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May 18, 2016 7:38 AM ET

Archived: ARS-ATD LLC – already proven Turn-Key Drilling system has been used and proven in the drilling of 70 wells: We assist Oil companies in the pursuit of their oil reserves to bring them to market

iCrowdNewswire - May 18, 2016


Georgetown, LA 71432, US
Oil & Gas Production & Processing

Ainsworth Rig Service, LLC (ARS) is a most successful seven (7) year old established rig service company, located in Georgetown, Louisiana owned, operated and led by Joe Ainsworth..
Mr. Ainsworth has assembled a team of industry veterans to introduce this already proven Turnkey Drilling technique, which has been used and proven in the drilling of 70 wells, to the Oil & Gas marketplace.
Through Mr.Ainsworth’s efforts one oil company has gone public, raising $650 million dollars. Another public company was able to raise 400 million dollars.
At present time, ARS is going to focus on its Turn-Key Drilling system. A company will be formed for this venture Ainsworth Turn-Key Drilling, LLC (ATD).
At present time ARS has an accumulated pre-money valuation of $7,384,000.00 .
Once funding is secured, ARS/ATD will expand its service component to accompany the expansion of the Drilling company, which includes Rig Services, Power Washing, Site Pad Preparation, Security Integration and Rental Equipment.
ATD specializes in Turnkey Drilling Operations, which consist of a fixed price, defined work-scope contract between an Oil Company Client and ATD. In order to meet our clients’ needs, ATD has a step-by-step approach to Well planning, which addresses all requirements of a project resulting in an objective conclusion for all stakeholders’ satisfaction.
ARS/ATD has existing relationships with oil companies drilling in Texas, LA,MS.AL,AR and Oklahoma, which have requested ARS/ATD’s services. In addition, ARS/ATD is in conversations with two (2) oil companies, which ARS/ATD has a long term relationship, which state that when ATD is ready to go, to contact them to submit bids, one is a five (5) well package and the other is an eight (8) to ten (10) well package..
A three (3) year financial projection is available upon request.
ARS/ATD will entertain all offer types but is mainly focused on Debt, Equity or some variation thereof.


Products / Services

Oil Drilling/Power Washing

We assist Oil companies in the pursuit of their oil reserves to bring them to market. We also will provide Services such as Power Washing once a drilling operation is complete prior to the drilling rig being moved to a new job site.



Managing Director Executive Officer
Joe Ainsworth

A 34 Year Oil & Gas veteran. A proven most valuable asset to any oil company client with whom he engages and participates. He is also an innovator in the Oil & Gas industry, having developed and trade marking a product , with Safety Material Data Sheet, which allows for expedited drilling time, and reduced expenses which results in increased profits.

Contact Information:

Managing Director Executive Officer - Joe Ainsworth

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