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May 18, 2016 4:05 PM ET

Archived: Blood on the Border: An Interview With Frank James – A live stage production that clears up the untruths about Quantrill’s men during the Civil War

iCrowdNewswire - May 18, 2016

Blood on the Border: An Interview With Frank James

A live stage production that clears up the untruths about Quantrill’s men during the Civil War.



Blood on the Border: An Interview With Frank James

I need your help in saving and preserving the truth about Colonel William Clarke Quantrill’s Civil War Missouri Partisan Rangers.  My years of study and research have uncovered untruths and omissions written about this command by extremely biased writers.

About the Production

“Blood on the Border: An Interview with Frank James” is a live stage production that incorporates narration, music (contemporary original rock and traditional folk), and film, to tell the ‘true’ story of Quantrill’s command as told by one of its members – Frank James.  The show centers around a post-war Frank James being interviewed by a newspaper reporter asking him to ‘clear up’ some details about his war experiences.

Some of the topics to be discussed include:
  • What really happened during Quantrill’s raid on Aubrey, Kansas.
  • What happened to the 120 Kansas soldiers that Quantrill captured at Paola.
  • New revelations about the Lawrence Raid and post-war conditions in Missouri.

Help Us Preserve True Southern History

This project is vital because society is in the process of destroying Southern history.  The production is designed not only to preserve the truth about a Southern command for future generations, but also to educate the masses about their exploits.  Research indicates that individuals learn best when multi-sensory techniques (film, music, narration) are incorporated in lessons (vis-‘a-vis: educating by using entertainment).
The entire narrative is based on documented facts and a bibliography will be displayed in the credits for those interested in further study.

How You Can Help

My goal is to raise $150,000.  Some film footage has been completed (see trailer) but 3 or 4 new music videos need to be created.  With the rate of film costing roughly $1000 per minute, this process tends to be expensive.  I’m optimistic in making my goal but if I should come up short, I’ll rearrange the show to make it work.  The show WILL GO ON REGARDLESS!
Here are some ways you can help make this production a reality:
  • Leave a donation (& receive a variety of perks based on donation amount!)
  • Share this campaign on social media.
  • Like our Facebook page and stay up-to-date with the production.
The first showing of “Blood on the Border: An Interview with Frank James,” will be premiered in the Fall of 2017.

Pledge Perks:


About the Producer: Chris Edwards

I have been studying ‘Bleeding Kansas’ and the ‘Civil War on the Missouri Kansas Border’ for over 30 years.  I went back to school late in life and earned my Masters’ Degree in History from the University of Missouri.  My focus of study was warfare on the Missouri Kansas border.  Previously, I have recorded a music CD about Quantrill’s men and produced the stage show entitled: “Bloody Bill Rides.”
Your participation at whatever level is important not only to the project but to preserving this history.  If we fail to save it now, it will be lost forever.
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Contact Information:

Chris Edwards

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