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May 11, 2016 6:30 PM ET

Archived: is this it? – A Multimedia Installation: An immersive installation exploring desperation and unknowing on the brink of adulthood

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2016

is this it? – A Multimedia Installation


An immersive installation exploring desperation and unknowing on the brink of adulthood.


Short Summary

‘Is this it?’ is a multimedia installation that we have been working on for around 6 months. The installation will consist of an illuminated cube and surround sound. The piece will consist of three phases, representing stages of life leading up to the verge of adulthood.
As this project is very ambitious we will need around £700 to be able to build the set and to exhibit the work at Theatre Delicatessen in Sheffield. Eventually we aim to take the installation on tour around the UK.

Auberrant is made up of Jamie Wiffen, Saul Allerton and Tom Johnstone, they are a sound and video art group who are working on their second piece of work, ‘Is this it?’. Their most recent piece together, ‘People Walking’, has an upcoming screening at ‘Bank Street Arts’ in Sheffield.

Jamie Wiffen

Jamie does not like to confine himself to a specific sonic style, creating sound pieces that explore multiple genres, sometimes touching upon realism and at others expanding into unknown and experimental areas. Over the past few years he has taken a liking to video artists such as Pipilotti Rist and sound artists such as Bill Fontana.

‘I’m excited to work on this piece because it allows me to experiment in areas I have not tackled in previous projects, whilst simultaneously expanding upon the type of sound art I already have a love for.’

Saul Allerton

Saul is a sound designer that likes to create pieces through layering and blending them together with as little manipulation as possible.

‘This is my first attempt at making a soundscape fit into a physical space rather than a screen, I’m really excited to see how to adapt my style to engulf the area and to properly explore the idea of how to represent ‘Youth’ in the first phase’

Tom Johnstone

Tom’s sonic inspiration comes from minimal techno and ambient music artists such as Thomas Köner, Phillip Jeck and Bruce Gilbert. Tom’s creations are minimal, droning soundscapes that create tension and atmosphere.

‘I’m looking forward to Is this it? as it allows all three artists to convey their own approach to sound into their own phase. My phase will be focusing on the anxieties and insecurities of young adulthood and how these feelings can effect a person’s view of life and the future. The way that the three phases interact with one another is an exciting prospect and I am hoping for the best.’


Jamie and Tom have worked together previously, designing the sound for a short piece called ‘Adam’s Ale’ which was accepted to ‘Screentest’ 2015.

Saul’s sound design of 2015, no dialogue, film ‘A Stolen Broken Heart’ has been recently accepted into German film festival ‘Independent Days FilmFest’.

What We Need & What You Get

  • We will need to raise £700 to pay for materials to build the set as well as hiring gallery space to exhibit the work.
  • We have some great perks available for you to claim to help us reach our goal.
  • If we don’t reach our final goal we will have to make cutbacks in terms of exhibiting the installation.

The Impact

Through the piece we aim to represent and confront people with the growing modern zeitgeist of a fear of what an adult life in the modern world will bring both mentally and practically.
With increasing competition in every sector it’s harder to break into a professional  world compared to even 5 years ago, through this piece we aim to engulf people in this mindset and represent what we feel is one of the rising fears of our generation.
As a team our previous work has been to show the banal world in a new and challenging way to alter people’s view of what is around them. Here however we are facing a much more personal and real feeling that we all have and aiming to convey it to an audience in an enveloping and memorable experience.

Risks & Challenges

As a collective we are new to the concept of constructing a space so this would be the main challenge we face.
However we are greatly looking forward to testing our complex sound design in a practical space for the first time and fully exploiting the new challenges of presenting work in a space rather than a screen.

Other Ways You Can Help

All contributions are greatly appreciated no matter what size they are. If you cannot contribute but would still like to help out do not worry! Sharing our pages and getting word out about the installation is just as valuable to us as any financial help and any support you can provide would be most welcome.
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