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May 16, 2016 2:54 PM ET

Lifeaz, the 1st connected defibrillator for home: Lifeaz wants to revolutionize cardiovascular prevention

iCrowdNewswire - May 16, 2016

Lifeaz, the 1st connected defibrillator for home


Lifeaz wants to revolutionize cardiovascular prevention. This crowdfunding campaign will be a real boost for the development of the first connected defibrillator, specifically designed for home. Lifeaz also introduces its community, where people could create and participate in healthy events.

Lifeaz creates the 1st connected defibrillator specifically designed for home. To protect you and your loved ones, to save lives, so you can live happily and peacefully …

The defibrillator has existed for more than 30 years and can save lives. However, it has been poorly used. This is why,
Lifeaz decided to open out the defibrillator to households, where almost 80% of sudden cardiac arrests happen. So we can act before the arrival of emergency services and obtain better chances of saving the victim.

Having a defibrillator requires an absolutely necessary maintenance. Why is it so important? It is like a fire extinguisher which is often left aside and may not function when we really need it. As Lifeaz definitely wants to avoid this situation, the connectivity is the assurance of reliability.

The defibrillator’s connectivity simplifies the maintenance so we can be sure that it is operational at any time and especially in emergency situations. We are alerted if the slightest anomaly is triggered: low battery, electrodes to be changed, hardware failure…

We have imagined and designed the defibrillator so that it is as easy-to-use as possible. A simple and comforting design to be placed at home, such as an internet box.

In emergency case, press the only button and the defibrillator gives you vocal instructions. It analyzes the cardiac rhythm and decides on its own whether or not a shock is needed. You don’t have to make decisions. You don’t risk to make the situation worse. 




There are many risk factors on which we can act: the modifiable factors and the non modifiable ones.

Some modifiable factors examples: high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, inactivity, smoking, overweight …

Some non modifiable factors: age, gender, family and cardiac history …


It is time to share healthy and convivial moments! With Lifeaz, you can create and join events that suit you, whatever your goals are: losing weight, eating better, handling your hypertension, cholesterol or diabetes …. Because together, each challenge is easier to complete!

The casual Fridays salad, the Thursdays workout, the regular cooking sessions … We are training the first members of Lifeaz’ community, and we can’t wait to have you with us!


Lifeaz will provide the defibrillator as a service based on a monthly subscription. The price will include the connected maintenance and the replacement of consumables. The suscribers and their loved ones will also have access to VIP events.


Note: The defibrillator is a medical device that has to go through a rigorous process of certifications before being commercialized. Of course, we will not market the device before obtaining regulatory approvals in your country, and especially the CE mark for Europe. Your support during this crowdfunding campaign will help us to go through these crucial stages!



What are the funds for?


About the project owner

Lifeaz is a start-up carried out by a motivated team, determined to make a difference in the cardiovascular system. It has been created by 3 co-founders and friends, Johann, Martial and Timothée, engineers and social entrepreneurs, fascinated by technology and healthcare. Alexandre, Thomas, Céline, Paul-Alexandre and Lucile have joined the adventure and bring every day their desire to change the world!

Little by little during the campaign, discover the description of each member of the Lifeaz team! 


We are guided by a scientific committee made up of 3 cardiologists and arrhythmia specialists, the doctors: Jérôme Garot, Jérôme Lacotte and Jérôme Horvilleur from the Hospital Jacques Cartier of Massy, France.







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