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May 12, 2016 8:05 AM ET

Archived: Pregnant Swagg Maternity Wear Mobile Bou

iCrowdNewswire - May 12, 2016

Pregnant Swagg Maternity Wear Mobile Boutique Logo

Pregnant Swagg Maternity Wear Mobile Bou.

Philadelphia, PA 19150, US


Pregnant Swagg Maternity Wear SICKLERVILLE, NJ

Pregnant Swagg Maternity Wear(PSMW) is a start-up company, it’s a mobile boutique style retailer of maternity clothing and accessories. PSMW will offer it’s customers a wide range of premium services that will cater to every budget. It is PSMW’s mission to become the premier maternity mobile boutique for all mothers both pre & post pregnancy. This will be accomplish by offering the newest fashions and the highest level of customer attention & satisfaction.

My name is Romika Temple, creator of the concept of Pregnant Swagg Maternity Wear based out of Philadelphia, PA.

GOD gave me this vision a year ago. This vision woke me up out of my sleep. The image and name was clear, Pregnant Swagg buy purpose did not reveal itself at first. I was thinking to myself what am I suppose to do with that? It all came together. I am a mother of four beautiful children all under the age of 4. My first child, born in 2009, my second born is 4 yrs old born 2010, yes lol ! you read it right 10 1/2 months apart. My third child is 2 yrs old and my baby boy is 6 months. I loved being pregnant and I loved how I looked in my clothes, however, achieving this task was not easy. So I want to show expectant mothers you can still look beautiful with your baby bump and not have to spin so much money. I came up with Pregnant Swagg Maternity Wear Mobile Boutique. PSMW will operate out of a pre-owned, renovated and customized panel truck to keep capital startup investments low. The Swagg truck will be equipped to provide our products and services in a comfortable and clean atmosphere. The truck has ample space to store the products and seating space to allow my time helping mothers to be choose from our apparel lines. The truck will even offer dressing room space and a checkout counter. The layout has been carefully designed to eliminate any chance that our customer feels crowded or closed in.


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Contact Information:

Pregnant Swagg Maternity Wear SICKLERVILLE, NJ

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