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May 11, 2016 10:53 AM ET

Archived: Tiro Technologies, Revolutionary tire pressure gauge.

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2016

Tiro Technologies.

Regardless of wheel position, our tire-pressure specific, factory calibrated TiroGage® easily attaches to each tire’s valve stem or extension and remains there during vehicle operations. If the gauge is indicating low, simply add air to the tire directly through the gauge until the pointer is centered on the line between the dots. No need to use a handheld or air hose-mounted tire gauge ever again for regular tire checks and filling operations. With TiroGage®, a quick visual inspection serves as a highly accurate tire pressure check, getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

How do you handle pressure?® TiroGage®

TiroGage® is currently available in 5 psi increments, from 50-140 psi, that serves approximately 99% of the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle market, or vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds. This includes fire trucks, cement trucks, school and transit buses, OTR (off-the-road) construction vehicles, transport and delivery vehicles, recreational vehicles, and many others.
TiroGage from Fundable on Vimeo.

Fire departments need dependable and reliable vehicles for emergency response, and NFPA Standard 1901 requires tire pressure monitoring at the wheel. That’s why the Carson City Fire Department switched to TiroGage® after going through two different electronic products, both of which malfunctioned with no indication of the failure. Nacogdoches Independent School District (ISD) in Texas has a fleet of 100 school buses that are also piloting TiroGage® to improve the safety and efficiency of their bus operations. Same with LaPorte ISD in Houston, TX. Spartan Motors frequently sells TiroGage® to customers of its custom fire apparatus.

Manufactured by WIKA, the world leader in precision temperature, pressure, level, and flow measurement instrumentation, TiroGage® offers best in class tire pressure monitoring in terms of pricing, features, maintenance, and after sales support. It is easy to install and use with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Read on to see how TiroGage® is changing the industry as we know it!

Did you know…

The thing is, even if you know all these stats, checking tire pressure is such a pain in the butt that it’s hard to stay vigilant. Electronic tire pressure systems are expensive to procure, implement (if aftermarket), and maintain, are complicated from a maintenance/operations perspective, suffer from reliability issues, and still require hand-held gauges for air filling operations. Most require battery powered sensors, and automobile wheels are a harsh environment for batteries. Automatic tire inflation systems are expensive and not readily available for powered vehicles, only commercial trailers. None of the primary automatic tire inflation systems provide tire pressure display at the wheel.

Simply put: there is no product for quick, simple, effective, universal, and cost-correct tire pressure management for commercial medium and heavy duty tires. If there was, people would do it all the time, and lives and money would be saved.

Our philosophy: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)
We’ve always believed that simple solutions are the best solutions. When the TREAD Act passed, and various complex and expensive electronic and automated technologies began coming out for tire pressure monitoring, we thought that there HAS to be an easier, more cost effective, more accessible solution for the average person to maintain their tire pressure, whether that person was an owner of a recreational vehicle, or an owner/operator of a commercial 18-wheel tractor trailer. Now there is: TiroGage®.

TiroGage® is a simple analog device with no batteries that displays continuous and accurate tire pressure at the wheel, eliminating the need for a hand-held gauge for regular pressure check and air fill operations as the gauges stay on the wheels at all times. Simply inflate the tires that are indicating low by adding air directly through TiroGage® as you normally would through your valve stem.

TiroGage® employs the most widely used analog pressure sensing technology for the last 100 years, but has cleverly adopted that tech for on-wheel applications — a breakthrough that led to six patents.

Unique Features

In short, TiroGage® provides a universal solution to customers looking for accuracy, affordability, safety features, and ease of use.

TiroGage® is manufactured, assembled, and tested by WIKA Instrument in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Headquartered in Germany, WIKA is the world leader in precision temperature, pressure, level, and flow measurement instrumentation with over €750 million in annual revenues and 80 operating subsidiaries globally. WIKA has over $1 million of “skin-in-the-game” in the development and manufacturing of TiroGage®, and is committed to covering all manufacturing capacity expansion and component inventory stocking and carrying costs. WIKA’s involvement eliminates the usual quality control and capacity issues typical of early stage companies like us, and puts us at a huge advantage over other similarly situated companies. WIKA is also a prime supplier to the Emergency/Medical Service (EMS) Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Vehicle markets, and has just recently begun to introduce TiroGage® through its own extensive sales network.

Since we started our sales efforts in late 2015, we’ve sold to a growing number of of customers including Spartan Motors, Premier Truck Group, Southern Tire Mart, Chalk’s Truck Parts, Cash Fire Department (Texas), The Earle Companies, Carson City Fire Department, Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue, Special Services Group, Nacogdoches Independent School District, and La Porte Independent School District. All told, roughly 5,000 units have been sold since Tiro Tech started operations in 2013, and the numbers grow every day.

We also have a number of new TiroGage® products in the works: Glow-in-the-dark TiroGage®, a low cost TiroGage® for non-commercial low-duty cycle applications (wheelbarrows, bicycles, scooters, etc), wide bore TiroGage® for heavy OTR vehicle applications (mining, farm equipment tires, etc), and more! All of these product can be on the market within 2 years. Make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile to find out how you can help make it happen!

Gavin has been developing the TiroGage® concept since 2004. He is a self-professed science and finance junky, a seasoned venture investor and operator, and has held senior development roles at many startup technology companies in various fields including environmental science, information technology, biotechnology, alternative energy, and financial engineering. Gavin earned his bachelor of science in biochemistry, cum laude, from the University of Nevada (go Pack!) in 1996, and earned the CFA designation in 2007. Gavin sits on the board of directors of the Nevada CFA Society.

Mike has been an integral part of TiroGage® since its inception. He was a key part of the prototyping and design phase, through to the beta testing and patent process. He studied mechanical engineering technology at both Northeastern University as well as University of Texas El Paso, while he occasionally put the thump on as a starting linebacker for the Miners. He was the designer for several well-known and widely used compressed-gas and fire extinguisher gauges still used throughout the world, and always looks at things with an engineering mind. At MIJA Industries, Mike was directly responsible for the production of 100,000 pressure gauges per week. As a licensed builder and heavy equipment machine operator, he has built, or been involved with the design and construction of everything from private homes to large multi-million dollar municipal projects.

Allen is a veteran venture investor, startup company operator and analyst, as well as an experienced and expert financial manager. Allen was a Managing Director with Spencer Trask and Director of Corporate Finance for a NASDAQ listed company that doubled in market cap during his service. Most recently he has worked for a large Middle Eastern entity and sequentially managed a multi-billion dollar portfolio of project finance loans, a fully diversified investment portfolio (over $1B), and operations for a multi-billion dollar pension. Allen has a BS in mechanical engineering from Louisiana Tech University and an MBA from Texas Christian University.

Rhett is the newest member of the TiroTech team. He brings nearly 20 years of sales and sales management experience in the industrial, defense and government sectors, much of that working for 3M in a variety of roles. Rhett is a former US Army infantryman, attaining the rank of 1st Sergeant during his short military career. Rhett earned his BS and MBA from Louisiana State University in 1993 and 2001 respectively.

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Tiro Technologies

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