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May 13, 2016 12:53 EST

Cloudburst Room Escape, Inc: Producing fantastical puzzle room escape games that challenge your mind and thrill your senses

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2016

Cloudburst Room Escape, Inc


Cloudburst Room Escape, Inc

Producing fantastical puzzle room escape games that challenge your mind and thrill your senses.




  • Creating a platform for other studios to license.
  • Advertising to the top, sustainably. profitably.
  • Puzzles are the most favored types of games.


Cloudburst Room Escape prides itself on pushing room escape puzzle genre to the next level. We offer fresh, unmatched and enhanced player experience like none other in the industry right now.



Cloudburst Room Escape was founded to help push the room escape genre out of obscurity. We are bringing our foray app – Castle Breakout – into the limelight, the tops of game categories. We will do so profitably and sustainably. We will also license our engine to other developers who want to use the best engine around.

We recently won the competitive Facebook Start “Bootstrap” program which is kinda like winning a scholarship. It’s them saying, “Hey we think your app is high quality and might be well suited for advertising success. So we’re gonna get to know you a little more…”

We are currently pursuing profitable advertising and are reasonably close to achieving success. and making great strides. With the updates we have in the works in the next month, we might hit profitability with ads. In which case we will be able to summit the heights of the App Store.

If this next update doesn’t do it – these investment funds should hedge our bet. And allow us to build another set of 30 levels which will much more than likely tip us over to high profits.

In the last 5 years we were producing Talking Apps for kids, in a different business – Cloudburst Games, of which we had 10,000,000 downloads and $400,000 revenue. We pivoted away from talking apps to do room escape for the following reasons: Ron’s daughter outgrew the kids category. and so did Ron. Puzzles are more of Ron’s forte by far. We never did advertise those apps.

It seems the first to advertise sustainably in a genre often wins the genre. Our competitor was the first to advertise sustainably in the talking app market and we lost that war early on. They made billions of dollars in the next four years. We gained a lot of maturity by watching and trying to compete.

Now we are the big fish in the small pond and will most likely be the first to sustainably advertise in the room escape genre, which will likely mean we will take the genre by storm and capture most of the market share.



Ron Packard Jr

Ron Packard Jr

CEO / Executive Producer

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” – George MacDonald Ron is busy optimizing his Castle Breakout game, and ramping up marketing activities.
Lisa Dedrick

Lisa Dedrick

HR Executive/Fundraising

Lisa is a global HR executive who has worked at Big Fish studios and Kabam! Two very successful game studios each generating hundreds of millions.
Samra Busic-Janisch

Samra Busic-Janisch

Advertising Executive

Highly creative advertising executive has a knack for words and headlines.
Sye Soleimani

Sye Soleimani


Sye has been with Cloudburst for 5 years and is recently been promoted to producer. He also has an MFA from Academy of Art University in SF for modeling.
Caleb Cosgrove

Caleb Cosgrove

Game Designer

Caleb designs our puzzle sequences for each room and he’s a brilliant designer. He has a BA from Academy of Art University in SF.
Jamel Ingram

Jamel Ingram

Creative Writer/Storyteller

Jamel is an excellent storyteller and conveys all our comic books and scripts. He is the start of our apps


Team Member Name

Zhiyang Rong

Texturing 3D surfaces


Team Member Name

Eric Chung

Investment Attorney

Team Member Name

Royston Roche

Securities Analyst/Fundraiser

Team Member Name

Shanena Brown

Accountant / Taxes


Contact Information:

Ron Packard Jr

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