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May 11, 2016 10:36 AM ET

Archived: Jaesis Technologies: The world’s first plug-and-play smart sprinkler system.

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2016

Jaesis Technologies

The world’s first plug-and-play smart sprinkler system.

Jaesis Technologies is the creator of Kaxaal: the world’s first plug-and-play smart lawn irrigation solution.

And it does it all without you lifting a finger.

Plus, Kaxaal knows precisely when and how much water is needed, so it doesn’t waste a drop.

So you save money on your water bill, and Mother Earth gets to keep a bit more of her supply.

The Internet of Things is expected to be a $7.1 trillion industry in just four years. The smart home is already here, but thanks to Kaxaal, the smart lawn is right behind it.


Today’s early adopter home has nearly seven connected devices, usually an oven and a refrigerator, some lighting, a security system and thermostat and a couple others.

But we don’t spend all of our time indoors.

Most of us have lawns and gardens, porches and decks, pools and patio furniture.

And we spend a significant amount of time, energy and money tending to these things:

With everything inside our homes getting smarter and more efficient, isn’t it time for our lawns to do the same?

Kaxaal marries smart technology with exceptional ease of use to create a lawn that’s greener in every sense of the word.

Kaxaal is convenient. The connected Kaxaal sprinkler system uses the latest in irrigation technology and practices, combined with real-time climate data and an easy-to-use smartphone app, to create the ultimate in lawn care convenience.

Kaxaal is smart. Kaxaal requires almost no input from users, automatically analyzing massive data sets to create the perfect lawn care regimen. Then, it executes on what it knows.

Kaxaal is eco-friendly. Consumers are working hard to lower their footprint, from electric cars to reusable shopping bags to smart thermostats. Kaxaal brings that environmental consciousness to lawn care, saving water and money through smarter irrigation.

There’s nothing like the pride of having the greenest lawn on the block. With Kaxaal, that feeling is easier to attain than ever.

Kaxaal consists of a valve that controls water flow to the hose and a Wi-Fi enabled link that connects the system to the web.

The Valve (Bluetooth Low Energy enabled, battery operated)
Kaxaal valves can be retrofitted onto any existing hose or watering system, so it works in virtually any home.


The Link (Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi enabled)
Kaxaal’s Wi-Fi enabled link plugs right into your home network. Once connected, the smartphone app can be used to control water flow from anywhere in the world.


The Data
Kaxaal uses the Accuweather data for its smart irrigation practices, utilizing two data points to maximize efficiency:

  • Evapotranspiration (how much humidity will the soil lose based on available weather data?)
  • Precipitation (how much rain is expected, and when?)

Kaxaal automatically collects and calculates the data, analyzes it, and calculates the most effective and efficient plan, so it knows how much water is needed when compared to the water in the air.

The App
Complete control of the system will be available through the app, including:



  • Viewing the irrigation cycle
  • Controlling water blackout times for drought areas
  • Manually scheduling the sprinklers
  • Turning the water on or off
  • Accessing weather reports
  • Viewing battery level for valves

It’s time to stop tending to your lawn, and start enjoying it.

Jaesis is technology-driven, with extensive experience in technology-related executive roles, low-power circuit design, software engineering, Java backend systems and mobile devices.

Soon, Kaxaal will be watering homes all over the country, but we’re not stopping with greener lawns. We also plan to develop smart plant pots and bird-feeders, complete with motion-detecting HD cameras and an accompanying smartphone gallery app, and temperature and humidity sensors to make lawn care even smarter.


Contact Information:

Jaesis Technologies

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