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May 13, 2016 11:12 AM ET

Archived: MAAVOICE – Audio Classifieds Portal: The first audio classifieds portal where businesses and people can promote, sell and interact with each other worldwide

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2016

MAAVOICE – Audio Classifieds Portal

by Ronaldo Leite



Maavoice is the first audio classifieds portal where businesses and people can promote, sell and interact with each other worldwide.


About this project

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ronaldo Leite, I’am 50 years old hard worker, Founder of Maavoice and I’m here to ask for your support on my project which I beleive to be the pioneer in audio advetise on the web. I really do beleive that the best Marketing tool for your business is yourself, so nothing better than you to talk about your products and services to an worldwide audience. By placing your audio message on your advertise, people can listen to it and the personal touch may influence on the customer decision to buy from you. Maavoice also is a platform to interact where for exemple: Sandra lives in London and she wants to send flowers to her mother in Sao Paulo, Brazil! Providing we have florists advertising on maavoice, Sandra will be able to contact the florist, order the flowers to be delivered to her mother, send a message and pay for the services via our payment gateway. it will promote growth all around where at present, it is quite difficult unless if you search on google but if you can get everything under one place “site” i think it will be a benefit! Sandra and her mother was just one simple exemple of thousand and possibly millions of possibilities. I hope i could pass to you all my idea in a positive and understanding way and i would like to take this opportunity to Thank you all for the attention and for your future support in this project.

Yours Sincerely,

Ronaldo R. Leite – Maavoice

Risks and challenges

One of my Challenges will be drive traffic to the site, by promoting on search engines, using marketing strategies to give the brand, the best expousure. I beleive price wise, we are very competitive and it will be a great Bonus to attract more and more customers. In terms of operations and functionality, i have a fantastic team of programmers to assist if any issues accour. All the rewards are completly autorized by me and it all set and ready to go!


Contact Information:

Ronaldo Leite

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