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May 11, 2016 2:17 EST

GAMETIME Center: Fun..Food..Music..Sports..Lets Go!

iCrowdNewswire - May 11, 2016



Fun..Food..Music..Sports..Lets Go!


Company Overview

The core of our concept is to offer our guests Fun, Food, Music and Sports all in one location. We believe we have the ability to become the next largest national chain to offer an extensive assortment of entertainment attractions that include; live-stream concert & event center, state-of-the-art bowling lanes, interactive simulators, online e-sports gaming, skill & sports-oriented video games and GAMETIME’s very own youth and adult sports league program.

Our unique experience is brought together with a full menu of casual dining food items and a full selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage items, with massive LED and television screens with high quality audio systems providing guests with a venue for watching live sports and other televised events.

The Need

The timing is right to start this new venture. GAMETIME has the unique opportunity to bring a new level of excitement to the Las Vegas area. Known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” Las Vegas has an endless list of recreational and entertainment venues for the adult tourist demographic; however there is a need for more family entertainment, off-the-strip in a non-casino environment for both locals and visitors. We believe GAMETIME is the answer!

What makes us different?

It’s the unique deliver system that creates the experience for individuals. Unlike other entertainment centers with limited attractions thus, shortening visit times we offer more attractions & events to increase the length of stay at our location. This will generate incremental revenues and improve the guest’s experience. Our guests are a balanced for families with children, teenagers and men and women aged 21 to 39.The format of our store will be flexible, which we believe allows us to size future stores appropriately for each market in which intend to compete. Our store will be approximately 45-50k square feet and will be open seven days a week.


  • Opportunity to establish a business in a $219 Billion industry
  • A family entertainment business that can be taken global.
  • Highly cash generative business; gross margin of 94% with a 24% net.


“GAMETIME is the ultimate entertainment venue for the entire family to experience!”


“GAMETIME Center will be an experience that will give our customers a sense of total exhilaration, satisfaction and a feeling of their money being well spent. The center will not only be a place for our customers to unwind and relieve themselves from the pressures of day to day responsibilities, at the same time it will be a place for individuals and social groups alike to find a common ground, to have Fun! In this we can provide numerable activities and events for everyone to find interest in, we call it the “Disneyland Effect”. When you come to GAMETIME, you’re sure to leave feeling great! Most importantly, this also provides strong reasons for our customers to return regularly to the center for casual fun, special events and concerts. This will not be a “been there done that” experience.”- Robert Edwards






Robert L. Edwards

Robert L. Edwards

Founder of GAMETIME Center

Robert L. Edwards, Chief Executive Officer of GAMETIME Center LLC. Born and raised in San Jose, CA. Robert began his career as a professional drummer in the northern California Bay Area in 1989.Through his hard work and dedication he organized a professional corporate band performing with a variety of Gospel, Jazz and R&B artist. His talents as a musician, producer and booking agent earned him a reputation for excellence as a music director. In 1994 Robert relocated to Atlanta, GA where his career in the entertainment industry began to flourish. His reputation as a noteworthy and reliable musician awarded him the experience to record with Grammy Award winning artist “The Tony Rich Project” on the Birdseye album. In 1999 Robert moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a studio and live show musician for various artists on record labels such as Arista and LaFace, as well as touring with “The Coasters and The Drifters”. While on tour, between shows the band would have layovers in different cities across the U.S.; it was at this time Robert would spend hours at various entertainment centers. Over time Robert began to take notice of the opportunity to improve entertainment centers and identified the elements that were missing to complete the overall experience. In 2000 Robert was inspired to take on the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur. Dedicating the next 5 years of his life to learn about the family entertainment industry, Robert develop key management relationships and devoted countless hours of research and development to maturate his concept of creating the ultimate family entertainment experience. Upon developing a strong business model that would illustrate how GAMETIME would be successful in the competitive entertainment market, Robert began to create business relationships with experienced professionals in the family entertainment, bowling, arcade and food & beverage industries sharing his vision of developing an all inclusive center. From 2005-07’ Robert pursued numerous opportunities to present GameTime to investment groups, however with looming signs of the U.S. economy in 2008 his plans for GAMETIME would have to be set aside. In 2009 Robert returned to his initial skill set in the entertainment industry, touring and performing with music artist around the country. Continuing his career in entertainment Robert relocated to Reno, NV. In 2012 Robert moved to Las Vegas, NV to work in the casino entertainment sector. While working in Las Vegas, Robert recognized the overwhelming need for family entertainment, off-the-strip in a non-casino environment. Inspired to pursue his vision for a new family entertainment center Robert brought in other professionals that shared the same passion for family entertainment and understood the need for it in Las Vegas. In 2015 Robert and his business partners established GAMETIME Center LLC. , in the State of Nevada., from that point on with assistance of his business partners Robert has been working diligently to pursue his vision to create the ultimate Family Entertainment Center.
Santa Lawrence

Santa Lawrence

Partner- Clarity Consulting, LLC

Clarity Consulting, 20 years of experience in the Las Vegas area in from financial services, cash flow management, publishing and entertainment.


Ronald Wimberly

Ronald Wimberly


Mr. Wimberly has over 30 years of experience as a licensed mortgage broker and realtor in the state of Florida .



Team Member Name

Paul Kriens

General Manager

Team Member Name

Donyal Horton

Assistant General Manager

Team Member Name

Joshua Brokaw

Concert Stage Manager

Team Member Name

DW Wiener

Food & Beverage Manager

Team Member Name

Carlanda Hawkins

Event Coordinator

Team Member Name

Charone Jackson

HR & Administrative Director

Contact Information:

Robert L. Edwards

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