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May 13, 2016 3:07 PM ET

Archived: 121Live: Be There from Anywhere – A new marketplace for personalized 1-to-1 streaming video – from live smartphone feeds to drone and VR / 360° daredevil experiences.

iCrowdNewswire - May 13, 2016

121Live: Be There from Anywhere

by WorldRelay


A new marketplace for personalized 1-to-1 streaming video – from live smartphone feeds to drone and VR / 360° daredevil experiences.


About this project

What is 121Live?

Live streaming is bringing a whole new world of video sharing that is growing and becoming even more exciting.

After all, with video content being mass distributed, viewers end up feeling lost and miss out on what they want to see. At the same time, video content producers struggle to build a target audience that actually wants to follow and financially support their work.

That’s why we’re creating 121Live, a new and unique marketplace for peer-to-peer video streaming and custom point of view (POV) experiences. Video content producers become rewarded Streamers with a targeted audience, and viewers become Subscribers who actually decide what, when and how they view the content that really matters to them.

What is a Streamer? 

  • Real People– Our streamers are real people – which means that they offer real points of view to Subscribers! From professional photographers to smartphone users, all are welcome as 121Live Streamers.
  • Define Yourself – Are you a craft master? Or a college student? In short, what makes you unique? Whatever it is, there is an audience within the 121 community that wants to see what you have to show!
  • Get Paid – Oh yeah, did we mention that? By live streaming with 121Live, you’re finally rewarded for the quality live streamed video that you provide – you can earn up to $100/hr sharing your unique point of view.

What is a Subscriber?

  • Personalized – You call the shots! No more endless and frustrating searches through mass-distributed content. Just go wherever you want to go, and see whatever you want to see – precisely! Your Streamer is your guide.
  • Have Fun – Be a part of the action! Go on a captivating journey through your smartphone, or share and enjoy your stream on the big screen with friends.
  • Help Shape New Views of the World – More than a streaming service, 121Live is a community of Streamers who place the endless and fascinating features of our world at your fingertips. As a Subscriber, you decide which new views of the world are created through this dynamic market for live streamed content.

(Over) 121Live Possibilities

121Live makes the possibilities become endless! Why? Because our marketplace is made up of a map of Streamers that cover every video content demand – from personalized DIY tutorials to custom drone coverage.

 That’s our Marketplace! 

Here’s HOW it works…

For Subscribers…

 As a 121Live Subscriber, creating your custom, live stream video experience is easy! 

  • Search the marketplace: Explore the streamer map by category or location on the streamer map.
  • Choose your Streamer: The 121Live app will provide you with a list of Streamers that best fit your request: How about a professional mechanic to walk you through your car repair? Or a Parisian local to take you through the Louvre museum?
  • Decide on a time and price: The only thing left to do is enjoy your stream!

For Streamers…

We make the job of our 121Live Streamers extra simple, so they can focus on what they do best: capturing their Subscriber’s experience and offering unique views of that experience… whilemaking money!

  • Complete your Streamer bio: Mention your streaming location and describe yourself with keywords that make you unique and searchable by the Subscribers. (New Yorker? Pastry Chef? Drone Owner?).
  • Set your price: When a Subscriber chooses you to capture a personalized 121Live video, you set your price and choose a date and time for the streaming experience.
  •  Do what you love! Walk your Subscriber through a DIY project! Show off your college campus! Stream your breathtaking point of view! OH, and get paid for doing that!

Let’s talk Tech… 

121Live will consist of a mobile app and website. They will communicate with specialized servers that manage user and streamer access, streamer location, landmark information, bidding, and stream session management. 

Live and on-demand image and video streaming are based on proven, high-reliability media servers. Two-way voice communication will be supported on live streaming sessions for interaction between the subscriber and streamer. PayPal will be used for payment processing. This system builds on patented app and back-end server technologies developed by WorldRelay for its video streaming services. 

Why 121Live?

With modern advancements like 360-degree video technology merging with live streaming, it is easier than ever to “be there from anywhere”. Whether you’re in it for a virtual tour of your next home or a drone flight over a stunning landscape, someone out there has the POV you need. Through our personalized video streaming marketplace, 121Live can connect you! 

Why Kickstarter?

While we have been hard at work, developing our marketplace and preparing for our custom live stream revolution, we need YOUR help to “Kickstart” it and make it a reality – and we’ll show our appreciation for your support with very exciting perks!

By backing our campaign, you will be aiding in the development of the 121Live app – for iOS and Android! Your support will also fuel our marketing campaign, allowing us to reach potential 121Live users who can share their unique points of view with you. 


“How are you different from Periscope or Facebook?”

Unlike other platforms such as Periscope or Meerkat, 121Live was made for the full enjoyment of our users – and not to advance the platform itself. Mass distributed content on Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook and Youtube can leave viewers feeling overwhelmed.

As 121 Live a Subscriber, you enjoy a fully customized experience tailored to the content that you actually want to watch.

As a Streamer, instead of creating free, quality content to enrich Periscope, Facebook, YouTube or other mega-platforms, 121Live lets you build your audience, create a name for yourself, and be PAID for the quality content that you produce.

Meet the Team 

Risks and challenges

While we have worked hard and done our homework, there are some challenges that we have acknowledged and are preparing to overcome.

Places to see, Streamers to meet
In order to provide the 121Live community with the best coverage of places, landmarks, and around the world, we’ll need to recruit lots of Streamers who can share their POV.

On boarding Streamers will take both time and dedication to social media outreach and word-of-mouth. Through our marketing efforts and the help of our supporters (you guys!), we hope to cover the globe with people who believe in the concept, want to join our shared-economy business, and can provide quality video content that is unique and personal.

Data, Wi-Fi and Bears, Oh my!
Connecting people across the globe comes with its own set of tech-challenges. While we plan to use Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE network connections to send most Subscribers on their journey, there is always the possibility that this will not be feasible.

Let’s say you want a live tour of remote grounds in the Holy Land. Well, maybe it’s not equipped for Tweeting, Snapping, and Live Streaming just yet. If this is the case, we will either arrange for a recorded version of your experience or we will offer streaming suggestions of other destinations you may want to visit that do have the capability of live video.

As wireless networks expand their access and speeds, we will continue to grow as the leading live video marketplace in even the most seemingly unreachable places.

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