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May 10, 2016 7:01 PM ET

Archived: Puzzle Math STEM Education Tool: Solve The Math Crisis – Engage both sides of the brain to improve math skills, critical thinking and instill a love of math + FREE Pay-It-Forward subscriptions

iCrowdNewswire - May 10, 2016

Puzzle Math STEM Education Tool: Solve The Math Crisis

by Beach Day Studios



Engage both sides of the brain to improve math skills, critical thinking and instill a love of math + FREE Pay-It-Forward subscriptions

About this project

Do you want to help end America’s math education crisis?

Do you want your children to love math?

Backing Puzzle Math is how you can directly contribute to solving America’s math problemand support STEM fields education.


  • US students recently ranked 27th in math out of 34 countries.
  • 80% of the jobs created in the next decade will require mastery of math.
  • STEM field education is key to keeping kids interested, confident and America competitive.
  • The problem originates early in education. Math has a reputation of being hard.
  • Therefore over 61% of middle school students would rather take out the garbage than do their math homework. 


We need to build a strong foundation for math comprehension and also inspire a love of math.

We can team together to solve the math crisis plaguing our students!

We can prepare our next generation using the technology they use every day!

Ready in time for the next school year!


Our goal was to create a revolutionary math app that sparked a love of math in our own children and guess what… it worked!


The app is called The Unknown Number and it debuts the concept “Puzzle Math”.

The unique sequencing, strategy, and visuals is a fun way to encourage a growth mindset,build confidence, foster problem solving, and advance core math mastery.

Students practice core math and critical thinking skills in an engaging, interactive, new methodology.

Students apply core math concepts directly into interactive puzzles. The creative puzzles are enjoyable to solve, making math fun and instilling a foundation for loving math.

Transforming Math Education With Puzzle Math

The app is a phenomenal educational tool that can transform education!

It eliminates learning barriers by presenting math in a way that connects math with creativity. 

Students will be using both sides of their brains to gain a greater understanding of numerical relationships and mathematical patterns.



The Product: An innovative math educational tool that combines math with creativity, contributing to core math comprehension and fostering a love of math in our future generation.

A step in the right direction to solving our math crisis in the US, keeping America strong and competitive.


1. To Expand and develop our current prototype math app, The Unknown Number, and strengthen it into a comprehensive core math educational tool for grades K-12.

2. To make puzzle math available to all students – especially under-served, low-income, students with our Pay-It-Forward subscription option.

3. Reach 1 million students by June 2017!

What your financial support will do:

1. Complete the development of our prototype app, realizing it’s full potential of being a comprehensive core math educational tool for grades K -12.

2. Marketing the completed product to parents, students, schools, libraries, math clubs, etc.

3. Providing free access to under-served, low-income, students of all grade levels across the US.


Math + Puzzles = Learning Fun

Expressing math in this form can benefit all students’ cognition, develop their critical thinking and assist the realization of their full potential all while practicing math functions.

It can also be a useful aid for students with learning disabilities who may benefit from being presented with the functions of core math in another format.

You Can Help!

We’d love you to contribute now to sponsor a low-income student while also reserving a subscription for your student.

This is a two-for-one special for this Kickstarter!

For $0.83 a month a student can benefit from Puzzle Math for a whole year all because of your support!

For just a bit more you can sponsor FREE subscriptions for multiple students – or for an entire classroom or library!

The more you pledge, the ratio of FREE subscriptions improves and even more students are reached from your contribution.

Our goal is to get Puzzle Math into the hands of all K-12 students, especially students in under-served communities (regardless of finances).

In order to reach all students, we’re implementing a “Pay-It-Forward” Subscription.

With our Pay It Forward Subscription this tool can be available to low-income students for FREE.


Even after this Kickstarter is over, the Pay-It-Forward subscription lives on as a permanent option for sponsoring low income students!

With every order the Pay-It-Forward subscription is an option – so the sponsorship will onlyexpand from here.

With your help to get this project off the ground, free student subscriptions will growexponentially once the app goes live.

Students can transfer the intellectual, social, and confidence building to real world success.

Puzzle Math helps students reach their full potential!

Let’s team together so all students will be using this transformative educational tool.

Let’s do it!

Let’s end the math crisis!

Pledge Now!

A BIG thank you from our team!

Need more details? See Below!

How To Play

 Positive Math Experiences

Helping Students

Concepts Applied in Puzzle Math

Game play for each student is tailored to the math concepts in the Common Core States Standards Initiative. The difficulty level progression builds upon skills gradually.

Who Can Play?

Puzzle Math is ideal for all students of any grade level, it is even a fun brain training exercise for adults.

K-12 grade selection aligned with the Common Core State Standards for that particular grade level.


Adjustable Difficulty Level within the chosen grade level.

Instructions & Tutorials: Step-by-step tutorials for every puzzle solution easily accessible within the app. Puzzle hints and videos/animation for instructions

Lessons: Comprehensive lessons covering math concepts aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Free Play: An endless mode where creativity within math concepts is more freely explored by the student. Students can make long equations to eliminate as many blocks as possible.

Social Collaboration Network: Social sharing and linking for collaboration opportunities. A network where an individual student’s progress can be linked so a class time activity can easily be continued at home, on multiple devices. This same network can also link students or entire classes in order to track stats and puzzle progress, fostering collaboration between students.

Multi-Lingual: Spanish, etc.

Student Puzzle Creator: Students can create their own puzzles, share and challenge others to complete them. It provides a new way to actively apply math concepts and develop strategic forward thinking skills as students plan out their own puzzles.  Entire classes can upload their created levels and collaborate for solutions.

The unique sequencing, strategy and visuals of Puzzle Math create a digital educational tool that encourages critical thinking, problem solving and a growth mindset as students gain a greater understanding of math concepts, numerical relationships and mathematical patterns leading to math mastery.

Risks and challenges

We need your help to complete the vision and gain exposure.
In order to help solve the math crisis in our next generation, we need the software to get into the hands of students so they can benefit from using it.

When students, parents, teachers, and concerned citizens see and support Puzzle Math for education we can all make an impactful change in preparing our youth for the future.

No student left behind! We need Pay-It-Forward sponsors to bring free subscriptions to under-served students.

You support can make a real difference in the lives of students and America’s future!

Thank you!

Contact Information:

Beach Day Studios

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