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May 18, 2016 5:59 PM ET

Archived: Recall – With its simple and elegant design, Recall is the device that will prevent you from ever losing your phone again!

iCrowdNewswire - May 18, 2016

Recall – Never lose your phone again

With its simple and elegant design, Recall is the device that will prevent you from ever losing your phone again!


Created by a group of Engineering student from Brighton University, The product Recall is a device that prevents you from losing your phone in the first place. The product comes in 2 parts: a silicone phone case and a silicone wristband. Once you are 10m away from your phone, the wristband alerts you by gently vibrating, that you’ve left your phone behind. 


Above: The Recall wristband and phonecase, simple and very easy to use. 

Below: The Recall product comes in different colors  





The product comes in one package that contains the phone case and the bracelet.

The first piece of this product is the mobile phone case that consists of a protective phone case made from silicon with a Bluetooth chip inside. The Bluetooth is connected to a microprocessor that transmits the signal to the wristband.

The second piece of the product is the bracelet that contains a small vibrating device that alerts the user when the phone leaves a 10 meter range. This product also has a Bluetooth device and microprocessor to receive the signal from the mobile phone. 













  (Information provided by http://www.backgroundcheck.org/ and Source:https://www.mylookout.com/ ) 

“Losing things is irritating and yet we are all forgetful people. The average person misplaces up to nine items a day, and one-third of respondents in a poll said they spend an average of 15 minutes each day searching for items—cell phones, keys and paperwork top the list” (Reddy, 2014) 

“It’s normal to forget some things, and it’s normal to become somewhat more forgetful as you age.” (Health.harvard.edu, 2014) 

There are factors that can decrease the brains effectiveness at encoding and activating memories, these factors are based around how much work the brain is already doing, for example a stressed person will forget more than a relaxed person because their brain is thinking about other things.



Thanks to your help, we would be able to fund the next stage of the design & prototyping development of Recall. At the moment, short on funds we have been stuck at the rough prototyping stage which cost us £5000 to complete. 60% of it was covered by the various award money, but the rest had to come out of our own pocket. 

Anything above the target will be used in covering some of the marketing (professional advertising video, Kickstarter campaign) and pre-production/manufacturing cost. 

Recall Technologies Ltd is a student led start- up aiming to be part of the mobile phone accessories industry. We are a small but motivated and passionated group of Engineers with a strong interest in New Technologies. 

Recall started as a university project, but quickly became more serious after gaining attention from friends and potential investors. 

The idea of Recall first came about when our CEO Prince lost his iPhone. Irritated by this loss, he thought of a product that would prevent you from losing your phone. A few meetings and cup of coffe later, Recall was born. Taking into account feedbacks from friends, family, fellow engineers and designers the idea of a user friendly wristband that would gently vibrate once you step 10m away from your phone, slowly began to develop itself. 

Fast forward a few months, following the advice from Santander staff we applied to theSantander 60s pitch competition which to our surpsie we won. This offered us £1500 in cash prize as well as the opportunity to meet up with various start-up experts at the Santander headquarters in London. Really enthousiastic from this, we decided to put all effort with the aim of lauching the product to the market.


Thanks to the money won with the Santander award and the Beepurple competition(Competition aiming to reward the most innovative product idea), we worked in collaboration with a small company, Ignitec, based in Bristol to develop our first rough prototype. However, the latter being now completed, we have found ourselves short on money to pursue the project further. 

We are now hoping to attract potential investors and backers to help us realising our dream. 

Thank you! 



“Mobile phones have become indispensable in our daily lives and losing it means losing our contacts, agenda, photos, emails and more. Recall is a great idea to ensure you never leave your mobile phone behind.” Simon Bray (Managing Director Santander Universities UK) 


So if like us you’ve lost your phone before, you know how frustrating this can be. Let US help YOU preventing this from happening again by pledging and spreading the word !

Thank you,

The Recall Team.

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