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May 14, 2016 10:15 AM ET

Archived: Operation: Reward Yourself for Learning – creating a mobile application to help students better in math and science. This app will revolutionize and modify future education

iCrowdNewswire - May 14, 2016

Operation: Reward Yourself for Learning

by Sean Banks



I am creating a mobile application to help students better in math and science. This app will revolutionize and modify future education


About this project

My name is Sean Banks and I am a MBA candidate at Hampton University. I am active in my community as a mentor to Brother to Brother and as a student in the Newport News School system. I am also a tutor on the campus of Hampton University for middle and high school students. I got the idea for this project from my experience as a tutor seeing my students struggle in math and science. One thing that I saw was that my students were become unmotivated when they came to a math problem they did not understand or even a science question that required them to think outside the box. It was due to these experiences that I wanted to find a way to help students master math and science, while at the same time finding a way to keep them motivated.

The idea that I have created to help students in school is by creating an app to help them with math and science by combining incentive and motivation. The way the app works is that the student will download the app and make a profile. From that profile, the student will select which grade level he or she is in and will be given different test bank questions for math and science. The students will answer these questions and for the questions that they get correct, they will receive points that will be stored on their profile. The student can then use those very points in a store for coupons to their favorite restaurant, hang out, curricular activity, etc. The more correct answers the student gets, the more level that the student is able to unlock, and the more coupons that is available in the store as well. 

If a student happens to get a answer wrong to a question, the student will be given a prompt that shows the student why he or she got that question wrong. Now this app is made to mostly encourage students in school, so we want students to take advantage of the prompts, understand why they got that question(s) wrong and be able to apply the correct answer later. This is a win-win situation for students because now they are able to learn and get paid for learning in a unique and fun way. 

Right now I am raising the funds to get the app started. I have found an investor that is willing to help me cover the cost of creating the app, so the total amount of money needed to create this app on my part is $40,000. Building of this app will approximately take at least two or three months. Once the app is developed and tested to make sure that it operates to the needs of the students, it will be available for download for all smart phones (android, apple, etc). While the app is being developed within the two to three month time frame, I will be reaching out to different restaurants, retailers, and organizations that is willing to post coupons inside the app for the students who retrieve points from using the app. My short term goal is to have at least 20 companies and organizations posting coupons on the app for students to use in their establishments. 

I chose this app idea because I am big on education. I remember myself a kid in middle school and even now to college struggling in math and science. Now I want to create an app that empowers our students with the mindset that they can accomplish anything, that they have the ability, the smarts, and the talent to get through these difficult math and science questions. I ask that you please help me revolutionize education and empower our students to realize the potential they have. 

I am raising funds toget the word out that an app exist to help students with subjects they struggle in everyday. The app will be designed to help students from middle school all the way up to the collegiate level. 

Risks and challenges

After the creation of the app there will still be a need for upgrade. Education is evolving and more advance subjects are starting to be taught at the middle and high school level. We want to make sure that students have availability to practice up to date math and science questions that may find on their test today, so we will constantly be looking through old and new math and science books with questions and problems that they are likely to find on their test.
Another risk is keeping students interested in the app. This is another reason why the app must be constantly upgraded because we want students to use the app and not get bored. Every time a student uses the app, we want their time spent on the app not to be wasted. We want it so that the app catches their attention and in the end they walk away actually learning as much as they can with the time they spend on the app itself.


Contact Information:

Sean Banks

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