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May 13, 2016 7:57 PM ET

Goodbye Blue Sky: Long after the end of the world, five strangers sharing an abandoned desert motel are forced to decide between love and survival

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2016

Goodbye Blue Sky

by Brandon Zuck

Long after the end of the world, five strangers sharing an abandoned desert motel are forced to decide between love and survival.

About this project

GOODBYE BLUE SKY is a short film that takes place after the end of the world. There aren’t many people left, and the ones who have managed to survive are fighting over the last few drops of water and scraps of food.

But soon the well will run completely dry. And then it’s over for real.

T H E  S T O R Y . . .

Max and Liam—twin brothers—have made it this far because they’re willing to do whatever it takes. They’ve seen the worst of it, but staying alive came at a price. Any shred of innocence they once had is long gone.

Lila, Bobby, and Jagger—a trio of lovers—live a different kind of life. They cling to a vision of the old world. Things that used to matter. Family. Kindness. Love. It may seem naive, but they’re no fools. Just not quite ready to give up on humanity.

So when the trio finds Max and Liam stranded on the side of a desert road, they offer a ride—and these strange bedfellows end up spending the night in an abandoned motel.

Max in particular finds himself drawn to the three magnetic paramours. Their unusual relationship. The way they’ve chosen to live.

But Liam is less impressed. He knows that in this world, danger always finds you. And when it does, you’ll discover which kind of person you are.

Because, in the end, there are only two kinds…

Alive… or dead.

It’s a film about choice

Who you are.

And who you want to be.

T H E   T W I N S . . .

Liam and Max will be played by Wyatt and Zach Vinci, who you might recognize from Supergirl, American Horror Story, and/or the Ellen Show.

Also maybe instagram… @wyattvinc1 (Liam). @zachvinci (Max).

T H E   P R O D U C T I O N . . .

Where is all this money going? Even though everyone involved is volunteering their time and energy for free, we still have to pay for things like:

  • Equipment (camera, lenses, lights, grip, etc)
  • Insurance
  • Locations (the motel)
  • Production design
  • Visual effects (because the apocalypse hasn’t happened yet)
  • Costumes
  • Vehicles
  • Makeup (the bullet wounds need to be fake)
  • Transportation
  • Food (everyone’s working for free, but they still need lunch)
  • Post-Production
  • Music licensing and composition

T H E   R E W A R D S . . .

As a backer of the film, you definitely deserve some swag. Aside from our undying gratitude and probably some good karma, you’ll be getting things like Film Credits, Autographed Posters, Production Photo Albums, Invitations to the Premiere, and Facetime hang time with the cast and crew!

Everything is listed on the right side of this page, including…

Access to the Vinci twins’ private snapchat account during production, so you can keep up with all the shenanigans on set!

T H E    C R E W . . .

BRANDON ZUCK [writer/director] spent his youth as an awkward Star Trek obsessed Eagle Scout and sometimes Ford model in the exotic suburbs of Northern New Jersey. While an undergraduate at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, he studied filmmaking in New York, London, Paris, and Russia. Though he can’t remember his mid-twenties, he’s been told there were two years of law school and an accidental detour into the bleak hellscape of the fashion industry. He has worked in publicity and production at major studios in New York and Los Angeles, and recently graduated from Columbia University’s MFA Film program. His award-winning shorts have screened at festivals around the world, and though his little brothers (the twins) gave him the idea for this movie, he still plans to take full credit.

ROB CRISTIANO [producer] is a Brooklyn-born filmmaker. His producing credits include BOB AND THE TREES (Sundance ’15, Winner – Crystal Globe – Karlovy Vary Int’l Film Festival), MY FIRST KISS AND THE PEOPLE INVOLVED, KEEP THE CHANGE and the Broadway-themed web series UNDERSTUDIES. He has produced more than 10 award-winning shorts including PENNY DREADFUL, MELON HEAD and THE KING’S PAWN. In 2013, Cristiano won the Producer’s Guild of America’s prestigious Debra Hill Fellowship for emerging producers.

JOHN WAKAYAMA CAREY [cinematographer] is a Los Angeles based cinematographer who recently received his MFA from Columbia University. While attending school, he lensed over forty short films in eight different countries, including ABOVE THE SEA—a short film shot in Shanghai, China that received the Gold Medal at the 41st annual Student Academy Awards. John also has shot various campaigns for Adidas Originals and recently completed work on DENIZ SEVIYESI, a Turkish-American feature film that won the Audience Award and Jury Honorable Mention at the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival.

H O W   E L S E   C A N   Y O U   H E L P ?

Spreading the word is half the battle! Please share with your friends and followers on instagram, twitter, snapchat, facebook, tinder, comment wars on youtube, your knitting group, waiting in line at chipotle, etc…

Just give people this link: 

Cut and paste y’all <3

Risks and challenges

Every project faces challenges, especially a project as ambitious as this one. There are a lot of moving parts—stunts, visual effects, weather. But so far this team has completed everything they’ve started. We work well under pressure, and we always find a way to the finish line, even if it means taking a different path than we originally anticipated.

They key members of the cast and crew are related by either blood or grad school. Those bonds don’t break. Sometimes things take longer than expected, and there are occasionally a few speed bumps along the way, but we’re not going anywhere until GOODBYE BLUE SKY is a reality.


Contact Information:

Brandon Zuck

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