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May 12, 2016 8:22 EST

The Physician’s Edge – a technology company that focuses on educating and empowering doctors on the business side of medicine

iCrowdNewswire - May 12, 2016

The Physician's Edge

The Physician’s Edge

The Physician’s Edge is a technology company that focuses on educating and empowering doctors on the business side of medicine


  • Technology to empower physicians on the business of medicine
  • simple and intuitive learning system for clinicians by clinicians
  • Preferred Shares – lucrative opportunity for early investors


We solve an age old problem within the healthcare system by helping physicians learn and understand the business of medicine. We have produced a top of the line LMS for physicians by physicians……


The Why

US healthcare systems wasted $750 Billion dollars (Source: The Atlantic 2012). Among those categories:

  • Inefficient Delivery of Care: $130 Billion
  • Excess Administrative Cost: $190 Billion

According to the Washington Post, the top 5 reasons hospitals lose money

  1. Denials and Coding Issues
  2. Service Level Discrepancies
  3. Front Desk Processes
  4. Failure to Consider Patient Mix
  5. Failure to Evaluate Contracts and Negotiate to Win

Less than 50% of the graduating medical students in the US receive adequate training in strategic approaches to the healthcare system and the economics of practicing medicine.

  • Nearly 70% of medical students say their medical schools need to provide more training relating to practice management and ownership. Similarly, 62% of students say they need more training in billing and coding. In contrast to business training, medical schools apparently are doing a good job teaching patient care to students. Just 19% of students in the survey expressed dissatisfaction at the level of training on bedside manner.
  • Dissatisfaction with practice management training continues: For the fifth year in a row, medical students said they have been inadequately prepared to run a successful health care practice. Only 8 percent feel equipped to manage a practice, and only 4 percent to bill and code. Perhaps as a result, only 12 percent of students plan to work in a solo or partnership practice, continuing the trend toward employment by hospitals and large group practices.


The Physician’s Edge Resource Hub: The Physician’s Edge Resource Hub will be the industry leader in providing physicians the tools to understand, effectively practice, and excel at the business of medicine. Through a single, intuitive educational portal, The Physician’s EdgeSM Resource Hub gives you the power to spend more time on the human side of practicing medicine by simplifying the business of medicine. The resource hub will offer the following functions:

  • A learning management system with curated content specifically chosen for clinicians by clinicians
  • Guided learning paths to empower a physician with track-specific content (Entrepreneurial Track/ Health System (Employed) Track)
  • A community platform which allows any member physician to build a profile and connect with fellow practitioners
  • Gamification—for the competitive physician—which tracks course progress and assigns points to the memb
  • Additional functionality include: RSS feeds of new trends, customizable platforms for enterprise clients, and direct access to Consultants and SMEs via direct messaging, Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) –(Anticipated Development 2017/2018

The Physician’s Edge Consulting Group (Enterprise): Our healthcare management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.

Contact Information:

The Physician's Edge

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