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May 17, 2016 4:46 PM ET

Dirty Sailor Company: Promoting the lifestyles and attitudes of sailors and fishermen

iCrowdNewswire - May 17, 2016

Dirty Sailor Company.

Promoting the lifestyles and attitudes of sailors and fishermen.



Dirty Sailor Company – San Francisco, CA

Hi, I’m Bradley. And the Dirty Sailor Company is finally a reality…

Dirty Sailors

If you have worked or do work in the maritime industry; with the Navy or Coast Guard, the Merchant Marines, or as a maritime cadet, or industrial fisherman – or any of the other thousands of mariners and sailors out there, this company is for you.

Dirty Sailor Company’s mission is to expose and promote sailor culture. As one of the longest standing professions, just behind prostitution, the mariner is built on not only deep history, tradition and attitudes, but common experiences, social isolations, environmental encounters and physical proficiencies.

A Few Little Stories:

Bradley: In the not too distant past, I graduated with a Masters in Business Administration.  I’ve spent 15 years making money on the water, and 18 years prior to that fishing with my buddies and dad on the rivers and bays of Virginia. I am a Coast Guard Veteran and have a 100 gross ton Captain’s License. Dirty Sailor Company has evolved since it began during my grad school days, into its natural focal point – Sailor Culture!

Eric: With a passion for the maritime industry, Eric is a fully certified mariner, currently based out of San Francisco, shipping often to all the corners of the globe. I’ve attempted multiple times to Shanghai Eric, though he weighs more than he looks (probably because he is hung).

Dirty Sailors

We will be constantly searching for what it means to be a Dirty Sailor.  In our blogs and forums we are interviewing sailors from all walks of life and across all maritime sectors.  We are traveling to ports of interest and ports off the marked channels for the best stories.  Our line of apparel and other products allow us the chance to raise the capital needed to offer our online platform for all mariners to use. Also, they provide an outlet for sailors to show support for their culture. Our products will include a line of traditional sailor shirts and hoodies, as well as a line of beans and hats. For this campaign, as we are raising funds, we will only offer a select group of our products.

Meeting Our Goal Matters!

If we meet our goal three things happen:

  1. The fees and costs of using this platform are reduced by 5%.
  2. Our launch party sets sail on a large passenger ship, which means we get to party underway! (No, this is not a party on “The Little White Boat,” we have great friends helping do it right.)
  3. Our ability to outsource increases, creating time to focus on more aspects of our business sooner.

So what do we need?

  • It turns out that we are no artist, and that our ability to create our products stops at the prototyping stage.  We need to have more inventory made for our store at a professional quality, about 8 designs total.
  • Because we are an online platform (at least for now), we need to have our site overhauled by the best web developers we can find.  Take a look at ourWEBSITE and give us feedback if you have time.

Dirty Sailors

We’re invested in our community:

  • Dirty Sailor Company will help Sailors in School by donating 10% of our quarterly profits to sailors involved in training or school.
  • For this campaign, 10% of profits after we make our goal will go towards sponsorship.
  • Dirty Sailor Company has and will continue to hold events that promote our life style.  These events create community, establish friendships and help us better understand sailors’ needs.
  • We will also establish beach and ocean cleanups to protect the environment we love and need.

What’s in it for you?

We don’t expect people to help us for nothing, so we’ve got some fantastic perks in return for helping us out.

Dirty Sailors

Check out our perks at the right side of this page, and also see them in detail with images at our website DirtySailorCompany.com

  • Furthermore, contributors of certain perks will receive an invite to our grand splash party! If we meet our goal our party will be on a large passenger vessel in the Bay Area.

How will your contribution help us?

Firstly, it would revolutionize our lives, and of course our business.

We’ve invested significant amounts of time and money and we are now ready to project our beloved culture onto the global market.

When you visit Dirty Sailor Company, you’ll be meeting the people that contributed to the products and culture you’re buying…. we think it’s important.

Dirty Sailors

We appreciate that some of you won’t be able to help us out with a contribution.  That’s OK, we still really appreciate you taking the time to learn about what we’re doing.

If you want, you can still really help us in the following ways:

  • Share, share and share our campaign on social media (using the buttons on the left).
  • Email your friends, family and work colleagues with the link to this page!
  • ‘Like’ our Facebook page and posts about the campaign! CLICK HERE to visit our Facebook page.
  • Join us on Twitter using the hashtag #DIRTYSAILORCOMPANY. CLICK HERE to find us.
  • Talk to people about it! Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing.

Hopefully with your help, we’ll be able to make this kickstarter a reality and you’ll always be welcome to stop in and say hi!

Dirty Sailors

Any questions? Leave them under the comments section or email us at[email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: Some perks require you to communicate with us about specific options you choose.  Most of the time the options are found at dirtysailorcompany.com.  Please email us your choices and your name, shipping address, and email to [email protected] (so we can match your pledge to your choice).

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