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May 16, 2016 4:22 PM ET

Archived: Medtrax is a healthcare technology company focused on patient acquisition and retention for hospitals and providers

iCrowdNewswire - May 16, 2016


Rockville Centre, NY 11570, US

Medtrax is a healthcare technology company focused on patient acquisition and retention for hospitals and providers

MEDTRAX LIMITED (the “Company”) was formed in December 2015 to develop a web based physician referral system that consolidates the current fragmented patient experience, making it easier and more efficient than ever before. Today healthcare systems & providers strive to attract and retain patients while delivering optimal care. However, the paper driven nature of the patient referral experience remains the biggest obstacle to patient acquisition and retention, resulting in considerable financial losses for hospitals and providers.

I’ve spent the last two years developing and vetting a solution for the fragmented consumer healthcare experience and building a business model that generates predictable MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) while delivering substantial value to all the healthcare stakeholders. The result is Medtrax.

Medtrax solves this poor patient experience with an intuitive referral process that behaves like other forms of mainstream commerce (Autotrader.com or Hotels.com). We consolidate the process by integrating patient education and engagement tools at the point of referral. With Medtrax a primary care provider can refer their patient to a specialist in seconds while providing the patient a complete guide to their condition and a full profile of the specialists who partake in their insurance plan. Consolidating and enhancing the consumer experience. This provides direct to consumer opportunities to our medical device, pharmaceutical & pharmacy partners. Allowing them to provide a predictable, measurable and cost effective practice development solution to their preferred provider network, while growing product revenues and market-share. Our revenues will be generated through commercial licensing of the Product to hospitals and leveraging our premium search positions to our partners preferred physician networks

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Medtrax is a patient referral tool designed to reduce the number of patients leaking from healthcare systems. We consolidate the fragmented patient experience by incorporating condition specific education into the providers profile who partake in their healthcare plans. We reduce the need for research for up to 94% of patients with the information we supply at the point of referral, significantly reducing the risk of patient leakage.



President Sales & Marketing
Alan Quinlan

Alan QuinlanI’m the founder of Medtrax Limited. Product is currently in the prototype stage. I have selected the development house to build the product and we have agreed a distribution agreement with Medtronic (surgical technologies division) on completion of beta and a 10 location pilot program.

Contact Information:

President Sales & Marketing -Alan Quinlan

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