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May 10, 2016 4:33 PM ET

Archived: iDroid Universal Charge & Sync Cable: The World’s first universal 2in1 cable for Apple, Android and Micro USB

iCrowdNewswire - May 10, 2016

iDroid Universal Charge & Sync Cable.

iDroid, The World’s first universal 2in1 cable for Apple,Android and Micro USB.

iDroid : The worlds first universal 2 in 1 charge and sync cable for Apple and Android devices.


Why Crowdfunder?

We have all watched Dragons Den and the masive equity stakes Dragons require to get a start up’s products onto UK retail shelves. Crowdfunder offers us a great opportunity to guage how the general public respond to our product against all the other pitches, and if we managed to suceed, would accelerate the process of getting the products into a mainstream UK retailer

Who Are We?

Nutz Electronics are a UK limited company backed by Urica Capital and British Business Bank . We manufacture Consumer Electronic Goods and are based in London. We hold an Apple manufacturing license that allows us to produce MFI goods for retailers worldwide.


How It Began

Back in Feb 2015 we were in discussions with a retailer who wanted digital earphones and headphones. We made two versions, one for Apple devices and one for Android/Micro USB devices. The retailer asked us could we produce one version that would work on both operating systems, so as to reduce shelf space in store and to avoid any customer confusion. We named the product swagga and launched the earphones July 2015.


In December 2015 a different retailer commneted that nearly 1.4 billion people worldwide have both android and apple devices, why dont you turn your earphone cable into a charge and sync cable and you will have a true mass retail product on your hands.

We spent a couple of months designing it and getting it right. Our headphone cable was solely audio, this cable required current, sync and data transfer between devices. Apple had just released IOS 9 so we decided to base the whole solution on IOS9 and above.

So we made iDroid, the worlds 1st patented unviversal charge and sync cable.


What Is iDroid

iDroid is a high quality charge and sync cable. The difference between iDroid and any other connector lead is simple. Apple use a lighning cable, every other manufacturer pretty much uses a micro usb cable. The amount of people in the world that have an IOS and Micro USB device in their house is 1.32 billion worlwide. Each of those consumers have two or more cables in each household.


On iDroid, we combine the Apple and Micro USB product which creates one lead that will charge every device you own. On one side of our connector are 8 pins that charges,syncs and data transfers your iPods,iPads,iPhones and Apple Watch. On the reverse side is a micro usb connector, that  charges your Android, Marshmallow,Cameras,Game Controllers,Tablets,Powerbanks and any other device that requires Micro Usb.

MFI Process

As an MFI manufacturer we can pinpoint the difficulty in obtaining MFI status for iDroid. The MFI programme is all about quality, from start to finish. Its about factory audits,financial audits and ensuring ang goods that carry the MFI logo are high end quality and fit for purpose. Hpwever. to obtain MFI approval, there are certain items you must use, which predominantly include a C48 Apple lightning connector picture below.


As you can see above, Apple use a two sided connector called lightning. If you do not use this connector it is almost ( not quite but almost) an impossibility to get MFI approval on a device ( and we know as we make them under license)

iDroid uses a different head unit, one side a pin connector as above, and on reverse side a micro usb connector.


So we now have had numerous conversations with our Apple account managers and we think now we have a solution that we all agree on and for that we need to raise around £5000.00

Making the Cable to MFI standard

We have made the cables to MFI standard ( not yet approved) , but what does that really mean to you as a consumer? It means you can be assured that our device is safe, reliable and not going to cause a fire in your home. It means that when you connect your device to an Apple device you are not going to get the error message “ This accessory is not made for apple”. It means that on IOS 9, it is going to work seamlessly, and not cause you a problem.


It also means that if you insert he cable the wrong way around into your device, it’s not going to damage it. This is very important to you. We have designed failsafe loops into our circuit boards that switch off if you insert the wrong way, and have designed a failsafe micro usb flat head unit that will not damage your Apple device.

We take out time in design and do things right, that’s what having an MFI license is all about.


If China copies your product, you have to take it as a design compliment. BUT on this product, we urge you NOT to buy any replica of iDroid. We have taken 10 months in Research and Development to make sure this device is safe and that it will not damage your iphone or micro usb device. China replica copies cannot, and we stress cannot, do the same. There is an intricate piece of software that protects your device inside iDroid, and the two copies we have seen so far have ridges on the micro USB section that WILL damage your iphone. Whilst it’s always good to save a few pounds, on a product, because of how iDroid operates and because it connects to both operating systems, we, with all sincerity urge you not to buy copies, because it will end up costing you your mobile device and invalidating your warranty.


Here is an example of two China companies attempts at replicating what we made in 2015. It may look the same, it may even look that it works the same, their website may even seem the same BUT the product internally is far from the same.You can click here to watch a video from one company who copied our denim design, we nicknamed it iBurn ,you will see why from the video. Imagine this was plugged into you $600 dollar phone at night while you sleephttps://youtu.be/fd789snqr9Q

Example 2 from China  we plugged them into UK mains voltage this happened after only 35 seconds.


Always buy original acessories when they connect to mains voltage.

Patents & Trade Marks


We hold the following patents and trademarks for iDroid.

iDroid Patent Number GB1605136.9

iDroid TradeMark Number UK00003155325


iDroid is the worlds 1st universal 2in1 cable that charges every device you own including Apple,Android,Micro USB, cameras,tablets,headphones,powerbanks,speakers and much more. It’s available in 4 colours and three different types of finish including leather and denim.


Now you only need 1 cable for everything you own. iDroid #OneSizeFitsAll and a problem solved for everyone who hates having multiple leads for multiple devices

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