19, 2016 9:23 EST

Frenvid – Connecting people through movies and tv shows: A social internet video-on-demand network that lets users co-watch movies and TV shows with friends or loved ones in real-time

iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2016



connecting people through movies and tv shows.



Frenvid is a social internet video-on-demand network that lets users co-watch movies and TV shows with friends or loved ones in real-time.

Frenvid’s platform lets users stream and watch movies or TV Shows with families or friends in real-time. Frenvid launch as a fully featured next generation TV platform connecting people through movies and TV Shows.

Frenvid’s social platform will enable you to socialize while watching TV featuring African, Korean, Hollywood, Italian and many more….

Frenviddo not require you to be a techie – you can pay as you view or subscription and lets you even integrate your facebook account.

Frenvid, from the ground up was built by guys with passion about global entertainment. Completely designed with the user experience in mind.

What makes us UNIQUE –

  1. Today to watch and interact with friends online will require either a link share, 3rd party installation/extension, downloads or own your own DVD. Frenvid is solving these problems.
  2. There is NO social video-on-demand industry that stream African movies interactively.

Frenvid requires no downloads, link sharing or 3rd party installation to stream and co-watch movies or tv shows with friends or families irrespective of their location or internet bandwidth speed.



North America – 126million users

Globally – 330million users —–> $47B market

The global Africa vod market is over 220+million users with about a Billion potential users in the African continent alone.

*Gobally, Netflix currently have 28% of the market share and generated over $11B in revenue with 60 million users.

*There is currently no VOD platform that have 10% of the African market – Frenvid is about to change that.

Our goal in the first 5 years is 10% of global market share —–> $4.7B



Frenvid was created because we want families, love ones, and friends to be able to come together and have memorable experience no matter their location or access to very high internet speed.

When we spoke to family, friends and couple of visit to malls, we realized that this is a major pain point for a lot of people and will be useful in a lot of ways.



Advisory Board: Matt Cohen, Former Senior VP at Vubiquity

The platform was built from ground up by a passionate team with expertise in software programming and design. We have decades of experience developing saas applications, full web development, motion graphics, establishing partnerships and launching businesses. With our knowledge and desire of wanting to learn more, we are confident that we can successfully take Frenvid to its destination.

https://www.facebook.com/bamidelebenjamin.adetayo |https://www.facebook.com/akatcheroff


  • Dec ʻ11 – sealed deals with multiple independent studios
  • Feb ʻ20 – Web application beta testing
  • March ʻ5 – Web application launched
  • July ʻ16 – dedicated mobile apps for IOS, android and the internet smart TV’s
  • March ‘5 – Kickstarted campaign launch
  • Nov ʻ16 – Roku app launched

Frenvid is LIVE and has been well-received. We’ve developed and gone beyond proof of concept and have proven that this technology works. We definitely need more content to drive this technology and we need your help to get there.


We’re looking to raise a seed round. We’ll use the campaign funds to secure more licensing deals, marketing, hiring and operation to help us reach for our next milestones that we hope to accomplish by the end of this year.Redefining TV is an ambition goal and no easy task, but we’re confident in our team and technology. We promise to keep updating our backers frequently and we will be fully transparent about our progress.


Frenvid is connecting people through entertainment. Our goal is to bring people together by revolutionizing the way entertainment is consumed helping consumers interact with friends they are already connect to on the platform or other social network and truly making it a fulfilling social experience.

And this is just the beginning…





Application development is complete


Negotiate successful licensing deal right with the Big studios for their titles


Application Launch date

MARCH, 2016

Accessible on more devices – Mobile and smart internet TV’s development

MAY, 2016



Bamidele Benjamin Adetayo
I’m a passionate entrepreneur, Web developer & software engineer. In 2004, I founded Benbami Inc, now OOYELA, a technology company. Started the company from my dorm room while in college in Lancashire, UK. Since its inception, the company has grown to form strategic partnerships with several UK and Africa companies. I ‘ve had failed startups, something I like to think of as a “graceful failures” in between. Moved to the UK at 14 for studies. Earned my associate degree in Science at the University of Cambridge, and a BEng in electronics and computing at the university of Bolton, UK. Currently CEO of Frenvid, an innovative, – multi-screen social video-on-demand platform that lets users stream & watch movies with friends or loved ones in real-time. Loves computer games, soccer and everything code. Married to the coolest girl I’ve ever met and has a daughter who always seem to be teaching me something new.
Alejandro Katcheroff

Alejandro Katcheroff

Founder and CTO at Pikdip

I´m Alejandro Katcheroff. Founder and CTO of Frenvid. I have more than 10 years working on the IT industry working in public and private positions and i´ve done a lot of fascinating challenges. Now, in Frenvid we are in search of the biggest challenge of all, changing the way that people consume TV and the way they interact with it.
Contact Information:

Bamidele Benjamin Adetayo

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